25 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time (Ranked) –

I think the comedy fits the anime.

The humorous masterpiece of The Big Bazoinga may not be in it. But mostly, I can be my own laughing stock.

What’s a funny show without funny characters? (except for trash TV)

So we’ve already ranked the funniest cartoon series. But let’s move on to the kings and queens of anime laughing, by listing the funniest anime characters in the world.

25. Rudeus Greirat

Anime: Mushokyu Tensei: The reincarnation of the unemployed

This series was much funnier than I thought it would be, and that was mostly because of the way Rudeus was written.

Since he is an utter pervert in a little boy’s body (a boy’s body sounds fake), we have a bunch of faggots in briefs.

But it’s far from his best trick.

Having spent most of his life on the internet, he has a sharp tongue and constantly mocks people. Of course, he usually doesn’t have the courage to say it out loud …..

Honestly, the Greyrats backed me into a corner a few times.

24. Aoi Tudou

Anime: Jujutsu Kaizen

At first I thought Tudu’s comic sign had completely disappeared.

And I thought he was just being a jerk.

But when that flashback came, just because Itadori fell for the same kind of women, I knew I’d struck gold.

This guy is just crazy, but he plays so charmingly that he never gets old.

Itadori plays along because they had a bromance moment in the middle of a fight – that’s just icing on the cake.

23. Nozomu Itoshiki

Anime: Sayonara, Zetsubu-sensei…

When it comes to black humor, Nozomu is a master.

That’s because this man sees life itself as a cruel joke and sees the worst in every situation.

But despite the fact that his perception is so dark, he’s just full of energy.

This combination leads to some pretty ridiculous and hilarious scenes where he hastily tries to commit suicide, or runs away in such a wild and ridiculous way that you can’t help but laugh.

And his refusal to settle gets a lot of confidence points from me.

22. Maeda

Anime: Asobi Asobaza

Like the previous variety, Maeda has definitely gained in flavor.

Asobi Asobaza is a hyperactive kid, taller than his neighbor, of the cartoon-comedy type. And this guy is at the top of his game.

He’s Hanako’s butler, and he has the unnatural gift of always appearing out of nowhere and doing everything wrong.

Fortunately, he also has a laser pistol up his ass.

Come to think of it, I can’t say it was a fluke, but it certainly made for some absurd jokes.

21. Chrome

Anime: Dr. Stone.

Chrome is both a genius and an idiot. Again, responsiveness is very valuable.

After spending most of his life convinced that he was the next Harry Potter, Chrome proudly accepted the offer. This leads to him making a fool of himself.

Whether it’s through his antics in the beginning when he tries to impress Senku, or later through his reliable but flamboyant approach to any problem.

This stone age wizard made the show a lot more fun with his presence.

As well as an honorable mention for Kaseki, the king of the grandfather gods, and Ginru, the eloquent medium.

20. Iori Kitahara

Anime: Big Blue

Everyone on this show is a little weird.

But the man who turns this madness into comedy is undoubtedly Iori.

This is similar to the ultimate reaction channel.

While everyone else is doing their jobs, playing naked with scissors and checking the death rate from alcohol poisoning, Iori is the voice of reason and doesn’t care.

Don’t get me wrong, he does the same stupid things. But it’s the fact that he realizes how stupid she really is that makes this series one of my favorite cartoons.

19. Zenica Agatsuma

Anime: Demon Slayer.

I agree that Zenitsu is a ridiculous character. So honestly, you either love it or hate it.

In case you didn’t know: I love this coward.

There’s something so brilliant about a man who can take the sickest blow and immediately convince himself that he’s weaker than a five-year-old.

And even though the jokes seem repetitive, they hit me every time.

Add to that a literal embodiment of chaotic energy, Inosuke, and you get one fun moment after another, even if the series can get pretty dark.

18. Cancer Reyfrazier

Anime: The Tower of God

I like Rak for a similar reason to Chrome – the man is both so brilliant and so stupid that it makes me laugh.

Even little things like his insistence that everyone is a turtle always make me smile.

Add in a few absurd moments, like when he tried to solve a puzzle or when he literally turned himself into a baby figure, and you have a pretty hilarious guy.

The fact that he looks physically cool and intimidating just adds to the comedy factor for me.

17. Sasha’s blouse

Anime: Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan is at times direct, depressing, with all that death and betrayal in the air.

So a little sunshine would go a long way.

This is largely to the credit of Sasha, as his endless hunger has led to some laughable moments, including the potato incident at training camp.

And because she’s a secondary character, you can always count on her to do something supernatural and fun when attention is drawn to her.

16. Restart

Anime: Cautious Hero: The character is old-fashioned, but overly cautious.

Feel free to call her Aqua Bing/Desire, my affection for her is still intact.

In many ways, Ristarte is just a proud, woke hormone who had the misfortune to fall in love with a man with the character of a brick wall. And it’s brilliant.

The way she’s constantly excited and claims everything that pops into her head, which is usually twisted, makes for some excellent gags.

She can barely get into the circle of friends, let alone the bedroom.

Plus, she’s the only character who shows why flying at high speeds is a disaster for a lady’s image.

15. Inco

Anime: Study

You’ll be forced to find a character as silly and lovable as Koro-sensei, which is extremely ironic given his history.

He always has a grin on his face, and his visual design makes for some great charades. Whether he’s being sent to an exciting prison or depressed over some minor inconvenience, this yellow moon squid is one of the most recognizable characters in the entire anime.

So if you’re looking for hilarious humor and an ending that cures your depression, Killing Class is for you.

13. Saitama

Anime: Man with a single punch.

The funny thing about Saitama is that it’s not funny.

