The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Review

The novelty of the series is the automated control process implemented in the Cold Steel IV. Although I questioned the reasons for this decision, I understood how it fit into the struggle and story of the beginning. While some may think it’s a logjam mechanism that slows down the start of the campaign, there are reasons that come up at the height of the campaign. However, it is up to the player to upgrade each character by discovering hidden chests that end up with certain members of Class VII in an attempt to establish a permanent place in the ranks. The fact that fans have been quite critical of Cold Steel’s run is the enemy grind system. An unbalanced approach has been imposed, but it seems that changes are being made here to mitigate all the forced grinding in the fights. The mini-games, including poker, blackjack and a varied mix of table puzzles, are a fun addition that you can use at will.

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Thinking back to the release of Cold Steels IV on the PlayStation 4 console, the overall downgrade of the Nintendo Switch is obvious, but only when plugged in. When played on mobile devices, the title features a beautifully detailed environment, rich in sparkles and lush greenery, with contrasting and menacing hues that evoke sinister limbs in dangerous environments. The simple, manga-inspired archetype shines here with a distinctive idea reflected in each character’s clothing and personality. The anime influence is strong, with stylistic figures literally oozing out of the protagonists to the engaging NPCs around you having civil conversations. From the high valleys to the crumbling dystopian village, this is an enigmatic description of a grim fate.

I was surprised to hear a whole parade of familiar voices giving their best talents to their respective fighters. Our protagonist is played by the esteemed Sean Chiplock (Kuroko Basketball, The Last of Us: Part II), alongside Stephanie Sheh (Sakuna Rice and Ruin), Johnny Yong Bosch (Persona 4, Demon Slayer), Erica Harlacher (Persona 5, Violet Evergarden), Xanthe Huynh (Persona 5, NEO) : The World Ends with You), Erika Lindbeck (Persona 5, Tell Me Why), Kaiji Tang (Persona 5, Stray Bungo Dogs), Cassandra Lee Morris (Persona 5, Sword Art Online), Robbie Daymond (Persona 5, High School God), Cheremi Lee (Persona 5, Cells at Work!), Eden Rigel (Monster Hunter Rising, Persona 5), Cristina V Valenzuela (Lupin 3, Monster Hunter Rising), and the peerless Matthew Mercer (Persona 5, Critical Role). An alliance between the cream of the crop, a variety of voices that perform royal functions and include the entire cast of eccentric characters.

A legend of heroes: Cold Steel Trails IV is the undisputed highlight of one of the most famous video game sagas. An action-packed adventure that pays homage to the dragon slayer and the legend of heroes, a long, fascinating and exciting legacy. One of the most prolific game franchises, with an indescribably addictive run from start to finish. I was amazed at how enthralled I was as I waited for the end of this 100+ hour experience, but once it was over, a tidal wave of emotions hit me and left me shaken. I was happy that my journey in this series was coming to an end, but I was also sad that it was all ending. There is a bond of consistency in each character’s decision, and will to persevere. A definable result, but a parable beyond legend. A must for the JRPG fan.

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