Plague Inc Prion – A guide on how to beat this level!

Plague Prion is the most important

by: Creations NDEMIC

If in a busy life you can only dream of a little rest, then there is a game that really offers the most extreme side of your imagination: Prion of plague ink.

Go destroy all humanity to buy yourself time. And while you’re at it, why don’t you do it with the plague primate, a beautiful little pathogen that invades his brain and doesn’t hurry to destroy his victims?

If this sounds fun to you, you’re in luck, because we have all the details on how to take the Plague, Prion Creation Inc. and convince them to take over the world, no matter what mankind does to stop you.

What is a plague epidemic?

Plague Prion. - What's Plague Prion?

by: Creations NDEMIC

Plague, Inc. is an invention of the video game company Ndemic Creations. The game focuses on the darkest human fantasies: the destruction of everyone around you.

In the game you can choose from a variety of pests, ranging from extremely real and potentially (real) genocidal bacteria to fun and fantastic pathogens such as those that create vampires and zombies.

Among these real pests you will find a prion, a blindfolded protein that can kill people and other animals. In this game, your prion is eager to enter the brains of human victims and kill us all.

Your goal is to spread your disease, Prion Inc., around the world for everyone and then make the worst happen.

How to win the plague prize

How to defeat the plague of Prion 9 levels.

by: Creations NDEMIC

Humanity, as we know, cannot just play its role and allow the disease to take its worst form. Just like in real life, every society will do whatever it takes to kill your prion before you infect everyone.

The result will be a fight against the highest possible cost, and to reach the top you have to follow the steps below.

So you will defeat the prion of plague ink:

1. Prion activation option

Enable the prion option

by: Creations NDEMIC

When you first encounter the plague, you cannot automatically select a prion pathogen. Instead, you have to do one of two things for the game: either you buy your pathogen, or you beat the game several times until you unlock it.

If you feel stingy, you can unblock the prion by first beating the game with bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Each time you have to win a game of normal or higher complexity. It’s a lot of time, but a lot of effort over time, so decide in advance whether you’re going to buy or play.

2. Get ready for a slow game

Get ready for a slow game.

by: Insanity / Alex Heini

Before doing anything after choosing a prion, take a deep breath, stretch and prepare for a long race. Some pests, Inc. are sprints, some are marathons. Prion Plague, Inc. is definitely the last.

Prions grow, spread and quench their murderous thirst longer, but they also remain unnoticed by mankind for much longer. So the game will take some time compared to some other ulcers. Wait. Don’t rush your strategy. We have plenty of time.

3. Build up these genes and stay out of sight.

Build up those genes and stay out of sight.

by: Creations NDEMIC

Technically, prions in real life have no DNA, but the game somehow ignores this so you can develop your prion in advance, giving you the advantage of reducing the slow speed at which your prion likes to move to zero.

So don’t forget to buy Aquasite, which will make it easier to travel to island states (including difficult Greenland), and get a genetic imitation that will make it difficult to find a cure for mankind. Since you are a slowly progressing plague, you will want to buy yourself this time.

When you start gambling, be sure to pass on the symptoms as soon as they occur. Since prions can go unnoticed for a long time, you make life easier by keeping the pathogen as symptom-free as possible.

4. Relocation to India

Plague Prion - Moving to India

by: Creations NDEMIC

Choosing your own country is always fun and there are many reasons to choose more than one country (sometimes just to add a new conversation), but if you want to get as close to a good start with confidence, choose India.

There are a lot of people in India, to say the least. They’ll have about a seventh of the world’s population in that nation alone. It’s hot, it’s cramped, the medical system is not the best, and for the neighbors there are many large and relatively poor countries. It also has many ports.

If you choose India, you will enjoy the greatest benefits that the plague prion, Inc. should spread as quickly as possible without being discovered in advance.

5. Configure your reproduction options

Configure your broadcast capacity

by: Creations NDEMIC

If you have a bag of DNA stains, it can be difficult to decide how to use them. There are so many great skills that you can make bad decisions and jeopardize your projects.

