The past 10,000 year history of the Kastorian Imperium is littered with the monuments of it’s ruling Emperors. Their achievements range from mighty battles fought to the founding of great cities to the creation of technology beyond the grasp of the modern Imperium. However, few of these monuments are as impressive, and as unnerving, as those created by the Adeptus Mechanicus – the Tech-Priests of Mars.

An Adeptus Mechanicus army is an army composed of mechanical and technological constructs — robots and tanks that are distinct from the Imperium’s human soldiers. The Adeptus Mechanicus is an army of machines, and the machines are its greatest strength. However, many players find Adeptus Mechanicus an army that requires extreme flexibility and patience to play well, since it relies on a large force of expendable troops and equipment that is easily destroyed by a single mistake. Adeptus Mechanicus players should have a plan for every battle, but that plan will change quickly as the battle unfolds.

Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus is the newest codex for Warhammer 40,000. It is the first new Adeptus Mechanicus codex in nearly five years, and the first major update to the army in over ten years. It contains an overview of the Adeptus Mechanicus, their structure, and the culture of Mars. It also includes advanced rules for fielding a Forge World of Adeptus Mechanicus on the tabletop. It includes new rules for: All 7 forge worlds, the forge world of Mars, the forge world of Lucius, the forge world of Cawl, the forge world of Stygies VIII, the forge world of Gryphonne IV, the forge world of Metalica, the forge world of Prometheus

word-image-10113 Worlds of the forge Forge Worlds is what really makes this book special and gives it that incredible flavor that every Adeptus Mechanicus army deserves when it hits the table. Each Forge world is described below, along with its unique dogma, warlord trait, relic, and strategy: March Dogma: Master of the forge – The use of hymns is a big advantage in units like Mars. Scythian units will take advantage of this to reach their full potential with some buffs. – As with the Master and Expert abilities, Mars now has its own iteration of rules, which also allows it to be a bit more independent and effective across the board. The character trait of a warlord: A hymn procession – This skill allows you to manipulate the current state of the game by spontaneously changing a unit’s canto’s, so you are always adaptable and ready to respond to anything your opponent throws at you. This is a great option to have in your pocket and adjust as needed with a key device. Arcana Mechanicum : Red Axe. – One of the deadliest relics in the Codex is the red axe. Originating from the Forges of Mars, it not only possesses incredible strength, but also allows the wearer to enter large squadrons (5-8) with confidence. Weapons that allow you to add an extra number to their spec sheet can still be effective and sometimes even make a difference during a fight. Stratagem: The wrath of Mars – Lethal wounds certainly changed the game in 40K, bringing more fear to the masses with little to no defensive resistance. Despite the limited damage potential, this extra auto power is still very useful against very tough units like death knights or death knights. The key to this strategy will be time, but if applied, it will almost certainly produce results. Lucius Dogma: A sunny blessing – This special dogma increases weapon resistance by 1 damage across the board. Depending on how the meta evolves, this could be a very good option to customize your build and add an extra solid layer for key units to survive the tasks. – Long-range weapons also benefit from this dogma because of their greater range. With a weapon like Cognis’ Lascannon, it might not matter, but with a phosphorus gas, it might. The character trait of a warlord: Luminous Blessing – Lucius continues to show his benevolence for a long life with a remarkable ability like this. Choosing a unit of your choice to have Transhuman essentially on the go when you’re in a tight spot can make a serious difference and even win the game. There are still tons of power 8 weapons, and by simply depriving your opponent of the maximum effectiveness of these weapons, you can hold units like the Balistarii Ironstrider longer. Arcana Mechanicum : – This possibility could be a near-optimal case for Lucius on the bench. Flexibility through movement and agility in general is the key to winning games in this edition. It can be about holding on at the end of a game to get the extra points needed to win, or even crucial moments in a big game to get the last action for second. Stratagem: Legio Teleportarium – Reserves can be essential in some games, and this strategy allows you to do just that. You can keep up to 2 in reserve during an Attack Force fight, and this extra flexibility is a great tool to have at your disposal for the game. Whether it’s a pool of units coming to the table to complete an action, or keeping units alive so they don’t get shot on the first turn, like the Onager Dunecrawler. Agripinaa Dogma: Indestructible defenders – Aggressive players who engage in melee combat are rewarded with this dogma. Whenever AP can be increased, it is very useful when trying to penetrate the toughest armor or force important enemy units out of their invulnerability. – It also provides a separate, more reactive power that can increase efficiency when charging on patrol or in combat. Units like the Castellan Robots for Overwatch or the Fulgurite Electric Reapers can make a big difference in the counterattack your army needs to stay in the fight when they retreat. The character trait of a warlord: A poem about revenge – It can certainly be strong if there are a lot of units around that character. The ability to show up with multiple units during an enemy’s turn can be incredible, and even foil their plans when they try to destroy your units. You can use it to inflict damage on your opponent and even destroy enemy units that haven’t had a chance to activate or perform an action yet. Arcana Mechanicum : The Eye of Xi-Lexum – This is the best way to drive the vehicle. The efficiency can be very high, with a much higher risk of damage. Units like Balistarians or Cataphront Destroyers can really make a big difference against your opponent’s most valuable vehicles, turn after turn. Stratagem: Machines for rent – This skill allows certain key military units to increase their potential strength to 6, making them arguably one of the