The Wizard is one of the elementary classes of the Dark Souls. While most of the novice classes in Dark Souls 3 focus on melee damage, the Wizards are optimized for magical battles.

The class is one of the three main types of classes: Blushes, knights and wizards. Thanks to this fact, it has a kind of universal appeal that attracts many new players. I bet if this is your first version of DS3, you usually play a magician in other role-playing games.

Wizards have the greatest intelligence and the best mood in the game. That’s awesome, both in terms of the magical damage and the range of spells you can achieve quickly. But it also has the weakest power of any starting class.

It is also the least resistant, but this is not serious given that the main damage is caused by spells.

That means your wizard is actually a glass gun to start with. You can do good damage from a distance, but if you get hit, you’ll fall like a ton of bricks. Since they are the dark souls, it will hit you hard, so don’t forget that.

I wouldn’t recommend a wizard for your first breakthrough. Lack of health combined with your limited ability to build tends to make way for more experienced players, but you do.

How to make a magician's Sorcerer's Guide to the Dark Souls-3--.jpg

Wizard is one of the primary classes in the game, so all you have to do is install the DS3 and you’ve got it. However, certain steps need to be taken to make the class viable from the beginning of the game. These little pieces of knowledge will make the difference between the great joy and the anger of removing, so listen carefully.

To begin with, wizards start with heavy soul arrows. You need to learn how to use this spell to effectively clean many areas at the beginning of your race. In particular, you need to understand that the range of a spell is greater than your blocking range.

Get used to using binoculars and heavy soul arrows to start fighting early. This gives you more time to kill your enemies from a distance before you get a swarm.

Keep the binoculars warm, use them, aim at the enemy and throw them. If you do that, you’ll be shot out of the binoculars, but your shooters should be in the target as long as you don’t move.

Talk about not moving: Make sure you move while pouring! Yeah, I know I contradicted myself, but the binoculars situation is an exception to the rule. Dark souls are about your ability to remain untouched, which means everything about positioning. You walk slower during the throw, but you’re not paralyzed, so use those legs.

Actual combat hexagram

As far as positioning is concerned, the way you control battles as a wizard is a more difficult task than in other classes. It’s true that you can’t fight a knight, but you have to remember that you’re much weaker.

A long and painful story, in short, you have to be careful where you are and where your enemies are. There will be a learning curve, so take your time. It is especially important to understand the speed and range of enemy attacks.

If you understand this, you can be both defensive and offensive when playing drums and timpani. If you’re unreachable, but you know you can kill the enemy before they get to you, go forward or you’ll go back.

This may seem illogical, but try to move the target area after the first spell is cast. Why, do I hear you asking? Well, because you can break another spell with this. If you move around and calculate the time of the lock correctly, you will not be noticed with your first spell, so you can draw the other spell before you have to defend yourself. Don’t forget that you don’t have to do this all the time, but it can be useful in certain niche situations.

In conclusion, let’s talk about the escape. You’re not a combat magician, so it’s impossible to get close to the enemy, but inevitable. There will be times, and many times, when you will cast a spell and you will realize that the great evil will attack you and hit you against the wall.

At the beginning of your journey you get these blows. But as soon as you have the best feel for the pitching time, you can start synchronizing your avoidance frame perfectly. If you start and then immediately start sending spam, you can avoid the enemy in time.

Also make sure to double the size of your vehicle every time you leave the road of attack. Yeah, it’ll wear out your stamina. No, it’s not controversial. You have to try to go down the slope twice every time.

As a wizard, you need a certain distance between you and your enemy. You need time to break the spell and avoid the next attack. In most cases, one lap does not give this distance, but two laps do.

Witch Basic steps’s-Sorcerer-Guide-in-Dark-Souls-3-–.jpg

Wizards are cunning little animals compared to the other beginner classes of the Dark Soul 3. In particular, you need to learn how to manage your resources.

But first you need to know that you don’t use shields. It should be pretty clear why we refuse to use the shield with our thin and fragile wizard, so I won’t insult you by explaining it to you in detail.

I’m going to concentrate on three exhausted wells that form your wizard’s teeth and gears. Durability, health and concentration are three standard tyres that you have to get used to in all role-playing games. In particular, I’d like to draw your attention to something known as mana. Mastering this ray of blue joy will be the key to mastering the wizard’s style of play, much more important than endurance or health.

The question why concentration is more important than health is a somewhat burning issue. If you disagree with me, build your wizard as you like, but that’s my point of view. As a magician, you want to concentrate on not being hit, instead of being hit. You have to keep your enemies at bay, or you play the wizard badly.

You can argue for more perseverance, and I tend to make some points later in the meeting, but you don’t need it so much as a trick. If you know how much each of your actions costs and keep track of them throughout the battle, you don’t have to raise them that much.

However, concentration has a direct influence on the number of spells you can cast, which is very important. However, we are slow in aligning because there is another element of your design that is even more important. And there’s the damage. You’re a wizard who shoots magic fireballs out of your hands, so you have to be effective at killing things.

For Kings, the statistic that affects your injury is intelligence, and that’s what most of our first games will be about. You want to slowly change the setting (your focus board) to 20 at the beginning of the game and about 30 at Yhorm. The rest goes to the Secret Service.