So play skillfully and be very selective in developing your skills. With your suspension, you first want to concentrate on the transfer. The development of air and water is still in its infancy. You will also want to develop heat and cold resistance at an early stage so that you can move around the world more efficiently.

These skills are relatively cheap, which means you can acquire them sooner and spread them faster.

6. Resistance and maintenance

Resistance and waiting1

by: Creations NDEMIC

Now that you’re spreading out, I hope you still go unnoticed. Still, you want to play a little defense for safety. Develop drug resistance before getting air 2 and water 2. Then click on these transfer options again.

Right now, you’ve got a long wait. Once you get your symptoms under control and leave your prion undetected, just let it do its job. It’s a slow process taking place all over the world, but you’ve paved the way for the success of your prion. So just sit still and let yourself go.

7. Development of these symptoms

Point to these symptoms.

by: Creations NDEMIC

When everyone’s infected, you can finally let your prion run its course. Take all the DNA points you have stored in the meantime and inject them into your symptoms. Structure ranging from mild symptoms of coughing and sneezing to complete organ failure.

At this stage you should have enough room for the slow development of your prion to prevent humanity from finding a cure. However, when you notice that humanity is approaching, you temporarily postpone the symptoms and get genetic conditioning and genetic rearrangement. You can then return to your destructive targets.

8. Use the advice of PlagueInc.

Tips for disease control

by: Escape / Anthony Brolin

If we look at the situation in a few steps, we may think that Plague, Inc.’s prion is very easy to win, but there are many ways things can go wrong.

Sometimes all it takes is a few tips from Plague, Inc. to get back on track, which can help you counteract a sudden human interest in your pathogen or a minor setback, such as preventing the spread of cold weather.

Just use our tips to reset the boat so you can return to shore to that silent man without the world you dream of.

9. Use of condoms against plague

The use of the harmful scammers

by: Creations NDEMIC

Prion Plague, Inc. can be slow and require a cautious strategy. It can be a bit boring or difficult, depending on how the game is played.

If you’re having a hard time or just want to promote the game, it’s time to open this plague of cheating and get the extra incentive your prion needs to dig into your brain like a real champion. Thanks to a few scams, you can speed up the glorious end of mankind, so you can always meet the dinner date.

And wouldn’t it be better to know that you’ve already condemned us all to a brain apocalypse?

Other surprising information on income from the plague

If Prion or Plague, Inc. seems to be too slow for your foolish needs, there are many other ways to destroy humanity in this game. If you’re looking for instructions on your favourite pathogen, take a look:

  1. Let the conflict rule the world while you spread your Plague, Inc. to all nations.
  2. Take advantage of all the technological advances of mankind and create a plague of nanoviruses, Inc. where your little machines will destroy everyone.
  3. If you seem to be constantly used by everyone, pay them back by developing the Killer Parasite Plague, Inc. to teach them how to mooch.
  4. Maybe you don’t want everyone on the planet to die, so you compromise with the Necroa of the Plague Virus, Inc. and let them all die.
  5. Are you tired of being a bastard who always has to follow orders? Build the Neurax worm from Plague, Inc. to make everyone obey.
  6. Add some snacks to everyone’s existence at Shadow Plague, Inc. where you can turn anyone into a vampire.
  7. Or go back to your roots and beat the plague, Inc. Megabacteria, the original pest under the most difficult conditions.


At this point, you have all the tools you need to capture your prion from Plague, Inc. and conquer the world, one victim at a time. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a hard time on the road. Plague, Incorporated is still popular because every time you start with a new pathogen it’s a challenge.

But you always have to have the right strategy, so stick to it and soon your prion crawls into the last brain. Then you can watch the world fall apart. That’ll show your neighbors how noisy they are in the middle of the night!

Then take advantage of your genocidal impulses and condemn us all to a terrible death. At least you’ll sleep better.

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