strongest troop types in the game. The best part about this trick is that it can be used twice in a Strike Force match. That way you can’t rely too much on one upgraded unit, but have two for different objectives depending on the enemy army. Graya The dogma: denial of the right of way – Attrition tests are more common than you might think, and now that you can take Vanguards or Rangers in squads of up to 20 men, Graja seems to be the best option for these large units. – As mentioned earlier, Death Wounds are becoming more common in the meta, and with that extra layer of durability against these enemy units, Graia can definitely be a Forge World to deploy from time to time. The character trait of a warlord: The mantra of discipline – This is a very powerful skill that is very useful for defending yourself or just making your opponent think before attacking. This immediately becomes incredibly powerful for Fulgurite’s squad of Electric Reapers, who are already deadly when attacking, but now they’ve become even more deadly when moving against enemies, as no enemy unit is safe within 6 inches. Arcana Mechanicum : Techno-brain myths – This is definitely a great skill that allows you to spread a significant aura across multiple units and keeps your army from always being in a pile and easy to read. With a longer range of up to 9 inches, this model can literally bring two devices within 18 inches of each other, for example. B. Scorpius’ disintegrator behind the ruins and Castellan’s more aggressive robot in front of it. Stratagem: A mind of steel, a logic as hard as iron… – This ability comes back and can be a game changer in some cases. The ability to take away your opponent’s main strength at the right time is an incredible skill to have in your arsenal. It was common for Adeptus Mechanicus players to take on a Graia team just so they could use this tactic. It’s still an option, but you can now argue that Graia is better than ever and is definitely a staple that Forge World can use in any matchup. Stiggy VIII Dogma: The Shroud Protocol – The fact that they are harder to hit is always an added bonus if you have a lot of firepower in your army. This forces your opponent to get closer to be fully effective, while you shoot to kill as you get closer. – The second part is the same skill as the first, but only for infantry, and requires an even closer fight with the enemy. This could potentially draw your opponent towards you to increase efficiency and give you a counterattack with multiple lethal units such as. B. Dragoons. The character trait of a warlord: A hunter in disguise. – Simply put, it’s a tactical move with an added twist. Some of the best armies in the game have the tactical flexibility to reorganize after the two armies are set up. This may allow you to redistribute 2 important trumps or even place them in strategic reserve to come into play at a more convenient time and keep your opponent honest. Arcana Mechanicum : The hand of the Almighty – The ability to spit multiple lethal wounds at surrounding units can be very useful to ward off the last wound or free a marked vehicle/captured unit. Although these skills are only used once per battle, they can change the game if used at the right time. Stratagem: Intrusion. – This trick provides additional tactical flexibility in addition to the others previously mentioned. A squad of 5 Rangers can be saved for the next turn to finish the action, or even come out of reserve to fight for a goal. This capability allows for many creative tactical games for your infantry models. Ryza Dogma: Red in the teeth and claws – Definitely the best option for AdMechs focusing on the scrum. It’s very similar to what the Blood Angels get as chapter tactics, and units like Fulgurite Priests and Dragoons become even more deadly to take on the fiercest units in the game. The character trait of a warlord: Quote in the wild – The addition of AP in combat for this combat-oriented forge world is an incredible improvement. When the electric reapers reach AP-3, or even just the average Skitarii vanguard unit gets AP, it has a very positive effect on destroying any unit they come into close contact with. Arcana Mechanicum : Weapon Xcix. – While it is a situational relic, the damage potential can be enormous, single-handedly destroying even light transports like a Raider or Star Weaver. What sets it apart is the great power it possesses, and its amazing ability to inflict deadly wounds on top of its already high damage. Stratagem: Plasma specialists – This technique is most effective on a squadron of Destroyer Cataphrons when they fire their Calverine Plasma Cataphrons. In Supercharge mode, they deal 3 damage with each plasma shot and even vaporize heavy units with built-in -1 damage, such as. B. A plague of foot soldiers. Metallica Dogma: The relentless march – If you ignore the fines, you don’t lose efficiency. It also encourages you to be flexible in your movements and not worry about painful knots if you move (literally) at a leisurely pace. Metalica encourages mobility and is definitely a strong option in the world of forges if you want to play tactically and score points. – They also instill some fear in enemy units, as enemy units within attack range are rated at less than half their strength in the most common combat attrition checks. The character trait of a warlord: A tribute to emphatic fear – This can be very useful up close, as you certainly reduce your opponent’s effectiveness for the key unit he might have wanted to release next turn. Another way to look at it is that when you charge, you have less to worry about the counterattack not being as effective as usual. Arcana Mechanicum : The Adamantine hand – Like abilities that only manifest once per game, this is a great relic to have in a character’s defense group to unleash the full potential of that Servo Jerk in a key fight to get the job done. Whether it’s hitting a character with an enemy buffer, inflicting the final wounds on a heavy vehicle, or even a knight, this relic can and will accomplish the task at hand. Stratagem: Oscillation attack – This again highlights the aggressive nature of Metallica and can have a significant impact on the adjacent unit and derail their game plan for the next turn. Movement can be essential for fast-moving units to advance and take objectives or actions on the board, and it can immediately set them back a possible move or two. It can also be used very well when you need to go into battle to avoid overwatch completely and take no losses. Forge Worlds – Distant