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If you look beyond the index, this is an important question. The world has finally seen a full-scale comparison of PlayStation 5 and people are shocked. PS5 is huge!

The question remains whether size is important. In this case, this is largely the case. Sony gave an overview of why the PS5 is much larger than any other console. Some fans are not interested, others are happy with what it means for the technology inside, but there are also people who are not very happy with Sony’s new trend. Here we go deeper into the pros and cons of a large console and give some background information on the reasons for the latest expansion. At the end of this article we really get to the core of the age-old question Does matter have a size?

The technology continues to play the game. One decade it’s cool to be small, and the next decade the phones are as big as a computer tablet. The advantages and disadvantages of this development are obvious. The time has come to examine the pros and cons of the next generation of consoles and their recent growth.

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More space, more fans

Thermal control is the name of the game. Cooling small, dense electronic devices is an absolute nightmare and helps to solve many problems. If you’re old enough to remember the Xbox 360, the Red Death Ring was dangerous. This critical issue has arisen due to a heating problem. Even modern consoles such as PlayStation 4 had no immunity. There are widespread reports that the PlayStation 4 is shutting down without warning, and some never turn on again.

It’s very nice to see that Sony is concentrating on cooling the #PS5. Liquid metal, 120 mm fan, dust extraction holes (quick cleaning) and a huge cooler.

It uses a heat pipe, but the shape and airflow gave the same performance as in the steam room.

– 7. Shinobi602 (@shinobi602) October 2020.

In addition to a liquid metal heat conductor for the CPU and GPU and a large exhaust port at the rear, the huge fan is the crowning glory of the PlayStation 5’s long-lasting coolness. This, in combination with the available space for all components, will prevent overheating. Of course, there is no real way to completely rule out the possibility of overheating. Finally, limited and dusty space can cause problems.

More and better technologies

For those who know the technique, Moore’s Law can ring a bell. Moore’s Law is the realisation that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years, even if the cost of computers is halved.

Moore’s Law has been constant, but there is a way to speed up the performance of a home console without having to wait another two years to increase it. That’s exactly what Sonia did. They have equipped this huge machine with the latest technology, while leaving each part enough space to breathe.

Potentially longer service life

The two points above extend the life of the PlayStation 5. The lifespan of a console is generally determined by two factors: how long the technology can continue to work and how long it remains relevant. The Xbox 360 with its red death ring or the brick PS4 can no longer offer their owners hours of entertainment. The old console, although nostalgic, reaches a point where the developers will no longer release games because the progress of the software has overshadowed obsolete hardware. Better cooling capacity and the use of larger and more powerful components increases their physical durability and the time it takes to keep them up to date.

Extra PS5 Console

Too big for your old entertainment system

It is possible that the PlayStation 5 does not match the currency of PS4 on your side. If you look at the size comparison, the PlayStation 5 is huge. It is completely different from the previous Sony console. This is a detail that many players may not have thought of when purchasing their current entertainment system.

The PS5 is designed to stand or lie on its side. Even with these two options, some players can have an empty seat in their entertainment system and the PS5 can be placed somewhere on the floor in front of the TV. At least PlayStation 5 looks cool. Even if he has to live outside the entertainment system, the exaggerated winged sidewalls add a certain artistic talent. But this console is huge, and now there is an empty space in the entertainment system.

There are more advantages than disadvantages if you look at a large console. It’s worth promising a PlayStation that doesn’t look like a jet engine, or dispelling the fear that one day the PS4 will be turned off for a marathon of games. Of the 6 dedicated players connected to GigamaxGames, only 50% of the day 1 PS4 is in action. The console is no small problem. Fortunately Sony was able to keep the price at $500, but no one wants to spend more than once $500 on the same console. Sony’s decision to abandon the idea of creating a small hidden console for the production of a team horse game system was the right one.

Are there advantages or disadvantages that we have overlooked? Talk about it in the comments below or shout about it on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch!

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