PlayStation boss Shawn Layden revealed that the cost of developing a game for the PS5 will be around $200 million. This is up from the $100 million it costs to make games for the Xbox One and PS4, but is still cheaper than what it takes to make AAA games on PC.

The PS5 Games Will Cost $200 Million to Make, according to Ex-PlayStation Boss Shawn Layden is a news story that says the new PlayStation 5 will cost around $200 million dollars. Read more in detail here: playstation 5 retail price.

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For some companies, the expense of game production has already blown out of control, but former PlayStation CEO Shawn Layden has warned that things are just going to get worse.

In an interview with Bloomberg on the games industry’s long-term viability, Layden made the alarming forecast that PS5 titles would cost an excessive $200 million to produce. Layden’s budgets for recent major PlayStation 4 games have topped $100 million, based on his experience with game production doubling in cost with each platform.

“If we can’t stop the cost curve from rising, all we can do is attempt to de-risk it,” Layden remarked, bringing up one of his main concerns: creators re-releasing old games to reduce risk. He said, “That puts you in a position where sequels are encouraged.”

“What happens is that you wind up with three to four silos of games or game genres that continue to exist, and diversity suffers as a result.”

Streamline Media Group, an entertainment and business firm that seeks to simplify game creation across the globe, has hired Layden as an adviser. In 2019, he resigned from his job as CEO of SIE Worldwide Studios.

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[…] Layden and Streamline CEO Alexander Fernandez discussed how the business is working to encourage diversity by hiring people from all around the globe remotely. The two spoke about their quest for the illusive “metaverse,” a term that refers to the confluence of video games and other forms of media. And Layden raised the alarm about the video gaming industry’s unsustainable trajectory.

Bloomberg is the source of this information.

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