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Microsoft has announced a new shipment of Xbox Game Pass games for April. Included are MLB The Show 21, which can be played via xCloud and consoles starting today, and Destroy All Humans, a title about an alien invasion! (Cloud, Console and PC), a preview of the co-op action FPS Second Extinction (Cloud, Console and PC) and Phogs! (PC only). Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can also enjoy two Fable games later this month, Fable III and Fable Anniversary (Cloud).

MLB Show 21 (Cloud and Console) – Now available


Now on the first day! Experience faster, deeper, more intense direct action on the field on Xbox One and in 4K 60FPS on Xbox X|Series consoles. Take your player to the pros as a two-time star in Road to the Show, or go for the glory of Diamond Dynasty and take on your friends on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 with cross-platform play.

Fog banks! (PC) ID@Xbox – 22. April


To Fogs! They form a canine duo in an exciting adventure full of riddles. Attached to a stretched out belly, you must bark, bite and jump over obstacles set up in the themed worlds of Eat, Sleep and Play. Play a full adventure as a team or solo player as you explore 24 fantastic levels full of challenges and fascinating creatures.

Second Fade (Game Preview) (Cloud, Console and PC) ID@Xbox – 28. April


Second Extinction places you and up to two friends in a battle against bloodthirsty mutant dinosaurs in an attempt to reclaim the Earth. But be careful: These carnivores have an appetite for war. The game takes place on a large-scale map where each region has its own threat level. When society lowers the threat level, the dinosaurs retreat. But if you can’t keep the hordes at bay, you’ll face increasing threats, more dangerous enemies, and the possibility of events that test your limits.

Destroy all humans! (Cloud, Console and PC) – 29. April.


The cult class is back! Invasion of Earth in the 1950s as the alien villain Crypto-137. Collect human DNA and destroy the US government in a faithful remake of the legendary alien invasion adventure. Destroy the disabled humans with an assortment of alien weapons and psychic abilities, and destroy their cities with your flying saucer!

Fable III (Cloud) – 30. April


Lead a revolution to take control of Albion, fight alongside your people and experience love and loss as you prepare to defend the kingdom from an imminent threat. Your election as leader will have an impact on the entire country.

Birthday Fairy Tale (Cloud) – 30. April


As the best-selling RPG on the original Xbox, Fable was a trailblazer for all gamers. With Fable Anniversary, a spectacular HD remaster of the original Fable, players are reminded why the franchise is so special and unique. All-new 3D textures and models, a completely new lighting system, a new interface, performance and all the content from The Lost Chapters make Fable Anniversary the ultimate experience for loyal fans and new players alike!

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