Some might describe Witch 3 in 2020 as old, outdated and even irrelevant. But real OGs know that The Witcher 3 is still one of the best open world games ever made. There is a good reason why the game can compete with the pets of the 2015 Red Dead Redemption 2 project of Rockstar Games – the game that was released 4 years later and has much better graphics than Witcher 3.

There are many reasons why people love Witches 3. The story is great, the development of the characters of the game is extremely exciting, the game mechanism is great, the graphics are not up to the 2020 standard, but it is still great, the battles are spectacular, the monsters are scary, the fashion is great.

I can seriously move on. I love this game. I still think it’s the best game I’ve played so far. So if you only got a third of the deitch franchise. Here’s a beginner’s guide (and no spoilers!) to my favorite game of all time.

Story of Geralt's-Suide-to-Witcher-3--.jpg

Geralt de Rivia is a witch, also known as the White Wolf, because of her white hair and her impressive monstrous fighting spirit. He is the son of the witch Visenna, who left him on the witch training field at Carl Morhan. He was trained by Wesemir, the last of the masters.

What makes Geralt special is its unusual tolerance to mutagens. It survived the mutations it got when the grass was examined, which gave it great resistance to toxins and diseases. Thanks to his spectacular performance, the witches of Kaer Morhen decided to expose him to even more dangerous mutations. He was the first wizard to survive these mutations and as a result of these experiments he lost all the pigments in his hidden body; hence his pale skin and white hair.

The story of Geralt becomes interesting after he falls in love with the witch Jennefer, a woman known for her charming and mysterious character. Jennefer broke the rules in more than a few cases, both in the game and in the series. The beginning of the game revolves around Jennefer, who has escaped, and Geralt, the lady’s husband, follows Jennefer and tries to find her through a series of clues.

Another interesting aspect of the witch series is Geralt’s daughter, Cyril. She’s not Gerald’s biological daughter. He unconsciously asked Pavel and Dunie, the firstborn, to serve as wizards. Geralt accidentally invoked the surprise law. The firstborn of the couple is a female, Cyril. Geralt didn’t take them because women can’t become witches. However, the same fate that Geralt did not believe in made his paths cross several times before Geralt finally recognized Kiri as his own and took them in hand.


Traditionally, the witch wears two swords: Silver and steel. The Steel Sword is a more general weapon used against humans and non-magical creatures such as bears. The silver sword, on the other hand, is used by Gerald to kill supernatural beings. Legend has it that these swords are made of meteoric iron covered with silver and engraved with magical runes. It is said that the silver sword is extremely fragile and will not survive the battle between the swords.

In the game these two swords have separate slots, so there is no need to switch manually from one fighter to the other. You also don’t have to worry about drawing the right sword. The game automatically forces Geralt to change sword if you use the wrong sword. For example, if you fight an enemy with a silver sword, Geralt changes for a steel sword.

There are dozens of different types of weapons that can be detected. Some levels require you to reach a certain level before you can use them.


One of the advantages of being a witch would be that the characters who fight in this game are much softer. There are five types of characters that Geralt can use and that require a bit of perseverance. Here is a detailed analysis of each of these characters.

– Arde

Nature allows Geralt to repel opponents during battle. It is a telekinetic movement that can be extremely useful if you are surrounded by enemies and want to have a chat. Earth can erase tracks by removing obstacles that block your path.

You can improve the Earth to make it more effective in battle.

– Axii

Axii is probably the most useful character in the game. He can disorient the enemy and let Geralt take control. It can be used in battle to stun enemies. It can also be used during conversations to unblock leads that would otherwise take a long struggle.

– Yeni

Igni is more of a crowd control spell that can cause damage to enemies in a larger AOE (Area of Effect). It is useful for removing toxic gas clouds and fighting monsters such as werewolves and fog.

– Quene

Kven is more of a spell to be cast at the last second before he dies. When your health is extremely low, you can throw a Quen, which gives you a shield and damages OCWA when it cracks. This skill may seem like something you will completely forget, but in reality it is very useful for fighting monsters, because it is the only spell that can keep you alive.

– Yrden

Order is more of a trap for your enemies. This is especially useful when you’re surrounded by enemies, allowing you to reposition yourself and attack enemies from behind. Iden creates a magical trap that is activated as soon as a unit enters.

Tips for getting started

Now that you’re a little more familiar with the background and how the game works, we’ll start by giving you some updated tips to get you started. Some of these tips seem to repeat themselves if you have ever played a role play or a witch game. But I call them anyway.

Some enemies are too powerful.

Speaking of role-playing, it’s a classic rule of role-playing. And in Witchworld 3 you’ll encounter several enemies that aren’t as deadly to your weak Gerald (at least for now). Confronting such enemies is a waste of life, and sometimes of your life. Some people might find it boring, but I personally find it very funny that enemies don’t scale with Gerald. The level of each being is set to a certain number, regardless of Geralt’s level.

