20 Bamboo Design Ideas & Tips For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

The items in the ANCHA bamboo line are super cute and add a fun tropical touch to our islands.

It doesn’t matter if they are placed in our homes or outside as part of a neat design, as accent pieces, or anything else!

Maybe you’re looking for a little inspiration for the bamboo.

Well, here are some of the coolest constructions made by players that have completely amazed us!

20. Bamboo Garden Cafe

Image Source by Freygrmn

What could be better than a hot drink than the sound of a running stream?

And of course, the beautiful wavy shade of the tall bamboo crowns.

Dear users of Reddit u/freygrmn for this amazing green coffee.

Sipping a matcha or a sencha in the middle of nature at this beautiful place would be super relaxing. And a charming stone path helps villagers find a place to sit, with matching spotlights reflecting the green theme.

19. Japanese Bamboo Park

Photo source: ripcourtis

Let’s face it:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is set on an (originally) uninhabited island.

This means that there is a lot of green alongside fruit and home obligations.

Reddit user u/ripcurtis celebrates the natural beauty of nature with this bamboo parking lot. Places on the cliffs offer villagers a place to sit, perhaps for a picnic, and relax.

We love the orange and red poppies on the back. The bright colors go well with the green of the bamboo. Well, it’s worth a try to mimic it in your own game!

18. Bamboo garden with bridge

Image Source : Unknown

Like the latter, this charming bamboo garden is a natural green space.

With several ponds, white mummies and a rustic bridge, this building is a charming tribute to Asian-style gardens.

Again, the attention to detail is great.

Paper lanterns give the room a pleasant light when the sun goes down. And other small gifts like a pile of leaves, benches and a speaker add to the fun of this bamboo garden.

17. Bamboo forest

AioliWaifu Image Source

Another large outdoor space. Beautiful violets, regal roses and cheerful hyacinths are used to bring out the colors of the rainbow.

The laundry bucket by the pond also has a certain rustic charm.

And the carved stone gives the area a serious but sophisticated look, while the pines go very well with the bamboo, adding depth and variety to the forest.

The stone seating area by the pond also offers residents a quiet place to relax and unwind in this fantastic natural paradise.

16. Outdoor Wooden Bamboo

MilkMellow Image source

Maybe it’s because of the relaxing atmosphere bamboo creates, but we have another great bamboo spa for you.

This model has several wooden bathtubs with spouts to pour hot fresh water into the bathtub.

A beautiful white hyacinth frames the entrance here, which makes excellent use of terraforming to delineate the space without using a fence.

Shiny stacks of bamboo make the room shine, but you don’t feel suffocated.

And a few bamboo lamps make this spa glow in the dark, making it even more relaxing. Sign up for our next treatment!

Even your most arrogant villagers will love this place.

15. Zen sand garden

Pixel Image Source

This list would not be complete without a sand garden, as they usually go hand in hand with swinging the bamboos.

This construction, which conveniently includes a code for sand waves, is a rather complicated idea.

The terraforming allowed this player to add a waterfall to his stone stairs, as well as a small island of light to guide the path.

Bamboo is used in cubic lanterns, making this garden just as beautiful at night as it is during the day, if not more so!

The stone arch, which can be ordered from NookStop, stands on waves of sand with other stone sculptures. And a stone table with matching chairs may not be the best place to sit, but it’s certainly a picturesque place to sit and admire this beautiful building!

14. Bamboo Tea Item

Image source : @lizaacnh

A quality match on a soft pillow with a light breeze swaying the bamboo…. is a dream.

And this building makes it real!

The pool and stone pagoda are nice additions to the details, while the gong rests in the background.

And besides being the perfect place for a snack, you can also easily order a kettle to prepare sweets and hot meals!

An interesting path, with an ingenious stone design, leads villagers around this bamboo garden. With tea lights and lanterns they can walk around at sunset!

13. Zen Bridge

Image source: must_we_cross

Animal crosses : New Horizons served as a large refuge stuck inside.

Fancy relaxing with friends on a Zen terrace like this? It just brings the idea to life, albeit virtually.

Monochromatic bamboo floors, lanterns, benches and other furniture make a good base color, so the green of the plants and the blue of the seat cushions make sense.

Next to the bridge is a go board for games. Or there’s a tea set and a donkey.

This could be the perfect place for a book club or other informal gathering.

12. Bonsai garden

image source by Ashleee


This beautiful micro garden is composed of many small trees and bowls filled with porcelain for a nice corner.

The bamboo coffee table is an ideal place for the tools needed to maintain these small trees, and the aged stone gives it a rustic look.

The DIY corner workbench is a super convenient and practical piece to add to your space.

What’s worse than going to your island and breaking a tool on the first rock you touch?

Nothing, that’s all.

Maybe to pay off Tom’s crazy loans.

