CORSAIR has announced the launch of three new gaming products, including the K70 RGB TKL gaming keyboard and SABRE PRO gaming mice. All three products are part of the CORSAIR CHAMPION SERIES, competition-quality gaming peripherals designed and tested by eSports professionals. Along with the K70 RGB TKL mechanical keyboard, CORSAIR presented the SABRE RGB PRO and SABRE PRO gaming mice.

The highlight of today’s press release is undoubtedly the K70 RGB TKL mechanical gaming keyboard, which features an 8,000Hz hyperprocessor with CORSAIR AXON technology in a compact, oxygen-free design. The keyboard is designed from the ground up for competitive players. Thanks to CORSAIR AXON technology, all your keystrokes are transmitted to your PC 8 times faster than with conventional gaming keyboards.

The functionality of the keyboard is further enhanced by the CORSAIR iCUE software, which allows you to fully customize the keyboard, from the backlight of each key to powerful macros, key reload and much more. The keyboard is also great for professional eSports competitions with strict RGB and color guidelines, with the K70 RGB TKL tournament switch locking the keyboard to a static color and disabling all custom macros for instant tournament compliance.

Players can choose from 100% CHERRY MX Red, Silent Red or SPEED Silver mechanical key switches for their keyboard, with each key featuring a durable, abrasion-resistant double PBT coating. Full N-Key rollover with 100% anti-hosting ensures that all keystrokes are registered exactly as intended, and the special Windows Key Lock mode allows players to concentrate on their game without being interrupted by unintended keystrokes.

The keyboard features an oxygen-free portable design and a durable aluminum frame with a detachable USB Type-C cable. Media enthusiasts can take advantage of dedicated media buttons and CORSAIR’s signature aluminum volume control to easily manage media without pausing or returning to the desktop. CORSAIR has also equipped the K70 RGB TKL with 8MB of internal memory, so you can store 50 profiles on the keyboard to use anywhere.

The second product released by CORSAIR includes the SABRE RGB PRO and the regular SABRE PRO variant, which does not include RGB. The SABRE PRO Series gaming mice are designed with input from top eSPort professionals from teams like Team Secret, Vitality and Envy. The SABRE PRO series takes the gaming mouse back to its pure form and adds the latest in high-frequency technology.

Both the SABRE RGB PRO and SABRE PRO models are light (74g and 69g respectively) and are optimized with a smooth paracord cable and an ergonomic shape adapted to the grip of the claws and hands. The SABRE PRO is the first series of CORSAIR mice to be equipped with CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing. It ensures that every pressure and movement is transmitted 8 times faster thanks to the 8,000 Hz Hyper-Rolling. The mice also feature CORSAIR’s QUICKSTRIKE buttons, which are pre-loaded to ensure zero backlash between the mouse’s main buttons, and OMRON’s durable switches.

While the SABRE PRO has no RGB, the SABRE RGB PRO is illuminated by a dual-zone RGB backlight that can be configured with CORSAIR’s iCUE software. By omitting the RGB components, the SABRE PRO saves an additional 5 grams in weight. Combined with a proprietary 18,000 DPI optical sensor and a dedicated DPI button to display five DPI presets, eSports players can quickly display the DPI settings selected in iCUE or the default settings set by CORSAIR.

CORSAIR has already launched the K55 RGB PRO and K55 RGB PRO XT gaming keyboards, iCUE SP RGB ELITE series fans, Intel VENGEANCE i7200 series gaming PCs, K65 RGB MINI keyboard and KATAR PRO XT gaming mouse, as well as the MM700 RGB mousepad.

What do you think of the new K70 RGB KTL gaming keyboard and SABRE PRO gaming mice from CORSAIR? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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