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I played Doom 3 for the first time in 2019, and while I really enjoyed it, especially considering how good the Switch port was, it still seemed to be missing something to make it stand out. It emphasized horror and chaos, which was completely different from any other Doom game released before or since, and it stood out in several ways. I think Bethesda has found a way to further improve the overall design of Doom 3 without changing much about the gameplay or maps: make it VR. Doom 3 VR is a stroke of genius and probably the best way to play this beloved classic game.

Play the game in VR. The future is now, children.

This is exactly the same Doom 3 as the Doom that came out in 2004, plus the expansions. If you’ve played the original PC version or one of the many ports and remasters, you’ll feel right at home. The weapons are the same, the cards are the same, the story is the same (as long as the dice aren’t cut, presented in a cinematic perspective that doesn’t feel right). The only things that are really different in this version are the gameplay and overall perspective, and they are damn different from each other.

Doom 3 VR works very well with the AIM controller.

As a result, Doom 3 VR is much more immersive. Since the game is supposed to be immersive and unsettling, making it a VR experience was a good decision. Narrow, nightmarish maps are much scarier in VR, and using a flashlight to create barely perceptible black environments adds an extra layer of immersion. Every intimidating jump from Besa, for example, seems earned. Even the complete lack of music and reliance on ambient sound is better suited to VR gaming, though Doom 3 VR suffers from the fact that the voice recordings and sound effects seem too compressed with 3D headsets.

Did you find the imps annoying in the non-VR version? Oh, my…

If you decide to buy this game, make sure you have a PS AIM controller or are looking for one. Controlling the game with the standard PS Move controllers isn’t bad, but AIM allows for faster movements, a much simpler controller layout, and two sticks, with the right one free to move the camera without forcing it to pan to certain angles. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel nauseous during the game, even though I was moving the camera and running around like a scared badger trying not to get run over by the knight of hell. Not to mention that playing a first-person shooter with a gun-shaped controller automatically makes things much cooler. The more immersive it is, the more fun it is.

Me + weapon + PS AIM + kill zombies = luck.

Honestly, there’s not much more to say about Doom 3 VR. It’s the same game that came out a decade and a half ago, but it’s playable in a whole new way, with a whole new perspective, and it just works. The graphics are sharp, especially in the old game, the controls are very smooth, the frame rate is solid, and throws you into a deserted virtual reality space station with nothing but a big gun, and your real-life aiming skills never get boring. This may be one of the last games released for PSVR before Sony replaces it with its PlayStation 5 counterpart, but I’m glad it’s coming out with such a bang.

The dark setting is perfect for VR, and the framerate is excellent, but it’s still a remastered look at a game that, while far ahead of its time in the past, is showing signs of age. Tons of cinematic cuts are not represented in VR, by the way. Going from a 2004 FPS to a VR horror shooter is a stroke of luck. More limited action and the use of horror and lighting are better suited to VR. Not to mention how great it is to play this game with an AIM controller.
Doom 3’s general lack of soundtrack and reliance on ambient sounds works best in VR. Unfortunately, the voice acting seems too compressed with the 3D sound. Doom 3 VR takes the maps, story and combat of the original Doom 3 and adds a whole new level of immersion that makes the experience even better than the 2004 classic.
Last block : 8.0

Doom 3 VR is now available on PSVR.

Seen on PSVR.

A copy of Doom 3 VR was provided by the publisher.


How do you load…

Try it!

frequently asked questions

Is Doom VR a game in itself?

Game details The first time I tested a modern VR headset, I played Doom. … That’s a lot of baggage for a highly anticipated video game, but the world finally has its first official, full-fledged Doom VR game.

Does the convicted VR use an AIM controller?

In addition to trying out Skyrim VR with full locomotion, Bethesda also ran DOOM VFR on PSVR with the PS Aim controller. … For those who don’t know: DOOM VFR is a brand new VR game designed from the ground up to be played with VR headsets.

Is Doom VR a different game?

It’s just a completely different experience than playing Doom as we know it. It’s more like visiting a (good) interactive Doom exhibit in a museum or taking a ride in a Doom theme park (cool).

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