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The name of the game is Borderlands 2, and if you’re a fan of the first-person shooter genre, it’s a must.

With over 13 million copies sold, this first-person shooter has made a lot of noise among the players. And, as we all know, a healthy community of actors makes an open world a lot more fun.

Borderlands 2 was originally launched in 2014 for most major platforms, but can now be played on Windows, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Mac. Since then, the playback capabilities of Xbox One and Playstation Vita have been further improved.

We’ve covered you sufficiently so you can get the most out of the game without being completely destroyed in the first ten minutes. So let’s dive into what makes this game so successful.

What is borderland 2?

Netherlands Board 2 - What is Netherlands Board 2

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Borderlands 2 is an action role-playing game in the sense of a first-person shooter.

Unlike Call of Duty, a simple first-person shooter, or Final Fantasy, a menu based on combat role-playing game, this is a hybrid. It focuses on real-time combat, but with class attacks. TLDR: A quick treat.

The main idea of this game is that you try to find the main vault of the planet Pandora before the evil society led by the handsome Jack does. This safe isn’t yours. They’ll steal the riches out there. So, shoot the enemies, rob the safe (and many other lottery tickets along the way). In this basic game model, these types of games are sometimes referred to as shooting and stealing.

How to play in border areas 2

Boarderlands 2 - how to play Boarderlands 2

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So you’re ready to take the plunge and spend money on the wicked people of the Open World Apocalypse in Frontierland 2. That’s great news.

You will have many options and directions. So we start with a number of options and tips that you can implement immediately. Some of them even before you got your hands on the game.

Here’s how to play Borderlands 2:

1. Download game

Borderlands 2 - Download the game

by: Gearbox software

It sounds like a pretty simple step, but it’s probably the most important one you can think of. Border area 2 was freed by a ton of platforms and moved to several other platforms.

The game is also designed as a cooperative game, like most current role-playing games. The problem is that platform compatibility is not a real option here. So if you want to play with your friends, make sure you can all play on the same platform. Whatever happens, make sure you can find the intersections.

2. Select your character class

Borderland 2 - choose your character class

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We will take a closer look at the character classes, but since each character class has its own skill tree and special skills, choosing the right character class will first have a big impact on how you want (or don’t want) the game.

Nothing says that you are married to a certain class, but since you will spend some time aligning your character, making weapons, etc., you should be able to do that.

It doubles if you play together or if you go alone. The game is really a cooperative game, but you can be careful not to only take your recluse status and go to war in Borderlands 2.

3. Side emission rules

Limit values 2 - Grinding of lateral inserts

by: Gearbox software

When you buy a new game, you tend to just go through the main story to see what’s going on.

Don’t do that.

A few reasons. First of all, if you try to play the main plot too fast without the right setup, you will have a bad time. You will learn that the villains you have fought in previous missions are now much stronger than before. You have to follow.

In the world of role-playing we know it as looping. Get out, fight, gain experience points, flatten it and move forward in the main plot. Since you can’t go back, a little patience is needed for your success.

Fortunately, some of the best letters in the game are actually secondary missions. It was a nice gesture on the part of the developers to make the side quests fun and exciting so that you actually do them. Then do them. Make a lot of it.

4. Take the next step with Eridium

Boundary band 2 - on the same level as Eridium.

by: Gearbox software

The game introduces a currency called Eridium, which can be used to upgrade weapons and buy additional storage space. Spend a lot of time collecting and spending your Erydium to make sure your player is ready to fight when the alarm goes off.

We recommend that you update your weapons before updating your storage. That makes sense. As you do more damage on the battlefield, you’ll eventually collect more Erydium from these enemies, which you can then go back and update your memory.

First the guns. Second vault.

5. Use of our border areas 2 Passage

Border zones 2 - use our border zones 2 on foot

by: Gearbox software

These are just the absolute basics for you to start the game. This game has many more nuances, and there are dozens of hours of missions.

Therefore we have arranged a more complete passage through Borderlands 2.

It contains all the necessary information to give you access to the vault for the handsome Jack.

Other great game options

Borderlands 2 is a fast role-playing game that takes a lot of time. If this isn’t your character, we’ve considered a number of other games that may be faster or more suitable for your time.

  1. Victor Vran is a demon hunter in this battle RPG.
  2. The worst nightmare of Epidemiologists, at Plague Inc. you literally try to infect the entire planet.
  3. Everwing is a fantastic action game exclusively for Facebook, which is very interesting.


There are no two options, Borderlands 2 is a difficult game. It is long and requires your commitment to understand the subtleties and nuances. But it is also extremely entertaining and useful.

The developers really tried to put a lot of criticism on the game, starting with the first iteration of Borderlands, which turned out to be a sledgehammer blow. With over 13 million items sold on almost all major platforms, it is safe to say that they have done a pretty good job.

Of course there are a few things that we would like to see, cross-compatibility because the game works on many platforms, and the ability to save more of it during the great missions in the story, but overall it is a really solid action role-playing game.

Shoot and fly. Simple, but effective.

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