11. Bamboo Room

WirelessGuardian Image Source

Some people really like bamboo. And that’s a good thing.

The material is plentiful, cheap, super ecological and most importantly, it looks like pandas.

And pandas are great.

This bamboo piece takes things to a whole new level, as almost every piece is made of grass-like materials.

A dream for green lovers with bamboo shelves, lanterns, wallpaper – bamboo in pure culture!

10. Imperial bedroom

Cranberry Image Source

This one is subtle, but very pretty.

The bamboo bookcase is an elegant addition to this otherwise wooden room.

A wallpaper with many windows allows daylight to enter evenly and illuminate the room.

For those who prefer to brutally wake the king or suddenly go to bed, there is a gong around the corner, ready to wake anyone who manages to sleep in the sun. Watch out, this panda family looks hungry, so watch your bamboo shelf!

9. Bamboo Bath

: State of Victoria-Tabor

In general, the bathroom is not the best place for an average home.

However, this bamboo bathroom must have a certain look.

The corner diffuser on the bamboo table spreads so much fragrant mist that it rolls in waves across the floor. Or maybe it’s the steam from a hot bath.

Partitions provide privacy for the shower and toilet, and towels are conveniently placed between the tub and shower. So if for some reason you really want to go, it’s handy to be able to dry off.

8. Bamboo Terrace

Image Source : Bree-Chan

Relaxation is the key to enjoying life on the island.

And the seating area by the waterfall and bubbling stream, surrounded by a cool bamboo forest, exudes relaxation.

This adorable building uses a specially designed bamboo pattern on the cushions of the sofa and lots of bamboo all around.

The tea set completes the room with a planter and coffee table.

7. Sushi Restaurant

Image source by @WontonOnIsland

This elaborate building is a vibrant Japanese sushi.

Bamboo partitions give the illusion of privacy to a coffee table separated from the bar, allowing customers to choose their seats.

The amount of detail in this case, from the bamboo candle on the sidecar to the printed bamboo screen behind the bar, is fantastic.

We love the planter and the cherry blossom bonsai for the pretty pink spot. It must have taken a lot of effort to find all those thematic murals!

6. Bamboo Footbridge

image source : Sticker @crossel

Do you have an awkward spot on the island, among other tall buildings?

Look no further than this beautiful walk!

The bamboo surrounds the gap between the imposing rocks and practically forms a tunnel of green. It’s a great way to increase your ranking!

The bamboo partitions prevent the bamboo from turning into a wooden walkway, which is also very practical. And lighting is provided at each end of the path.

What a great idea!

5. Bamboo

Image Source by @glitterland

Everyone likes a little privacy now and then.

And the flooded courtyard offers plenty of it.

A garden section to grow more bamboo will provide you with enough material to make benches, shelves, tables, and anything else you want!

Talk about self-care.

And about half of the objects in this building are usually made of bamboo, like a plank or a lantern.

Other elements, such as. B. a tea set or a terrarium, must be found by chance. Fingers crossed!

4. Imperial Bamboo Garden

image source ab

That’s cool.

The bright red imperial fence contrasts pleasantly with the bamboos planted next to the pond, which are creatively filled in from the middle by the stone pond.

Cherry blossoms add a distinctly Asian touch to this beautiful garden, while white hyacinths fill the space without detracting from the bright reds and greens.

What a great place to try to make your own island.

3. Living room

Image Source by @ intersections

Go boards are a super underrated element in Animal Crossing: New horizons.

Go is a board game invented in China over 2,500 years ago, making it probably one of the most historic games.

This charming place has many beautiful white flowers, a bamboo spray and other cool things that give it a fresh and relaxing atmosphere.

If board games aren’t your thing, this build may change your mind. It’s worth a try!

2. Botanical room

Image source by @newhorizonsideas & @kiwibae.acnh

This too is a subtlety, but bamboo is an eye-catcher as a partition behind the bed.

This room is absolutely stunning, with a soft and discreet color palette, comfortable pillows and beautiful plants.

It is clear that a bibliophile lives in this room. I mean, with an open book on one side of the bed and the whole stack on the other.

Books and plants are a fantastic combination, to be honest. So that’s very encouraging!

And if you’re looking for other ACNH bedroom models, you can check out this list.

1. Asian Houses

DeibiddoPoh image source

There are some incredibly talented players in the New Horizons community.

And this two-family home does not disappoint.

Bamboo gives this place an authentic Asian touch, with other fun details like the tiger statue, cherry blossom planter and customizable screens.

All of these details catapult this idea to the top of our list.

Bamboo is also doubly useful by candlelight, which illuminates the floors of these charming homes.

For someone whose building skills are questionable at best, this entry is incredibly impressive and creative.

If you are brave enough to try out this amazing construction yourself, you can try replicas of the roofs of wooden deck chairs.

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