Worlds Below is a list of the options offered by Forge World and the best possible combinations: A forge world saturated with radiation Base: The radiant disciple – This makes your units harder to hit and thus increases their resistance, which makes a significant difference during the game. Secondary: Light choking – This secondary skill is a great approach for your army, as you are harder to hit from a distance, but up close this skill makes your opponents more vulnerable to destruction from an explosion of your mechanical weaponry. Expansionist forge world Base: Accelerated training – A definite advantage for combat units, as they gain more lethality and extra AP on their weapons when attacked, assaulted, or heroically intervened. Secondary: Advanced Features – The extra movement for the game to increase defense/guarding can be very useful, and if you go first, it gives you extra mobility to reach objectives or perform certain actions that you couldn’t have done with normal movement (using jammers in the middle of the first turn). The world of data falsification Base: Magnetically coupled alloys – The ability to ignore damage is very important, and a built-in ability to do so is exactly what your cars need. The longer these units stay on the table, the more hail they can unleash on the enemy and cause long-term problems on the battlefield. Blocking parts of the circuit board, shielding, etc. Secondary: Autosavant Perfume – Coupled with their first skill, they now have the skill to ignore wounds, and this secondary skill not only heals 1 lost wound per round, but more importantly, it counts double in the trait table (e.g. 5 remaining wounds count as 10 remaining wounds). The World of Reignited Forge Base: Cleaning protocols – The ability to add additional AP can be a big bonus when choosing targets to hit. Secondary: Technical Nanophages – Keeping the same AP trend, you can now expect to get extra AP when you shoot, and you’re guaranteed to get extra AP against the best armored units in the game when you attack in mêle. Slavic Systems Forge World Base: Parenting Protocols – This allows you to take a completely custom approach and take the Warlord main trait of your choice in one of the main Forge Worlds in this codex. All stratagems will now be replaced with the name of your chosen Forge World and can be used for your respective units with a specific dogma. Stratagems Battle tactics Enthusiastic parishioners: This is great for all Electroprist options in the Codex. The ability to wound stronger units such as knights or even great devils is always a very useful trick when trying to destroy these monstrous units. Danestraders : A guaranteed hit can make or break a game. The lack of dice rolls and maximum movement potential can be very powerful when fighting for objectives, stabbing enemy units in the back, or reaching an important part of the board to score important secondary points. It also gives you the tactical flexibility to change the properties of your weapons, so you can shoot to kill and not take any other penalties. Assassin Constructs: This just gives you an extra hit with the Sicario unit of your choice. This allows you to increase your melee skills and destroy squads if necessary, or ensure that you destroy targets you come into the melee with. Electrician’s anger: A fantastic new skill for your stun gun is constantly inflicting lethal wounds in multiple stages. They can now spit lethal wounds at nearby enemies during the fire phase, inflict lethal wounds when charged, and then have the ability to inflict lethal wounds during combat. This is incredible when you consider that you can now practically kill K’tan in one turn with a single electrocautery squad. Superiority of the machine : This is important when the Skitarii device requires an additional output bit. It is best used when attacking a force 3 enemy unit to gain an injury advantage or against force 4 models, such as B. Advocate, upgrade. Elimination Volley : This can be very useful to attack stronger units nearby. Any time you can bypass a level of dice throwing mechanics (wound rolling), it can be excellent and even increase efficiency when targeting units, for example. B. If you need to hack more powerful vehicles or destroy super powerful infantry. An epic achievement Dataspike: This comes in handy when you need to inflict some extra wounds on an enemy vehicle and take it apart. So the chances of success are much higher, given the different likelihood of fatal injuries at the different stages and the fact that most cars only have 10-14 injuries. The benevolence of the Almighty: Continuing the theme of resisting deadly injury. The vehicle of your choice can now confidently deal deadly damage in front of your entire army with its ability to ignore damage. Some factions are able to severely punish visible enemy units nearby, and with this ruse you can place a Dunerider up front to really take the hit and watch them try to break it open. Administrative Technician: This increases the life of the vehicle and extends its service life. Vehicles naturally take damage during battles, and this skill makes for a more consistent presence, or better profile to have a consistent impact on the game. The resurrected spirit of the machine: It can be nice to have a fully functional vehicle at an important time in battle. Rely on the upper strut for maximum effectiveness in inflicting damage or simply getting the transport where it needs to go, with full freedom of movement for key infantrymen inside. Automatic prediction without data: Cantics was and still is a very important mechanism for AdMech. The ability to manipulate this for a unit at a key moment in the game can make all the difference and even win the game. Whether it’s a unit doing the job in the melee or an extra layer of toughness to protect the target. Application Archaeotechnologists: This is a common capability in all new codes, and AdMech now has the same capability. Characters other than your Warlord can obtain a Relic, and this Stratagem can be used twice in a Strike Force fight. Mechanic Locum : Like the skill described above, this now allows an additional non-warlord character to gain the warlord trait of your choice and can provide greater flexibility in customization depending on how your army approaches. This strategy can be used twice in a fight with the Attacking Force. The owner of the middleman: This is an interesting variant of the book, allowing the alpha or prince of Scytaria to be endowed with the distinctive warlord trait of Scytaria. This