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If there’s one symbol everyone loves, it’s the moon. Of course it is an astronomical creature that gives light to the world through darkness (that’s okay).

Most importantly, it has produced several symbols that are used everywhere, especially by yogis or teenagers with starry eyes. Or that really great anime (you know).

The good news is that you don’t have to be a mica creek magician or turn into a fluffy animorph (yo Maxis, where are the werewolves?) to use these incredible additions to your custom moon content.

Download the saved file and start the installation!

10. Tattooing of the lunar phases

Tattoo of the CC lunar phase for the Sims 4

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Like all mankind, the moon goes through cycles of growth and decay.

The only difference is that the moon, when she has a phase, doesn’t cry uncontrollably when she watches videos with puppies and doesn’t think everyone wants them. Which, by the way, does not come from personal experience at all.

This lunar phase tattoo for Christmas Fear, the maker with the most famous name of all time, has 7 lunar phases vertically aligned.

This is a meaningless tattoo with a single sample compatible with both bases.

Show off this tattoo with embossed hair, a sports bra and yoga pants. We don’t care, even if you can’t handle Sim’s divorce.

9. Moon point

Mane Top T-Shirts for The Sims 4

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Show your love for our companion from the moon-top Dissia.

This long-sleeved top is decorated with a crescent-shaped pattern, because one is not enough!

Protective glasses for girls, combined with a skirt or high waist jeans and a pair of boots. With a choice of 25 models, you’re not without options.

We cannot be responsible for the hordes of fans who are fascinated by you.

8. Children’s lunar earrings

Moon earrings (children) CC

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Turn your back to those boring old diamonds for the first earrings of your little sim!

Trust Juliette Sims to create the most amazing accessories for The Sims 4.

These moonbow earrings for children are available in gold, pink gold, white gold and silver.

CC is cute enough to be worn by a little girl, but mature enough to make your Sim look wiser than her age.

Your sim doesn’t even have to be human to do that. They can be used for vampires, sirens and aliens! Talk about a break!

Got it? Is it universal? Okay, next.

7. Star-Moon earrings

CC Star-Moon Earrings for The Sims 4

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Some things are just better together.

Bacon and eggs. Peanut butter and jelly. Tea and cookies.

The moon and the stars in the sky (I’ll be there). You sang that too.

S-Club, which is not a pop group from the 90’s, created these ether earrings with our favourite pair. Two separate earrings with studs are not identical, because one has only one star and the other has a half-moon with a small star.

However, they do make sense if they are worn.

They can be gold or silver. It is better to associate it with the dreamy and desperate aspect of a miracle.

6. Lunar dust capsule

Moon Dust Cap CC

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Maybe we just found a full moon lover in the maker of Blaberry Pancake.

And we will show some of our favorite CC elements she made on the theme of the moon!

Replace the old, pointy, boring witch hat with this cold moon dust.

The wide Trilby hat has moon corners in the front and in the middle with round accents around it. It comes in the form of 40 patterns with different colour combinations, so you can mix and match.

Like Mark Twain said: Clothes make the man. In that case, a hat makes a witch!

5. Crystal Moon Stool

Crystal Moon Stool CC

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The cheers are coming back, and I’d like to see them.

First popularized in the 1990s, thrushes have reappeared in a new era.

Despite the scary name and some… and some questionable uses, strangulation is still popular. So why don’t you give your sim that fashion sense?

This CC Choke, another Blaeberry pancake, is a game with the traditional tip chokes.

It has a drop necklace with a diamond on it and ends with a half-moon. With 15 designs to choose from, it goes well with all our previous moon objects!

4. Lunar nostrils

Lunar Nose Rods - TS4 CC

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Nose plugs are my favorite nose decoration.

He’s small enough to be immodest, but you can’t help but look at him when you notice him.

The latest Blahberry pancakes in our showcase are these lunar sticks, better if you find them really kitschy to wear lunar related items that are too obvious.

If you don’t make Sim’s face much bigger, they won’t stand out. But they’re perfect if you want your moon worship to come down.

3. Wizard’s vest Cora

CORA Witch Jacket custom content

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If you’re not from the famous magical school where you have to take the train, you agree with me that the witch’s clothes are so passeuristic.

Style shouldn’t be a curse!

Gelsheira comes to the rescue of the grey witch with the jacket of the witch Cora. This long sweatshirt looks like a dressing gown, if you can’t shake this look, but enhance it with a fur tone and a waxy half-moon with a zipper.

Available in 5 colours: black, red, blue, purple and green.

Young and old can wear this SS, and it is intended for women only. Excuse me, wizard, look for a nice outfit.

2. Silver Crystal Hair

Silvery crystalline hair like that of a Moon CC sailor.

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Well, it doesn’t represent the moon anywhere, but it is associated with one of the most famous references to lunar pop culture!

Copy this fantastic but unreal Usagi Tsukino (Moon Sailor) hair for your Sim with NewSea silver crystal hair.

The emblematic castles have been perfected by NewSea, with space spheres that flow in from space and are instantly recognizable by the heroine of the anime.

Blondie, isn’t that your thing? You get 14 flowers to live out your cute Guardian fantasy. You don’t even need a two-minute moon prism makeup to transform.

1. Tattoos on the moon

CC Moon Tattoo Bag for Sims 4

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You really want a tattoo on your back, but you’re too cowardly to do it for real? Your volunteer simulator!

This pack of CC Moon tattoos from the creator of the Sugar Owl can be a good and chic design to start with.

Get a beautiful design without the terrible pain you can remove in an instant. They cover almost the entire back and show different states and symbols of the moon, with the universally popular crescent moon being the star of the show.

The tattoo is compatible with all skin tones and overlays, with a wide choice of 17 designs. It is even compatible with all genders, from teenagers to the elderly, and is 100% mocking.

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