How To Craft Twitch Stream Titles That Attract New Viewers

It’s a battle for organic growth on Twitter. The Twitch platform does not offer many tools and benefits to attract the attention of the new and growing streamers.

However, you run the risk of neglecting an extremely important tool that you can use in Twitch.

The name of your river.

And you probably think… It’s just a text… Nobody reads these things.

But what if I told you that there is a whole industry of marketers and growth pirates spending millions of dollars testing titles, headlines and language?

And it pays off. For a specific test we learned that changing a word can increase the attention for the link by 161%! The change in tender prices has led to an increase of 161% in the number of clicks on this link.

And when it comes to making Twitch, it’s a zero-sum game. When the user searches for a new theme or sees a list of his followers, he clicks on your theme or switches to another theme.

When the viewer selects your feed, they pick you up from the catalogue and you can get a new chatter, follower or subscriber. If they don’t choose your river… … …it’s gonna take you deeper, because they’re actually going after your competition.

But how do you create a name for a stream that stretches, attracts the attention of the audience and lures them into your stream?

This article will show you how. And you don’t have to spend millions of dollars like those stupid marketers you have to spend zero dollars. (free of charge)

Erase all unnecessary information

Before you start thinking, it is important to remember where your title will appear. It will always appear next to your feed logo, sketch, username, tags and the game you are playing.

Do not lose words when reformulating information.

The worst criminals in this case are titles like:

The bearded man plays for luck.

The girl’s playing games.

plays [Pen Creek] [game]

All information that can be extracted from the sketch and the name of the game is present and the attention of the public is not drawn to it.

Moreover, your title will not appear in the catalogue in its entirety.

On average you have about 25-35 characters that become visible before they are cut. You have to be effective in what you say and use the space you have.

This means that on the first page you want to download all the attention-grabbing information and put the information about your house at the end of the title. (e.g. discussion teams for frequently asked questions, messages, etc.).

Make a good title Click on None byte.

Initially, you may be attracted by the use of click strategies. Do you know the names you see in social networking messages or YouTube videos that most people find disturbing? At first glance, this seems like a good idea, because the goal of your title is to attract attention.

But your main goal is to get a new viewer. And it’s hard if you mislead or irritate them before they know your content.

Instead, create titles that deserve to be called clicks. For this you can use the ingredients below.

Single character

You want your title to stand out from the other banners. Your goal is to zigzag while everyone bends down.

You can do this by sharing what makes your feed or content unique:

  • What’s your brand? Do you like to create aggressive content? Is your power just cooling down? Is your gibberish full of memes? Show your personality.
  • Level of the game (depth) – Are you a high-placed, high-placed or experienced player? Are you a beginner? They can both be attractive to different types of spectators.
  • Performance – You just won the tournament? Power? Open something in the game? (as top 50 kills NA, lvl 42, ranking brave)
  • Stay fresh – don’t use the same name for every food. Mix it all up and give the audience something new to get their attention.


One way to make your name irresistible is to make your audience curious or provoke a psychological phenomenon called information deficiency or curiosity. When a person is confronted with a lack of information, our brains light up with activity and have a strong desire to close the gap.

You can take advantage of this by combining two unexpected pieces of information. As a series of six consecutive victories… Train guns?

Or you can ask a question. Beat Atziri without going back to town? It immediately fills your brain with questions you want answers to. Is it possible? Can they do it? Or I wonder why it’s so complicated.

Or you can imagine a conflict: Beating the boss or push-ups make you think: How many push-ups have you done? Did they ever hit the boss? All this curiosity makes more people click.

You can also remove them and use the truncated message to arouse curiosity. If your message is too long, Twitch will automatically cut it off to fit in your directory. If you use it correctly, you can have enough to show where people will click in your feed just to see the rest of the name based on their own curiosity.


You can use your emotions to bring your titles to life and make them more attractive. People are guided by emotions, whether it’s fear, love, hope, joy or excitement. And you can provoke these emotions by using powerful, emotionally charged words that help your headlines generate positive or negative emotions.