So watch out for the battles you choose. The game really makes things a little easier by placing clips for enemies on the map, so you can choose to fight or avoid them. However, the map does not show how strong/weak the enemies are. The only way to find out is to get close to her and look at her health bars. If you’ve got problems with creatures Geralt can’t kill, just get out of here. The cockroach can easily avoid almost any creature in the game. So keep your horse around, you might need it to escape.


In my opinion, Axii is probably the most underestimated character in the game. Although most people would suggest something as aggressive as Ignji, I have always felt attracted to Axii, and for good reason. If, like me, you want to save resources, you’ll appreciate Axii’s help. Axii is, as said, a spell with which one could influence people’s minds by sedating them in battle and controlling them in conversation. But the part about their control in the corridors only comes after they’ve brought Axii up to a certain level.

You get two big advantages: First and foremost, avoid unnecessary fighting, which is a waste of time and vitality. Then you save a lot of gold that you would otherwise have to spend on bribes to get the same information. The next time you raise Geralt’s level, consider investing those points in Axii.

Secondary Immersion’s-Guide-to-Witcher-3-–.jpg

This is one of the aspects that I think are different in Witcher 3 than in most role-playing games. Instead of handing out repeated missions to get XP, Witcher spent 3 hours making missions that were different from the main mission and were fun at the same time. I admit I’m not the kind of person who plays the game 100%. I haven’t played a witch 3 100% either.

But the side tasks in this game made me do them instead of the real story. So don’t be afraid to talk to a stranger every time he has an exclamation point on his head. Talk to them, ask them what they want, and if you think they’re asking too much, just tell them not to look. If you find that some open world role-playing games use side effects over and over again, then Witch 3 is a refreshing innovation.

They have written an exciting story with the game itself, which shows that they have made a great effort to balance the side missions with the rest of the game. You can leave the game without completing side missions or making a contract with the witch, but you will miss half of the game.

Using the Wisdom of Healing

Witcher 3 is one of those games where health is not automatically restored. You can’t just hide around the corner and wait for him to show up. The only way to heal during a fight is by using drinks and food. It is clear that healing objects are one of the most valuable possessions in the universe of Witch 3.

Healing drinks can help you regain your health quickly, but their use is limited and they wear out quite quickly. Eating food is a much faster and more effective way to promote health, but it can be difficult to find a constant supply of food in the game. You can get food by killing wild dogs, werewolves and other monsters. They leave a lot of food behind. You can also buy therapeutic articles from the seller, but this should be a last resort.

If you want to stay viable, there are two ways to do it. The first is the use of swords that have some kind of passive regenerative power. Regeneration is not much, but it still contributes a lot to keeping Geralt healthy. The second possibility is to stop spam, if you can afford it. It’s a great spell for blocking damage and keeping your life energy juicy.


I admit I didn’t know how important meditation was during a competition. Ignorance about meditation made me spend a lot of resources. I thought it was just a way to kill time and get to a point where you feel more comfortable. Personally, I think the game was much more aesthetic and entertaining at night, so I only used the meditation to go to the night.

Meditation helps to restore health and purify toxins. It’ll be an hour before he’s fully healed. However, if you play Difficulties Over History and the Sword, you will not be able to enjoy the healing benefits of meditation.

Meditation was not only necessary because I loved the night. There’s a lot of missions where Geralt has to be somewhere. An example is the treasure of the court of Reuven, where Geralt is said to have met Triss at midnight in the temple of the eternal flame. In these scenarios, the search will not work even if you are in the area an hour earlier.

At least as much damage’s-Guide-to-Witcher-3-–.jpg

In most role-playing games, the battle is quite simple. He’s working on the hit-and-run principle before he hits you. However, the battle in Witch 3 works slightly different. You have to play with pearls, evasions and rides.

Geralt’s ability to parry is a savior in battle. By parrying attacks, you not only save him from counterattacks, but also let Geralt take revenge with a counterattack that stuns the enemy, and let your White Wolf push your opponent a little further before he can collect his thoughts. It is easy to steam, but it takes some practice to make it perfect. Time is extremely critical, so the parry is more of a skill throw than a skill.

The other two layers only serve to escape future attacks. Avoiding and rolling are especially useful when fighting monsters, because many creatures you encounter in the witch universe will attack you. Dodge works with human enemies and creatures with small success boxes. If you encounter a creature that lets you distance yourself more from the enemy to prevent attacks, try to make a roll of the dice. Avoiding an attack is not as difficult as parrying, but you have to calculate the time correctly. If you roll the dice too fast, the monster will follow you like a heat-seeking rocket.

