As a guideline for running a draconian business.

In this yakuza:  The Dragon Business Management Guide shows you how to effectively play and complete the Yakuza Business Management mini-game: As the dragon and become the biggest company in the game. The management of the company in Yakuza is indeed considered a minigame: Like the dragon, although it doesn’t look like a minigame in a game. It has many aspects and mechanisms that you need to understand if you want to reach the top of the stock market.

Corporate Governance Guide – Yakuza: Like the dragon

Our Yakuza:  Just like the Dragon Business Management Guide, the game describes in detail everything you need to know about business management.

Start of the company’s administration for minigames

To launch the Game Management mini-company, you must first continue to play the main story of the game until you reach chapter 5. As soon as you meet Kamataki Eri outside Otohime Land, she will introduce you to the management of the minigame company. To start the mini-game, just go to the Ichibaan pastry shop, located in the south of the snack district. You will have access to the second floor where you will meet Erie to start your business trip.

Management of human resources

After starting the mini-game, Erie will guide you through the different mechanisms of the mini-game. Your main tasks are to buy the property, improve it and then sell it for a profit. You need a good team of people to help you manage your business. There are various methods of recruiting these workers. You can get them on the street through catwalks, and sometimes Erie finds them through a cycle.

Once you have hired an employee, you can place him or her on real estate to meet his or her needs and further increase your profits. However, you should try to limit the number of employees in the beginning and only hire extra employees if you can easily afford to do so. It is best not to hire cheap workers in the game, but they can work their magic in your company, so it’s always a gamble. To find out whether an employee is rarely seen, you can open a screen with information about the employee on the Personnel Management screen.

Here you can consult their rarity, statistics and other information about them. Your goal is to make your employees happy, so try to keep their countertops happy in green, and if someone is not happy, their countertops will end up purple, which is the worst scenario for you. You can continue to take care of your employees by training and encouraging them. You can also fire employees you don’t need in the game.

Business cycle and shareholders’ meeting

After receiving the sales reports four times, each representing a different financial year, you must attend a shareholders’ meeting. Before the meeting, you need to go through the reports and understand the mechanics of your company, because you need to convince the conflicting shareholders that the company is healthy, even if they have some reservations. Your employees play an important role in this, so make sure you bring in your best people.

For the meeting you will form a group of four people who have two basic statistics, credibility and the cost of the speech. Make sure you choose people with high credibility and low language costs. Later you can decide to start, change the subject or leave the meeting. During the meeting you need to understand, among other things, the colours, their strengths and weaknesses. Red beats green, green beats blue and blue beats red. It’s like a game of stone, paper, gun, only with flowers.

At the beginning of a meeting, your approval always starts at 50%, and depending on your results, you can make it up to 100% by winning over the shareholders. The total score is 100, so you are more likely to refute shareholders with employees who have lower voice costs. In the course of the meeting, these points also gradually increase. If you need more combat or language skills, you can use the Ichiban levels of excuses, but this will harm your shareholder’s position.

Sometimes you have to fight a shareholder. If such a scenario occurs, simply choose a shareholder from the composition by matching his colour with his symbol. This may not be a hard and fast rule, because under certain circumstances they were different. The timing is crucial in this scenario. So make sure you choose an employee who overcomes the discomfort before the bladder fills up. You must choose a color that can beat the color of a shareholder or that matches his or her symbol. It allows you to reach the top every time.

That’s all you need to know about the Business Management mini-game. If you need additional help with the game, be sure to refer to the instructions below:

That’s the end of our yakuza:  Like a kite management manual. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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