option can certainly be very flexible and allows you to build around a specific unit that has a main objective that your army must achieve in each game. Artifactotum : This ruse allows you to add some technology to your army by placing a relic on the Alpha or Princeps Scytarius model. Although you are limited in your choice of relics, an excellent example of using this trick is placing the relic of Elder Nicola’s skull on the Skitarians’ Alpha. This gives an interesting twist to this unit, as it is not only a key unit defending the objective, but is also capable of inflicting multiple lethal wounds at a crucial point in the game. A strategic approach Redefining the Bingarich: This schedule allows you to be flexible with the Castellan robot unit. If you need to change the protocol in an important place, you can do so now. You should keep this log until the end of the battle, but if you are analyzing the enemy army or the state of the game, you may only need this log to succeed. An excellent example is the rise their lifeline if they only have to survive until the end of the game. Takeover at any cost: This ensures that no unit escapes combat while in a particular partner facility. Such an ability can keep a vanguard or group of rangers defending an important objective alive, to score points or deny the enemy the chance to score points. Such skills are sometimes overlooked because they are not the most powerful, but they can change the course of a game more in your favor than expected. Revenge of the Machine Ghost: Lethal wounds are difficult for most armies to deal with unless they are specially designed against it. So you can be aggressive with your vehicle and automatically blow them up to create a danger zone with fatal injuries. Whether you’re flying an empty Dunerider to the enemy front or an Archaeopter deep into the enemy deployment zone, you can use this tactic to inflict damage on the enemy during their turn. District killer: This allows Sicari units to activate an attack on another part of the table, or move them to the other side of the battlefield if necessary to get a secondary aiming point at an important moment. Deep sunken claws: Definitely a very reliable skill for Pteraxii Sterylizors, allowing you to deny enemy units the ability to retreat and make them ineffective the next turn, or possibly allowing you to protect your Pteraxii from enemy fire for another turn. Tactica Obliqua: This feature has changed from the previous version, but is still very useful. This will still allow your Serbian fighters to move when declared and keep them alive. If your opponent only has one hit point on your friendly unit, you can move it to block all hit points and keep a more important asset alive. Crush weight: As the name suggests, the two units that benefit from this are the giant models of the Iron Striders and the Castellan Robots. This gives a solid amount of charge damage and can be effective against the previously mentioned units that only take the maximum amount of damage per phase. This can also be useful when attacking large horde units to reduce their numbers even before they attack in melee. Electroshock: This is one of the Adeptus Mechanicus’ best new skills. It is very important to neutralize an enemy unit and fight last. This denies your opponent the ability to interrupt the punch, and allows you to attack in multiple directions before he has a chance to strike. Another interesting way to use this method is to force a very strong opponent, such as the Primarch, to fight last, while bringing several squads into the fray who can then strike first. Booster boost : This is an amazing ability that allows Pteraxii units to be anywhere and do just about anything. Once they are out of the action zone, they take off again in the air instead of landing in free space as before. Weapon A seismic bomb: Changing the opponent’s mobility is a very important skill. This can wipe out large units such as Death Company or Scorch Destroyers, cut their turn in half, and significantly reduce their attack and assault rolls. The Fusilave archer just needs to fly over this unit and everything is in place. Application protocols for the chain shredder : Stun weapons can now be more explosive than ever, with excellent 5 and 6 detonation capabilities for 2 additional hits. This significantly increases their damage potential and allows units like Dragons to get more out of their seemingly few attacks. The skull of Infoslave: This ruse gives your army an interception mechanism that is very useful. If the enemy was planning to sneak into the rear area to perform an action or launch an attack, you now have the ability to completely destroy that unit upon arrival with various units from your codex. Electrophilic countermeasures : This can be a very powerful means of eliminating an opponent’s most effective abilities. A perfect example of this is flying into the line of fire of the Ultramarines and denying the enemy the ability to use the incredible Guillaman auras that make up the entire army, leaving you with a platoon to work with and fight against what could have been a massive onslaught of effective firepower. Archery shells: This is an excellent technique to finish off a difficult enemy vehicle, or to penetrate a light vehicle with large objects inside. Carriers like Venoms or Starweavers can be surprisingly resilient, and that will change the odds in your favor. Incense: This can add an extra level of resistance and give the same effect to Smokescreen units, even if they are in open terrain and dense cover is not normally given. Onager Dunecrawler can now be safer when he dives to neutralize an opponent and is knocked backwards. Enriched rounds : Radium weapons get an extra bonus when you use this trick. Against non-automated enemy units, they can automatically wound the target if they reach 4+. It is a very powerful tool against stronger foot soldiers or beasts that are sometimes difficult to destroy. Shift and will be very useful for completing some difficult ranks like Death Guard or Adeptus Custodes. Galvanic salvo fire: This can be crucial at key points in battle, when extra firepower is needed to deal the final blow to a heavy enemy or to deal a heavy blow to a large horde such as 30 Ork Boyz. Overloaded Systems : This can be very effective against all vehicles and keyword Titanic units that have multiple profiles based on their current injuries. By doing this, you can reduce the enemy unit’s efficiency or force them to spend CPs, which are a critical resource. just to get some much-needed