Trimming, dodging and rolling are not optional. This is a mandatory part of the fight, and you must train accordingly.

Save your game!

These are obvious tips, but they are important in a game like Witch 3, a game where you have to fight against monsters that can kill you very easily. And if you don’t keep the game constant, you’ll lose the sound of progress every time you die.

It can even be annoying to lose progress in a fight with the boss. But the mere fact that you drive Roach to a certain spot on the map every time you die in front of the boss is annoying enough to press Alt F4. Do not forget to always save the game, this will help you make much faster progress in the game.

Optional loops

Many other RPG games have this problem, which means you have to grind to a certain level before you can complete the quest. Personally, I’ve never liked such games. AC Odyssey was the title I liked. The visual effects were so incredible that I played for hours. But my love soon became hateful because Ubisoft made me swallow his chores.

The company had to abandon this system in the future in the Valhalla air conditioning system, because the step-by-step progression system can be very painful. Good thing Witch 3 doesn’t make you grind your teeth. In fact, you could finish the whole game without doing a single subtask. This allows you to take Witcher 3 in a more random way, because you only have to do side jobs if you want to.

Personally, I was in no hurry to finish the main task. I’ve been playing this story for hours and I was afraid to end it too soon. Then I just did chores until I got tired. While other AAA games force you to do sideways quests, Witcher gives you 3 sideways quests you really want to do.

Reuse and recycling

Witcher 3’s creative and hardware system is much simpler than most games. You will receive many resources from the bandits and treasure chests you will find on your journey. If you look closely, you’ll see that you have a lot of weapons and armour, which is more than you need. If you have extra stuff, you should throw it away. You’re the only one who can clean your inventory, you should be a blacksmith. Once you get to the local blacksmith, you have two options. You can disassemble or sell the gun in parts.

The things you get from random villains are probably just ordinary things that will only bring you a small amount of gold. The best option is to take it apart. By dismantling the weapon, you get the materials that were used to fake it. If you remove the sword, for example, you get metal and a wooden handle. You can save these materials and use them later in the game to create more powerful weapons.

Things cost time

The first beast you’ll meet is the beast of the White Garden, where you’ll meet Griffin. When I first met Griffin, I died four times because I didn’t know what I was doing. You may find it strange that the mighty Geralt, the most powerful wizard Carl Morhan has ever known, is fighting to defeat Griffin.

Well, it’s not Geralt who’s weak here. It’s you. I think the girls deliberately made the first few hours of the game more difficult to teach the player what to do. When it comes to the battle, the game has a huge learning curve, so don’t be disappointed if you find it difficult to get used to the mechanics and combat.

If you confront Griffin, you will die. That’s exactly what I did. You have to learn his patterns, strike when he’s on the lookout and infiltrate one thing at a time. If you try to fight the monsters frontal, without rhyme or reason, you will die a few dozen times. Griffin’s mission allows you to adapt to mechanics and prepare for anything that may happen in the future.

If you feel that the monsters are a little too much for you, you can ask the Bestiary for help. The Bestiary is Gerald’s diary, which contains information about all the animals you will encounter in Witchworld 3. Check the log for weak spots in your specific creature and work on it.

Do not insult the game.’s-Guide-to-Witcher-3-–.jpg

It’s a strange title, but I think modding sometimes becomes an insult to the game. No, I’m not talking about different mods to further sexualize every woman in the game (not that the Red CD project doesn’t do it well enough anymore). I’m talking about God’s diet. The God mode is not really a mode, but it requires activating the console, which is done via the mode.

In God mode, Geralt suffers no harm, does not die, and is almost invincible, no matter what enemy you encounter. You can also give yourself an infinite amount of money, automatically win Gwent matches and generate the rarest swords in the game. While it’s not a bad idea for people who play a game just because of the plot, I really think it’s an insult to the game.

Progressive games, a story, objects, all carefully placed around the world to make the game entertaining for all users. Dying is part of the journey in games like Witcher 3, and if you think that death somehow affects the game experience, you’ve got it all wrong. That’s part of the fun, and if you use God mode because you don’t want the game to be difficult, I think it’s pretty childish.

If you’re a casual gamer and just want to succeed in the game, you need to reduce the difficulty instead of switching to God mode. The lower level of difficulty will make things much easier and still lead you through some of the difficulties of the game that contribute to this experience. This is only my personal opinion, but yes – cheating and putting the game in super light mode is an insult to this masterpiece.

Final considerations

So Hex 3 is undoubtedly one of the best games ever made. It’s a game that has truly revolutionized the way stories are told in the gaming industry. Even after five years, there are still an average of 20,000 players playing the game based on the couple alone. It’s a game that made a fairy tale without much glamour, except maybe Cyberpunk 2077? CD Projekt has already made the best game in the world, maybe they can do the same magic again.

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