An excellent example of this is the way he tends to use aggressive words that fit his image and uses interesting adjectives to brighten up your title.

  • Use interesting adjectives or strong words to bring your name to life.
  • Bring humor by using puns or jokes about the game.
  • Use the news of the game to control emotions (excitement, anger, boredom, etc.).

Proven benefits

The most important thing is that you want your name to be useful to the user. What information do you want to see when you search all feeds in a category? Or what value do they have when they click on your river?

  • Do you do anything specific in the game? (PvP, PvE, single-player, scrims, practice your goal, what kind of character or class of characters do you mainly play? etc.).
  • Are you actively answering questions in the chat room or helping newcomers?
  • Are you showing something or working on something that would entertain the audience?
  • Are you playing with someone remarkable?

Usually the audience doesn’t come because they want to help you. They come because it’s profitable for them. They need entertainment, information or community to connect with each other. Your headline can demonstrate this by telling them what is good for them or how it will entertain them when they visit.


You can mark your title and attract attention by using unusual characters or spaces. It can be exaggerated very quickly, so be strategic about how you use it.

You can use special characters such as icons in the title, special words such as CAPSLOCK or even special characters such as # @ $ * [].

The problem is if you use it too much. It can become spam or sticky and detach from other people as quickly as it attracts their attention. It would be best to use it sparingly, or only when it makes sense. For example, use a symbol to draw attention to yourself. Or use other special characters only if they make sense according to what you have indicated in your title.


It is difficult to implement, but if you can do it, it works very well. When you have a special event, a unique occasion or a time-sensitive content, a good old FOMO (fear of missing something) arises which you can include in your title.

Poker players use it every time they are about to win a tournament, possibly to win a big cash prize. When they reach the final table, they immediately change their title and call it first place.

It makes people want to participate because they don’t want to miss an opportunity to be there when it happens.

You can’t use it all the time because your content isn’t always urgent. But leave it in your back pocket if you can use it, because it works well.


Everyone has an opinion and likes to share it. They also like to share what they want. By asking open questions you can draw people into your stream and let them share their opinions. It is also useful to have chat rooms as they are available for discussion in your feed. They immediately feel part of your community because you listen to them and respond to their comments.

The best results are achieved if you ask open questions about things people are passionate about. But you don’t want to be too controversial as this can turn your cat into a poisonous environment.

To encourage you to think about the topics you want to talk about, you can ask questions about topics such as new game features, opinions about games or even news that takes place in the game room.

But it doesn’t even have to be a certain game. One of the best I’ve ever seen:

What show am I supposed to do now?

It works because almost everyone has a favorite show and likes to tell them to watch the show they like. The banderoleur kept coming back to the stream of new viewers who gave their opinion on the series that was their favourite at the time.

Think of him as an icebreaker. As soon as you include them in your discussion and conversation, you and your chat rooms work to communicate with them and keep them.

Mixture of components

It is rare that all these elements can be brought together under one name. But if you use at least one or more of them together, the header is effective and will help you to mark your feed.

Make sure that even when you use them, you create fields that match the type of content you create. You want your name to reflect your personality, your brand and the style of the content you create. Otherwise, your name may create a pogo stick effect when people come and jump because they have different expectations of your content.

Fold all

It won’t be easy at first. You’ll have to brainstorm to come up with a great idea that works like a name and uses as many ingredients as possible as mentioned above.

Usually I write 15 to 20 different titles before choosing one for these blog posts. (The job you’re reading now took 13 years to choose a winner).

With these ingredients in mind, you should be able to recognize good titles in nature and use them to get new ideas and improve your own titles.

This is a skill that you will develop over time. But it’s worth it. In fact, every time you post a video on YouTube, add a signature to the video on Tik-Tok, or post it on Twitter, it’s easy to translate. This makes your content and message more accessible to everyone and reaches the masses.


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