What happens when you take Genji from Overwatch, give him Mirror’s Edge’s Parkour motion diagram and translate it into 3D, a state-of-the-art version of Catana Zero’s large 2D action platform? You get the Phantom. A fascinating hardcore jump’n’run action in which you die at once, but also your enemies.

After a major catastrophic event, the so-called explosion, which made a large part of the earth’s surface uninhabitable, the survivors have to live in enormous super-arc screens. They play like a ghost, a kind of heavy peacemaker for these cities. If the mission fails, you’ll wake up at the foot of the tower and you won’t know who you are anymore. The only thing you know is that you want revenge on the Key Creator who got hold of the Tower and with it the remnants of mankind. They are supported by the IA, which is known as the architect and the last survivor of the resistance.

That sounds familiar.

In most cases, Ghostrunner’s story is your main science fiction adventure, filled with a fantastic lead, with many similarities between films such as the amazing painting by Carl Urban Dredd. I really liked the story, because it has decent characters and interesting storylines. And best of all, the story is usually presented in a way that does not slow down the gameplay at all. The dialogue is played on quieter platform sections rather than in moments of intense fighting. The few abbreviations that exist are small. If all you want is action, history is very easy to build.

The heart of the Ghostrunner game is really easy to learn, but difficult to master. As a Ghostrunner, you’re only equipped with a sword and a glider that slows you down in the air, so you can dodge your enemies and kill them quickly. You’ll die in one go, so it’s very important to use advanced walking techniques, gripping hooks and fast movements to survive.

Throughout the game, Ghostrunner will have access to four special abilities that can destroy enemies. It’s true: Blink, allowing the runner to pass through a series of enemies and kill them immediately; Storm, which repels fire and repels enemies; Wave, which sends a shock wave to kill enemies; and Overload, which temporarily transforms enemies into each other. These skills charge slowly, so you really need to choose when and where to use them, but if you use them correctly, they can help you get rid of the most difficult meetings easily.

When you enter a new area, you usually have a choice of different routes, each leading to different enemies that you have to eliminate in a different order. It’s a brilliant level design that lets you really use your favorite style of play. Not to mention the additional mechanisms that are introduced every few missions, giving the game a little more dynamism to make it even more fun. You can find improvements that allow you to throw shurikens, jump higher or slow down time for a short period of time, and much more. They are usually used in platform sections, but you can also find them scattered in random encounters with the enemy.

Prepare for multiple wall bypasses.

To say that ghostrunner is a difficult game is an understatement. This game is brutally difficult and any mistake you make will be punished with death. Like the Fantastic Celestial, you can die dozens of times in minutes. Luckily, with a quick restart you can go back to the game and try again. Ghostrunner is not a difficult task in the name of complexity; the vast majority of meetings are surprisingly well balanced where creative play is rewarded. To help you on your journey, there is a small update mechanism that allows you to organize Tetris blocks that improve your skills. These can be special skills that increase the possibilities in the search for collectibles or the distraction of projectiles. It’s a neat system that rewards you for planning your skills.

During the game you will encounter a variety of enemy structures, ranging from your basic weapons with fairly easy to handle guards, to turrets, protected enemies and even ninjas that you have to fight against. Each opponent has his own strategy to get them out, and if more than one man is thrown into the arena, everything can become very interesting. Then you’ll have a handful of bosses checking everything you’ve learned so far. The first pattern is mainly a beautiful cursus glove that will push your movement skills to the limit.

The Tetris style update menu is perfectly executed.

Visually, Ghost Shooter is a pleasure to watch. I have a weakness for neon in dark fiction, and the developers here have done a phenomenal job. The night glow of the neon lights is beautiful to look at, just like some of the more industrial areas. If you have the right equipment, this game also allows you to make ray tracks for your reflections, and they look really nice. However, if it is useful to influence performance, it is up to you to do so. The sound design is also cool. Although the language game tells a simple story, I really liked it. The small composition of the characters is cute, and their motivation is understandable. The best thing about the sound design is the incredible synthesizer soundtrack that plays constantly throughout the game, but never gets old and can even be heard on my Spotify playlist.

Ghostrunner is one of the most entertaining games I’ve played this year. Fast, challenging one-shot play is always addictive, while a surprisingly decent plot and progression system help keep things interesting. Not to mention the killer soundtrack and fantastic visual effects. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some time to kill. I’m not gonna stop playing this game for a while.

Derma City is absolutely beautiful, and if you have the right equipment, Ray Tracing goes even further. Fascinating core gameplay, including high-octane attacks and elegant parkour-based moves, is one of the best this year.
A great synth soundtrack that deserves a place on the Spotify playlist, coupled with a really decent set of vocals. Ghostrunner is one of the things I’ve enjoyed most in a long time. I will always come back to a fascinating and challenging game.
Phrase: 10

Ghostrunner is now available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Playable on PC with RTX 2060, 3600x and 16 GB RAM.

A copy of Ghostrunner was made available by the publisher.

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