Void Terrarium Review – First of all, I’d like to say that I think I’ve never decided for so long whether I like the game I’m playing. There have been times when writing and playing in Empty Terrarium has made my eyes roll, with an obvious attempt to pull the strings out of your heart. But I won, finally overcame the seemingly impossible path with thingeon-shaped gloves, and I was excited. I’ve been going back and forth, sometimes grumbling about the sheer absurdity of the battle series, about how the game really makes you care a little about this creature that you discovered looked human, but had that strange swelling coming out of its head.

This interaction between your little robot, revived by a chance encounter at the beginning of the game, and this strange little humanoid girl becomes the center of your adventure, but at the same time begins to annoy you. Of course, you’re playing because, frankly, you just want to know what’s really going on and what kind of creature it is, but if you have to sweep and feed the poop before entering the dungeon, you’re going to grow very old very quickly every time.  Although you’re not really punished for not getting the top glove, there have been more than enough times that I’ve barely had a chance to complete the missions I’ve been given.  There was an argument in the game that every time you enter the game you don’t really fail when you get killed, but I’m very tired of failing the whole tour – there’s always a variation in the random maze you’re thrown into.

By carrying a terrible letter and moving slowly through the story, I felt like I was wasting most of my time trying to convey this interesting and disappointing title. It was very difficult for me to find the rhythm or the feeling that I was promoting the story.  Through this deceptive gameplay you start over and over again and lose most of the items or updates you find.  The difficulties were exacerbated early on in the game by madness, and my frustration grew every time I was pushed back into the mazes. It didn’t seem like a useful experience to play or keep playing, not even to know what was going on in the story.–.jpg

If you’re a player who really feeds on this cheater, who doesn’t save much on the type of game, then this player needs to satisfy the part of you that wants this type of adventure.  I didn’t feel like I liked it as much as I wanted to.  It’s a real secret hidden in the terrarium of emptiness, you slowly get the feeling you want to appropriate it.

There’s a lot of good things I can look at. For example, if you’re lucky and get a nice update for your little robot, it can be fun to tap the little pliers that come out of the tree to destroy you.–.jpg

Another time you’ll face an inevitable death, simply because you’re completely surrounded by all the enemies you’ve ever seen, but all in the same room.  If they surround you, you’ll die very quickly. Rocket domes, for example, put you under absolute pressure for every square you move in the grid. If you click the button to attack, it’s a step. If you continue, it will be a step forward.  Each step you take will result in a steady movement of your enemies attacking you. There are traps on the ground that you won’t see unless you attack the sky in front of you. Unfortunately, you can’t shoot on location. So, if you change direction, you walk on the trap instead of going into the air to see if there is a trap.  Of course, just jump into a trap and either you’re electrocuted, poisoned, bent in a completely random place in the maze, or you get another inevitably terrible result. Most of your victories or defeats are simply completely random and give you little chance to use any skill to avoid these pitfalls.

In general, I’d say the Emptyterrarium has something to love. If you like apps on your mobile phone that take care of a digital being and reward you for your incredible parenting skills, you’ll love taking care of that scary girl thing. If you’re more like me and you think it’s more trouble than it’s worth, I suggest you give it up and put your money into a more rewarding gambling experience.–.jpg

There are many things you need to do during your adventure, and also because you not only need to maintain your health, but also keep an eye on the condition of your battery. The question is whether you take another battery in your hand and hold it, or whether you have an upgrade in your hand that you think could be useful against enemies. This really adds a strategic level that can take inventory management to a whole new level that goes beyond simply collecting and working.  The basic rule is this one: If you find a grenade, just throw it away and take it out of your inventory and reap the rewards of destroying a couple of poisonous fools who can get a quarter of your health bar. You will probably need this battery because it will use up your energy just about every time you make a special attack.

The music is a quality that really brings this title back from a chaotic score. It really helps when the hearing sensation is tickled by incredibly cool electronic music that tickles your leg.  This almost fully compensates for any disappointing combat moves that make you want to throw the controller out the window.

Assessment of empty terrariums

  • Graphs – 7.5/10
  • The tone is 9/10.
  • Course of the game – 4/10
  • Late appeal – 6/10


Final remarks : EXPLANATION

With deceptive maze levels that don’t punish you for your failure, you can go through the game every time you touch the glove. If you really enjoy taking care of a digital being, searching for food and having fun cleaning up poop, then you’ll have a real treat. If all this doesn’t sound fun, go somewhere else to enjoy the game.  The game boasts she’s doing pretty well, but it wasn’t my personal cup of tea.–.jpg

Jay’s been an avid gambler since the Secret Service.  His hobbies include making personal computers, 3D modeling and printing, and spending time with his children and dog.

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