efficiency back. Knights must consume their CP when you activate these stratagems, and this can actually increase their consumption during combat. Holy Orders (update) Holy Orders are a new way to upgrade your main priest techs to upgrade the units around you in the Forge World to one of four Orders. Gene Tower – You have the ability to reduce combat tactics by 1 once per fight, which can be very important. Additionally, their first share benefits a specific unit with the keyword to provide more consistency to hit enemy targets in combat. Your advanced game gives the same main units (of which you can only choose one) the ability to gain an extra level of toughness to get a little more of the survival they need. Logi – This command has the same capabilities as the other commands, except that you reduce the cost of the strategic movement stratagem. In the first game, the main unit of your choice should ignore the multiple AP weapons aimed at him and use his normal saves. This is a big plus for an already very robust device like the Cataphron Hacks. The extended game allows you to take the same unit and ignore the shelter advantage your opponent can count on. It is also ideal for all units with catapults, as they have weapons powerful enough to neutralize targets from a distance. Magi – Epic Deeds Stratagems can be changed to this order once per battle. Your main unit not only gives a friendly core unit more consistency in its progression, but also more movement potential as a whole. The advanced part adds a bit more efficiency to the main platoon in close combat, and the ability to increase the hit roll in distance attacks. Artisan – Wargear stratagems may be reduced once per battle in this order. The first part is a very strong skill on a key unit in the range of this buff. This allows the team to always have their own combat conditions and it’s definitely a strong tactical skill against which your opponent has less of a chance. It also deprives the opponent of the ability to immobilize all units in your army for the turn and still be able to perform a full activation with the unit you want. The advanced part is actually a great second bonus added to the main units. One of your units will be able to increase the power of his ranged weapons by 1, which will definitely increase his effectiveness when it comes to rolling to wound and piercing the strongest armor. Characteristics of a warlord Characteristics of a techno warlord journalist 1. Clarity without emotion: Retirement and indictment can be very powerful mechanisms to increase your power. An excellent device that allows you to maximize the benefits is Fulgurit. Electric priests. Every turn that they can fully activate with attacking mortals has a very positive effect on the success of your army. 2. Bionics workshop: It is best used in all priestly techniques where you have to stay alive as long as possible. This gives a great extra layer of durability, offers better protection from invulnerability, and reduces inflicted damage. 3. First-hand field experience: It is ideal for giving a character, for example. B. Dominus, add an additional lethality with a non-working axe. Increasing the power and damage properties of weapons for better effect in battle certainly makes this character more reliable when used in battle. 4. Necromechanics: Consistency in general is key, so why use D3 regeneration for lost wounds when you can just heal a key engine every turn for a flat 3 without depending on dice rolls. This could make the difference in getting an important machine like the Disruptor back to its best before it unleashes its firepower. 5. Cartographer: A friendly unit gains the Orbital Teleporter skill, which allows it to propel itself deep into any location on the table (more than 9 away from the opponent). The Electric Reaper team from Rhys’s Forge World is ideal for this game, as they have a charge bonus and are more likely to affect the game by coming out of reserve. 6. Shadow Gleam: Like the Mastermind skill, this skill gives any of your best melee units, or even units that need help hitting, greater effectiveness by hitting the target more often. An excellent addition to this Warlord trait is the wide range of the skill, which doesn’t require you to have a group of units around you for any of them to benefit. Characteristics of a Scythian warlord 1. Multitasking cortex: Action figures are a big part of the final edition of 40K. The ability to use a remote weapon while performing an action of your choice is an excellent tactical flexibility and essentially allows you to immerse your squad in both aspects of the game (scoring points with actions and destroying enemy squads) each turn. 2. Seal the combat zone: This is a strong feature of a Warlord that allows your units to always give their best. A unit can either not receive a penalty for moving with heavy weapons or not receive a penalty for advancing and firing with assault weapons. This immediately sounds good for all your Cataphron squads, as well as some of the other main squads. 3. Planned retirement : Similar to Emotionless Clarity (a Tech-Priest warlord trait), this allows you to activate a key unit with distance attacks even during the turn in which it retreated. A good example of this is that Scorpius’ disruptors are no longer as easy to pair, and you should always make sure you can activate at least one of them while they remain on the table. 4. Archived liabilities: This effectively gives you a free interruption mechanism and allows you to take on aggressive enemy armies that throw multiple squads into the fray. This can be a deciding factor if your opponent doesn’t have or use final combat mechanics. 