This guy never tries to be sassy or funny. In fact, he seems bored in almost every scene.

But that’s what makes it so hilarious.

Because he is not up to the task, he is never forced to change his behavior, rejecting domestic threats and worrying about current bills.

I’d also like to give an honorable mention to Rider Moomin, simply because his fight against the king of depth made me fall off my chair.

12. Ricky Nendu

Anime: The unfortunate life of Saiki K.

This anime as a whole is hilarious, almost all the characters act worthy of this list.

But Nendu is definitely my favorite.

Let the character be very silly to get some laughs, as cliché as it gets in a comedy.

But Nendu has perfected this form. He is so believable and extremely stupid at the same time that I will never understand any of his jokes.

I still remember the tears I shed when he calmly explained to me that the turbulence on the plane was the result of an earthquake.

11. Arataka round dance

Anime: Mob Psycho 100

I feel like I shouldn’t like Reagan, at least a little. But I can’t bring myself to do it.

He’s a con man. The kind of guy who would probably sell his own grandmother for easy money.

And yet he’s so cute.

Maybe it’s his tendency to be dramatic, or the visual jokes that keep him in the spotlight. This guy is hilarious.

And after watching the first season finale, I realized that if Reigen had been an over-the-top character instead of Mob, this show would have lost all its power when it comes to telling a serious story. It would just be a gangster comedy.

10. Amatsuyu Kisaragi

Anime: Are you the only one who loves me?

Maybe it’s just because the r/nickies made me laugh, but I thought Kisaragi was hilarious.

Because he is literally the embodiment of this subreddit.

He tries to play the role of the naive high school student hoping to get his own harem. But every time, Bench-kun comes out of the shadows and ruins his day.

He is anything but a good person and doesn’t try to be funny. But his retardation is killing me.

9. Shinra Kishitani

Anime: Idiot!!!

I like Shinra for all the reasons unlike my previous choice, because the guy is just so damn useful.

Of course, he’s an underground doctor and he had a big selfish lie.

But his love for Kelty is so great that he cannot be seen as a villain.

And when he hangs out with Celty, I have the most fun because he’s okay with what’s happening.

I embraced, but found myself caught in a ball of darkness. Monday, am I right? This kind of humor is right up my alley.

8. Giraia

Anime: Naruto

How could we miss Pervy?

Despite Jiraiya being one of the strongest characters in the series, he was hard to take seriously.

Like a true sage, he climbed up to normal human traction, but then came back down and reached maximum pleasure.

A man just wants to do research for his book, look at naked women of course, and only occasionally teach ninjas who will later become the gods of their village.

It’s just hard not to love this old bastard and his antics.

7. Yato

Anime: Noragami

Yato just feels like the best friend in school.

It always evokes something because temples don’t pay for themselves. And he always seems to be in a good mood.

Of course, he has occasional awkward moments that make my mouth water. But mostly he’s just a stupid little guy who wants to be liked.

He looks like a mix of roundelay, shinra and zenitsu, so he excels in all areas.

Also, because I would fully endorse his beliefs, but that’s off limits.

6. Shiru Asiya

Anime: The devil is a timekeeper!

Even though Sadao is the main protagonist in Devil Timer, it was actually his right-hand man Shirou who made me laugh out loud.

As an advisor to the king, Shirou is constantly working on his craft.

But in today’s world, that just means being a housewife. And I really liked it.

Once he started complaining about the bills or the workload, the bromance got a little hotter – and a lot funnier.

5. Joseph Joestar

Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joseph might not have been the coolest Jostar, or even the most powerful. But I’ll be damned if he wasn’t the funniest.

The man’s absurdity never ceased to amuse, whether it was his brilliant female disguise combined with tequila riffs or the fact that he was late to his own funeral. The man is a legend.

Even as an old man in the third part, Joseph continues to hit the nail on the head.

4. Isaac Dean and Miria Harvent

Anime: Baccano!

It seems wrong to separate these two elements so that we will treat them as the dynamic duo that they are.

This is by far my favorite couple of the entire anime. And any scene in which they are physically involved cannot leave me indifferent.

They look very cartoony and always seem to go on adventures with crazy people who break the law.

In fact, they are so fun and funny that I often forget that they are criminals. I guess even the people they steal from don’t realize that.

3. Mako Mankanshoku

Anime: Death, death, death

Mako is probably the only character on this list that can make me laugh without any modification.

She doesn’t need another character, a specific scene, or even for anything to happen.

She could probably make me laugh while watching the paint dry.

That’s because it’s a one-woman show. And everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like a performance.

From his pointless visuals to his two-hour blather, Mako is constantly talking about something. And I like it. It’s like an energy drink in the morning.

2. Kazuma Satou

Anime: KonoSuba

I can hardly imagine a more realistic hero than Kazuma.

Not because it’s so complex and sophisticated, but because it’s so shallow and banal that I pull the same stamps at least 10 times every minute it’s on screen.

And that’s what makes it so hilarious.

He can’t muster the strength to punch someone who acts like an idiot. And his ability to complain about anything and everything is truly admirable.

But it’s his evil psychopaths that excite me the most because they are simply comedy gold.

1. Gintoki Sakata

Anime: Gintama

It makes sense that the father of all comedy anime would also be at the top of this list.

The look on this man’s face would be enough to put him on this list, because I truly believe that there is no human emotion that cannot be conveyed by Gintoki’s photos.

In terms of attitude, he’s a lot like Kazuma in that he doesn’t care about looking like the perfect hero or anything.

He is lazy, shallow, stupid, and constantly obsessed with strawberry milk.

He also breaks the fourth wall, like in all the other episodes. So he can laugh at anything and everything – it’s all on the table.

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