15 Game Room & Casino Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

There comes a time in ACNH when you’ve made so much money that it becomes totally unnecessary.

You’ve joined the bourgeoisie, Tom Nook no longer owns your soul or your bank account, and there’s not much left to buy.

Play the game!

Gambling in real life is risky and expensive, but in games? What a difference!

Get ready to ring bells on the slot machines, play blackjack with your villagers for all they’ve got, and finally get some money back from Tom Nook with these fun and exciting casino/game room builds!

15. Oasis Casino and Resort

Image source LouisDeLeblanc

Ping! Ping! Ping!

That’s the sound these slots make when you win the Big Bells.

The velvet stools add to the quirkiness of this beautiful casino, and the bell-shaped floor mat is a clever addition.

The palm tree, the slot machines, the wheel of fortune and the eerily familiar floor give the impression of being in a real casino! This guy in his fedora knows exactly what he’s doing.

Make sure you set a limit on how much you can play, otherwise you can get carried away with the excitement!

14. Underground Casino

image source TripleBurntBacon

If roulette is not your thing, try playing card games.

Slot machines are always available and in that underground casino idea. Make sure you don’t cheat or hide your cards – the camera will catch you!

Using clothing on mannequins is a charming way to give the impression of staff manning the card tables and reception area. Don’t forget to try it in your own building.

In addition, an antique telephone and velvet wallpaper give this underground room a well-appointed and somewhat old-fashioned look.

13. Casino outside

image source by @slothcity

Light up the night with this illuminated casino building.

Don’t place it near your living area, as the lights, buzzer and general noise level can wake early sleepers!

Eternal sign. We are open to supporting a 24/7 call flow with these slots. And a nice jukebox keeps the music alive.

If you’re thirsty, there are handy vending machines ready to suck up any excess change you don’t put in the slots!

And don’t worry about the cold. Even when the casino is closed, the adrenaline rush of winning (or losing!) will keep you warm.

12. Common juniper

Image source by Novolg

Shoot for the stars with this colorful galactic arcade design. Enjoy classics like ACNH’s Street Fighter or Space Blaster, or practice your thumbs on the various pinball machines available.

There are spacesuits hanging on the walls, in case you want to put one on during the game.

As for me, I only play Animal Crossing under the mask of C.K. Slider. But maybe that’s just me.

Snacks and drinks are also available, as video games and snacks go hand in hand….. well, video games and snacks!

11. Pink Palms Casino

Image source by @DoubleAgtSmith

A pair of sphinxes guard the entrance to this party mecca, the Pink Palms Casino.

The name is quite specific, as it is ….. Well, pink palm trees.

The brick staircase and terracing make this exterior structure a distinctive island.

With an envelope of arches, bright lights and vibrant colors, this play area gives off a great Vegas vibe. What’s great is that Vegas is the casino capital!

Two wheel of fortune and several slot machines provide entertainment in this casino. Whether you prefer to spin the wheel yourself by hand or press a button, it’s best to start spinning.

10. Arcade Classic

Image source by @Jet_Jagga

This classic arcade is filled with many arcade games, including Street Fighter-style and a darts game.

The logos of Nintendo, Capcom, Neo Geo and Namco are a nice nod to the creators of many real-world arcade games.

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing is very meta though.

The custom floor is also very cool and has a strong retro vibe. Come and get my clocks.

9. Home Arcade

Image Source by @agentbusiness

This fantastic gallery of games has it all!

Stacks of arcade machines offer every game imaginable, and if that’s not enough, try table tennis or billiards.

Are you hungry? No problem.

Fresh popcorn can be prepared in a cart. Or if you just need something to chew on, toss a coin in the vending machine for something sweet. Chewing gum, of course, helps you achieve a new high score in your favorite game.

8. Neon Arcade

Image source by @crossel stickers

Get ready for a design idea for this vibrant neon arcade.

The muted wallpaper and flooring are subtle enough to accentuate the bright pink palm tree, clock and chic lava lamps in this playful oasis.

Your villagers will love competing against each other on these pinball machines. And there’s a comfy couch for them to sit on and take a break if they need to!

7. Arcade Award

Image Source: @ChibiMiharu

What could be better than playing for hours?

Of course you can buy lottery tickets for the nice prices you worked so hard for!

This charming arcade has all the machines we’ve seen on this list, but it also has a prize pit to pick up your loot.

T-shirts, gummy bears, posters with your favorite residents, whatever you want!

This box even includes some fun gifts to take home as a souvenir of your afternoon or evening. The pink perfume is reserved!

6. Arcade Basement

Image Source by gundamkardbatler

Do you remember how many hotels had game rooms?

This arcade basement makes the same strong impression, especially with the wavy floors and graffiti wallpaper.

The foosball table is at the point where you can hit Rodney (or your favorite terrible villager) to make him leave and free up a spot for the dreamy villager.

We also love the neon ice cream cone. This, together with the palm tree, creates a very cheerful atmosphere.

5. Red and Black Casino

Image Source: Wozzbot

This little casino is just as relevant, but just as fun!

Fancy lights make this red and black casino a hot spot for your island nightlife. A wheel of fortune, a few friends and a Nintendo Online Pass make this a great place to host a real game of horns, Nook Miles tickets or whatever!

Floors can be made to measure with a little skill.

The candles on the tables are also very nice and give a soft light, independent of the spotlights.

Look at the piano in the corner. The live music is great!

4. Bar & Casino

image source FreeMatcha

Alcohol and gambling go hand in hand. The bar-casino duo only makes it easier.

This open-air venue offers billiards and darts, as well as an upscale bar. Happy hour is between 4 and 7 and seems like a good place to hang out.

Your villagers will never leave this fantastic place!

3. Function set

image source: maxy_ac

Here’s another very real game you can play with your friends from the NHRA.

Two wheels determine where on the board you can dig up buried treasures – clocks, rare furniture, you name it.

It’s a gamble. And all you need is a shovel, two wheels, some prizes and a little creativity.

And a pass to Nintendo Online.

Unfortunately, your villagers can’t play this with you.

But for friends, you can even charge an entry fee and make a profit if you have the entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Home playroom

Image source by Gay Gay Image

Not everyone wants a bright playroom in their home, and that’s fine.

That’s why this fun playroom is a little more subdued in color, with a few bricks and stones instead of stars and bright lights.

There are arcade games, as well as a big-screen TV connected to the Nintendo Switch edition of Animal Crossing. Very meta!

A foosball table and a pool table make it an ideal place to spend time and relax with friends.

1. Ultimate Home Arcade

Image source by s3nzu

The problem with design games, be it Animal Crossing, The Sims, Stardew Valley, or any other game, is that it can be very difficult to make a room look rich.

Objects don’t always take up the space we want. And the empty rooms look so amateurish.

This is not the case with this fantastic house lock.

It’s busy and crowded, but not overcrowded.

The stacks of slot machines and backdrops are a perfect combination to create the ultimate arcade for the home. At the heart of all the cars is a television – perfect for a game night with friends.

So get out there, new ideas in hand, and let’s go!

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What is the name of the playroom?

A recreation room (also called a hobby room, game room, playroom, or playroom) is a space used for a variety of purposes, including parties, games, and other daily or occasional activities.

What should be in the playroom?

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