5. Firepoint Telemetry Cache: Disruptors are an excellent example of a unit that benefits greatly from this warlord trait, as it greatly increases their protection. The ability to get essentially plus 2 on field armor rolls for infantry is an incredible boon to durability. You can put a huge platoon of 20 rangers on a property under cover, and they will be very difficult to move. 6. The eyes of the Almighty: The first unit that comes to mind is the Sycar Ruststalkers, who will benefit greatly. A platoon of these rather deadly soldiers has a significant additional movement bonus when attacking or when a significant raid must be made. Re-rolling a failed die to advance or failing an attack roll can really make a difference, and since Sicarios and the like are really improved in this book, this feature would be a great option. Relics The stick of the non-creator: A model with a power fist can obtain this relic to increase lethality when dealing damage. Moreover, if it hits a vehicle, it inflicts deadly wounds, making the wearer of this relic a true vehicle hunter. Essentially built for cybernetic Datamith, they are certainly superior in combat. Technomagazine: This is a great option to reinforce an important character in your army. The extra layer of memory will be useful for survival, even if enemies can ignore the siren guard rule by using sniper weapons. Additionally, a friendly capital unit can hit with the highest potential, ignoring any hit modifiers or ballista skills. The skull of the elder Nicola: As mentioned earlier, this could be a solid legacy to spread in your ranks. If you use this spell at a crucial moment in the game, you can damage multiple units or deprive multiple enemy units of their last two wounds. Cleanliness of cleaning: It is specially designed for the radium coil model. This not only increases his full weapon profile, but also gives you the awesome ability to still wound the model with 4+. This is ideal for fighting stronger infantry units and if you have the different models before opening fire on other units or attacking them to thin their ranks. The eternity of the specimen: This is especially true of the new unit, Marshal Scytarius. The Servecherep capacity has been replaced by the aura of eternity of the image. This is probably one of the best options when using a group of Skitarii base units, as it absolutely increases their effectiveness at hitting and injuring. This aura probably works best with more massive and smaller weapons, such as those that Rangers and Vanguards are equipped with. These abilities may not seem to have an immediate effect on a particular crucial throw (and sometimes they do), but they certainly build up over the course of the fight. Phosphenix: This relic replaces the serpentine phosphor. It helps you deal with opponents who take advantage of close coverage. Not only does the profile do decent damage, but it also lets you unlock an aura after a hit. A unit affected by this is considered unprotected, allowing other friendly units in the aura to fire at full strength without needing to be protected. the normal risk of losing a significant part of its efficiency. Close covers are becoming more common, and this technique is great for one character or added to a group at the right time. Father Cog-Tut: Many characters can wield the omniscient axe, and this relic is quite powerful. This is a definite improvement over the regular axe and should be considered if a character needs to not only defend themselves in battle, but also go to war with confidence. Pseudogenetic anziona: This can be a nice extra relic to put on a secondary character to give them some more damage. For example, an extra tech priest who has his base record for combat and uses it in addition has potentially 9 more hits. The mask of the know-it-all: This is best suited for single mêlée units. This symbol serves as an incentive to potentially generate more attacks as long as these units are in this aura. Since the Codex has a lot of combat buffs, special attention should be paid to relics like these, as they offer great synergies for combat when you build between them. Sonic mower: The sonic mower replaces the transsonic cannon. Manipulus can now take some more damage from this relic on his base profile, as well as an awesome special ability. This gives you a better chance to inflict 2 damage on your opponent through lethal wounds, rather than having your opponent remove armor protection. Temporary copy : Temporcopia is a reliable relic that essentially robs your opponent of his ability to fight until all your eligible units have done so. You now have two more combat mechanisms (Relic and Stratagem) that can play an important role in breaking an enemy mêlée army. Varadima’s cage: This can be particularly useful against melee armies and reduces their effectiveness. If the bearer of this spell touches an opponent, the opponent is considered electrocuted. This reduces their ability to hit another unit that is in combat with them, and plays a more important role in their survival than it may seem at first glance. Rules approved by the Chapter (minor) Purge the enemy Accumulation of knowledge : This secondary requires inflicting a lot of damage on the enemy army and can certainly be built with that in mind. It will revolve around many deadly units and will give you access to their characters or special units with traits/relatives. The main reason to use it is if the opponent has a large number of aggressive characters or 4-5+ vehicles with a wound count of 14 or higher. No mercy, no respite. The extermination of the flesh: He is by far the best pick of the secondary. Almost all AdMech armies (with a few exceptions) will have vehicles. Whether it’s transporters, heavy tanks or aircraft, AdMech offers a wide range of options. It’s great for scoring because you can play Defend with your vehicles while destroying enemy infantry to score easy points in battle. The main reason to consider this side army is that it integrates well with the main army’s play style while promoting important encounters. Superiority on the battlefield Unprecedented sequence: This can be tricky, but it is very useful in missions with 5 or 6 objectives. This essentially allows you to lay out your plan before the battle begins, and is truly a great strategist’s second dream of executing a well thought out game plan. Achieve or maintain your goals in your planned rounds and be rewarded for it. Hidden Archeovolt: Another side game with progressive scoring could put both generals to the test. Your opponent has a say in who they choose to target, but they can’t be too defensive in their choice and will certainly force more defensive armies to leave their comfort zone and hit you in the middle of the field. Hymns to the Omniscience Acoustic Psalm: This is a great solution in terms of durability, as it allows your entire army to have light coverage during the turn, without limitation or parameter. It’s usually best to use it early in the game to stay alive, or late in the game to make sure some key units can take a hit and get through. The song of the merciless fist: This is ideal for the big move, when your powerful melee units are preparing to attack or are about to attack and need to strike back. Dragons or fulgurite priests can really benefit from this extra bonus and be more effective against stronger units. Summoning the Iron Soul: In an environment where you