You’re a glass cannon, so without high intelligence, you’re just glass noodles. And nobody wants to be Glass Noodles. Depending on the soul level you want to reach, you can stop pumping points into your intelligence at certain levels. As a rule of thumb, however, the set/information ratio should be kept at 1/2.

The best magician built

We’ve already talked about the attributes you need to focus on, so I’ll be brief. Their main difference must be between intelligence and mood.

Intelligence influences the damage of your spells and has a soft cap at 40, a pointed cap at 60 and a hard cap at 99. They want to reach the limit of 60 to 80 years by the end of construction.

The setting affects the number of focus points available to you. These are soft hats at the age of 35, and then you have to stop investing in these hats.

Apart from these two dots, you can insert a few dots at any time. Vigour is a popular choice, if only because of the ease with which you can die, but it’s up to you. Anyway, you don’t get many points.

True Wizard Building

I hate to tell you this, but as a magician in Dark Souls 3, you don’t get much of a chance to build. This is a weak class if you don’t use the right elements or if you don’t add enough points to the right statistics.

But that leaves you a little room for maintenance. So in order not to give you a pure rail-magic body, I’m gonna give you a base, and you can build on it any way you want.


50/60 intelligence is the most important quality you have as a wizard. It is so important that we raise it to 34 (just before the hood) before we invest in anything else.

Once you’ve brought your intelligence to this point, you can start trying your hand at installation. As you align it, you can also put a few points in your life or propulsion energy, depending on your playing style.

In addition, you can simultaneously adjust the parameters and the intelligence between 1 and 2 until parameter 20 is reached. I don’t recommend it, though. Playing an early mage game without key elements and with little intelligence will make you cry.

30/40 setting – The level of intelligence and mood you get depends on the level of soul you are striving for. So remember, if you develop a theory, you develop it.

I know I’m tearing up a dead horse right now, but you have to be aware of the importance of balancing these two attributes with the rest and using the right equipment. For better or worse, wizards aren’t very powerful in DS3, so use a suboptimal construction to get rid of the pain.

Equipment and shielding

  • Sage ring – increases the speed of casting.
  • Scholar Candlestick – Increases the damage of the spell by 10%.
  • Twilight Crown – Increases the damage of the spell by 20%.
  • Magic Coupling Ring – Increases the magical damage by 15%.
  • Ring of the Young Dragon (you start with him) – Increases spelling damage by 12%.
  • Roaring Dragon’s Crown Ring – Increases the damage of the spell by 20% depending on the spell.

For a sorcerer’s body, these objects are absolutely indisputable. The amateurs you get out are the ones who inflict the most damage, especially later on in the building.

Some of these elements have other effects, such as reduced resistance, but this is not the most important thing here. All that bonus damage. So, if you set everything up with a high level of intelligence, you might as well shoot atomic bombs out of your hand.

You can exchange the sage ring for the young dragon ring, as you wish, although I maintain that the dragon ring is much cheaper.

As for the armor, it’s really up to you. As long as you don’t stumble into a slow-running area, style your wizard into what you think is right. This should at least be done in order to develop the area with a pollution level of less than 30%.

Most people aren’t interested in fast rollers, and that’s fine. Most people don’t need it. As a Wizard, however, the range and speed of your maneuvers are much greater than those of other classes.

With less than 30% load you drive faster and keep driving, which can be a great solution to create the area we’re talking about all the time. But this in no way determines the construction. So if you’re not a fan, it’s no problem.


Spells are a strange part of every wizard’s body, and not just that. After all, why play the wizard if you don’t like having different and wonderful ways to meet your enemies?

You have a very large pool to which you can retreat when assigning magical powers to your slots, but for a completely optimal composition you should use the following:

  • The great heavy arrow of the soul.
  • Poor Crystal Lance
  • Soulstream
  • Large magic sword
  • The arrow of the great soul

GHSA and CSS should be included in your game line no matter how much you want to play. These two spells will be your main source of damage, and the Crystal Soul Spear is especially useful in battles with the boss.

The rest of the spells will be discussed. A good choice of utility is the usual Big Soul Arrow. It doesn’t produce as many FPs and it has a faster reading time, so it is generally more useful than GHSA in some situations.

Soulstream and Magic Great Sword are also useful for some battles in the game, although you can do without them. Whatever your fate, make sure you have the GHSA and CSS, and you need to be ready.

Best general options for witchcraft buildings’s-Sorcerer-Guide-in-Dark-Souls-3-–.jpg

Your best general witchcraft options are quite simple: You need great intelligence, the magical ring of the weapon, the ring of the dragonfly’s cross and the crown of twilight. Despite the fact that we’ve tried to give you the wizard’s most powerful bases, there’s a place to fix it up. A little bit.

You need your INT and these elements to make the whole thing usable, even remotely. At this point, the wizards of DS3 are really missing. Most other classes have all kinds of ways to create and adapt them, but here you simply don’t have the luxury.


I hope that the words of wisdom that I have passed on were at least a little helpful during your game.

If my constant harassment has made you think about giving up witchcraft, don’t. It may not be easy, but it is also incredibly fun and very useful. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel like an asshole.

Magic is not just a matter of statistics and specifications. You’ll have access to a large number of spells and playlists that other classes can’t risk so freely, far beyond the restrictions imposed by our design.

You can always respect it if you don’t like the way it’s going. Knowing what you like and what you don’t is infinitely more important than creating the most powerful wizard.

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