can’t afford to lose models, this would be a good choice to keep more models in place. This gets interesting when a team with the Refuse to Surrender Dogma takes lethal damage. This can be one of the best defensive buffs to deal with an incredible amount of lethal injuries. Even without this dogma on your list, the extra level is still great and could definitely be a great meta challenge. Benedictus Omnissia: With this cantankerous your AdMech forces get their own version of Expert Crafters or Master Artisan for those in the know. This allows your units to be more effective independently, and can certainly be a game changer when critical movement on your part is required and you need to inflict as much damage as possible. Call for the revenge of the machine: This is definitely one of the best songs to choose from. This increases the chances of getting your units across the board or launching a big deep attack. A quick, powerful combo would be a blow to the 10. The Ryza Fulgurite Priesthood unit and using it to attack. Litany of the Electromaniac: This is definitely a defensive asset for your units as they prepare to fight the enemy. This disadvantage tolerated by the opponent can increase during several interactions and reduce the effectiveness of some interactions. Information sheets Belisarius Cole – Cole returns as commander-in-chief of the Adeptus Mechanicus. He is definitely a good choice, as he knows how to take care of the friendly machines to keep them intact for as long as possible, including himself. His best skill is Lead in Prayer, as he can manipulate any edge movement for a friendly unit nearby and himself. This gives you incredible potential flexibility in how the role of a particular unit can change during a fight. Priest technician manipulus – Manipulus is a reliable character to add to your army to strengthen units with galvanic, arc and radium weapons. As mentioned in the first areas, this character can take some solid relics, as well as a large list of warlord traits to strengthen your army as well. Dominus Technical Priest – The Machine Cult Lord’s skill is excellent and is a good reason to choose this character. Dominus has a degree of flexibility that allows him to become more resilient and defensive or aggressive, depending on how you equip him with the various Warlord traits and Relic combos. Technoarchaeologist – This character has great buffs, and while he also helps with those perks, he doesn’t occupy the combat role slot. This unit is virtually unencumbered by your choice of HQ and gives you some great built-in abilities, such as the Focus Machine to attack larger units while firing distance weapons or the Omni Scrambler to really deny the enemy a large area where they can’t enter the battlefield. Marshal Scytaria – The latest addition to the AdMech ranks is Marshal Skitarii. Outside of his massive data skills, his best combo in Codex is a relic he can take to replace his cheap uplink servo aura. This skill takes large Skitarii units to a new level and certainly increases their combat effectiveness. Process engineer – Definitely another fan favorite with the engineer. The ability to increase the effectiveness of a friendly vehicle with the Awaken Machine skill is very useful when you need to destroy large enemy units in the shortest possible time. As with the archaeologist, if you have a Dominus or Manipulus in your army (which is usually the case), that unit does not get an additional role on the battlefield in your group. Wanderers Rangers. – Rangers return as a basic infantry unit. With a maximum squad size of 20, it is possible to create interesting AdMech hordes with different Forge World combinations. Whether it’s increasing your strength or strengthening your attack, there’s a lot of tactical play and really a lot of options with different keywords like Skitarii, Core and Data-Tether. The vanguard of the Skitarians – Like the Rangers, Vanguard offers great tactical flexibility with the same maximum team strength. The really interesting special rule though is their Rad Saturation Aura, which weakens enemy units in the combat radius, forcing these soldiers to take over the attack. Cataphract Destroyers – Burglars are a great tool and should be reliable for several reasons. They are tougher than their brethren (Destroyers) and are equipped with bow claws and bow guns that they can use at different stages of the game. Their toughness can be their best asset and makes them a very difficult defensive unit to keep objective. And that’s without even combining it with different Forge Worlds to see this device at its maximum potential, depending on how you want to use it. Cataphoretic destroyer – Like the Breachers, the Destroyers are very reliable and equipped with heavy weapons to take out the most powerful enemy units. Plasma Culverine might be one of their best options, and can even do 3 damage as long as he’s on Ryza’s team with Stratagem. Both versions of the Cataphron troops are not immobile, even after they get the biker keyword and lose infantry, as they have a special rail mobility rule that solves any movement problems on the battlefield. Servant – These are common and elemental minions, but in an army like AdMech, one or two of these units can be a great addition, especially if you’re going for the elite. They are very cheap and are the type of simple squad that can be held in reserve, perform an action or hold a hidden target. Fulgurit electrocautery – Fulgurites return with minor changes, but are absolutely as good as before, with strong opportunities to still trade them in combat. Overall, they have become more consistent in their damage while remaining fairly resilient. With a few extra bonuses from Forge Worlds or Warlord properties (characters nearby), they are almost automatically included when you need dangerous melee infantry. The electric priests of Corpuscaria. – The opposites of the fulgurite are the corkscrews. They do the shooting and they do it great. For their points, they’re also pretty tough and constantly get ridiculous shots. A good tactic for this unit is to either keep them safely in the Dunerider and bring them out when they are ready, or keep them in reserve with some opportunities to come in and cause serious trouble. Cybernetics Datasmith – The main reason for taking on this character is to upgrade Castellan’s robots so they can reach their most powerful potential. This character takes no combat role and gives these robots incredible advantages, such as. B. that they win hearts and help them change their logs with a special action that only this datasmid can perform. The infiltrators of Sicario – These infiltrators are excellent for several reasons. As infantry and core, they benefit from some buffs and synergies and have some interesting abilities. Neurostatic interference makes them quite resilient and reduces the effectiveness of enemy buffs, but the ability to penetrate can also be the key to gaining control of the board from a tactical standpoint. Sicario rastalkers – The Ruststalker variants are just as effective, but much more deadly in combat. The ability to inflict lethal wounds can add strength to an enemy unit, and in terms of durability they are perfect for taking cover with the Wasteland Stalkers ability. The Thieves of Cerberus – The Raiders have changed significantly from the previous version, but they still have the same positive reasons for including them. They still move quickly and have even gotten an improvement in their endurance. A great skill they have retained is the ability to move in front of a play, called the skirmish line. Any mobility outside of the movement phase is fantastic in the game and allows you to react, whether you are first or second. Sulphur Hounds – Brimstone dogs are less common, but thanks to this book, they can be thrown back on the board. With a range of weapons with which it can be equipped, this cavalry unit is also good at inflicting damage. The skill of pistol shooters allows them to always shoot with the weapons they are equipped with, and even turn their pistols into assault weapons. This flexibility is great while having the same wheel saturation capacity as Skitarii Vanguard. Overall, this is a very reliable choice and a device that should not be overlooked. Pteraxius/Skistler Sterilizers – Both Pteraxii units are excellent, and both could be an indispensable part of your army list. Their ability to land almost anywhere (under normal rescue conditions) makes them a tactician’s dream when it comes to a specific task. From their speed when fighting targets to their ability to land and perform key actions, any army would love to have a unit like them, and AdMech is one lucky group. As for which unit is better at dishing out damage, sterilizers are definitely good at attacking in combat, while Skystalkers are never forced to unload their arrowgun in the same turn thanks to the rapid barrage ability. Iron Rider Ballistarii – The Ballistarii are back and better than ever. With the same profile on the spec sheet as before, they are pretty consistent with what they are built for, which is to hit from a distance. The main bonus was Cognis’ Lascannon, which became the longest lasting bonus of all time, and exactly the kind of bonus needed to make a difference when targeting just about anything he aimed at with his targeting systems. The Dragons of Sidon – The Dragoons have played second fiddle to their Balistarian counterparts of late. With this new codex and all the great synergies for strong units, Forge Worlds like Ryza will reach a new dimension. On paper, they are arguably the best unit and there is a decent resiliency to that without giving up too many secondary points in the current state of the game. Squire’s Robot – Castellan’s bots were not appreciated by many, as they seemed too overpowered to stay in one place for the entire game. Many understood that this would literally make or break him, and it was not a reasonable game plan. With the latest version, these Juggernaut robots can hit harder than ever and adapt to the action with new protocols. As mentioned earlier, the Datasmith is a must-have if you’re taking Castellan bots to give them some benefits and even more flexibility in their use and impact on combat. Scorpio the disruptor – The Disruptor is still one of the most durable machines in the book with multiple weapons. This vehicle is quite robust and can hide out of sight and do a lot of damage if necessary. This unit is an excellent choice if you’re building an army based on exterminating secondary meat, because you need the vehicle to stay on the table and score points without worrying about being too aggressive and losing it or being useless for backfield protection. It’s perfect for that secondary task, and it will also help the military keep the fire at bay. Onager Danecrawler – The Onager Dunecrawler has always been an interesting choice for AdMech, as they are more efficient units for their points. However, with their wide range of weapons, they can certainly be a heavy weapon platform at long range with amazing mobility. You definitely need to pay special attention to this unit, but with the right build and the possible addition of 2-3 units, you’ll find your opponent trying to find effective ways to counter them without overpowering them. Doonerider Scorpio – The Dunerider is an ideal vehicle for various purposes. Whether it’s carrying vital infantry, blocking enemy attacks, or healing deadly wounds on the front lines, you can’t go wrong with a pair on your list. In addition, their weapons have received a small boost to clean up the light infantry better than before. Transvector archaeoptera – The Transvector is a sturdy flying vehicle with two guns and a fairly solid construction. The launcher contributes to the life of the aircraft and can enable it to exceed expectations. The Flyers could be a good serviceable pick, plus they are capable of scoring on carries, even with interesting blocking moves. Fusilave has the incredible seismic bomb trick that completely disorients the most mobile and/or deadly enemy units. the complete tour and more. In general, Admech flyers provide solid utility and have interesting deniability to disrupt the opponent’s game plan and even inflict lethal wounds if destroyed for 1CP (auto blast) before the opponent’s units are destroyed.The Adeptus Mechanicus are the priests of the Cult of the Machine. They are the servants of the Omnissiah, the Machine God. The Adeptus Mechanicus believe that all knowledge is sacred and must be preserved. They believe that the knowledge of the ancients that was lost during the Age of Strife was holy and must be recovered. No one knows how many STCs are scattered throughout the galaxy, but it is believed that there are more STCs in the Imperium than there are humans. The Adeptus Mechanicus are willing to fight for the knowledge of the STCs. The organization of the Adeptus Mechanicus is divided into Ranks, Orders, and Choirs.. Read more about adeptus mechanicus codex 2021 and let us know what you think.

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