Apex Legends Horizon Guide – Abilities, How to Play as Horizon

Apex Legends Horizon Guide

This Apex Legends Horizon guide shows you how to play as a new legend in the last season of the game. Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension has just been released and brings a new legend on a new map and many other things that will make you happy.

Horizon of Dr. Mary Somers is the latest legend to enter the arena as one of many gravity manipulators. It is said that Horizon is a charming and eccentric astrophysicist who was hired to find a solution. When she left her family to devote herself to scientific research, she settled on Mount Olympus, a new card in the deck.

During her work on Mount Olympus, she found Brantium, an element that, in her opinion, could be the key to unlimited energy. Master of gravity, she returns to the games of Apex, where her scientific research was once based.

Top of the legend Horizon Guide

Now that we have some basic knowledge about Horizon, let’s take a look at Horizon’s skills and how to use them in games.

Capacity horizons

This list contains all the skills that are of particular relevance to Horizon.

Passive power – space walking : Increase air control and reduce the effects of a fall with the special Horizon suit.

Tactical power – gravity lift : Reverse the gravitational flow, pick up the players and go outside, they’re coming out.

The ultimate power – the black hole: Use N.E.W.T. to create a micro black hole that attracts players and hits them at the end with a graviton explosion.

Battle of Horizons Tips

Horizon is a great insult or the support of the legend, and simply invites you to take action and join the team. His capacities are quite strong, but still very balanced. However, this is how you will use your skills by combining them in a way that will help you succeed in the Horizon game.

Your passive ability, space walking, has no paralyzing effect when you land at high altitude. We have all made efforts to reduce the effects of dizziness. Trying to press the button for a hand-to-hand combat in a collision was a pointless exercise, but for Horizon it’s a one-piece walk thanks to the custom-made space suit.

His tactical skill, the gravity lift, is a great new instrument that works like hot geysers on a map of the distant world. You can launch the device anywhere the gravity of life, which is high enough, is generated. What also makes this horizon capacity the strongest is a new map because of its verticality and the tons of areas with a higher surface area.

You can use the gravity lift to lift you and your teammates to a higher position or even throw them into your opponent to disorient them. The best thing about this power is that it’s super-cooled for 15 seconds, which means you can use it quite often, even in multiple combat situations.

Speaking of neutralizing and disorienting an enemy unit, Horizon is also pretty strong with its limited ability to create a black hole and suck the enemy. Horizon launches NEWT wherever you want and creates a small black hole that will easily suck the enemy into the event horizon.

Well, the Black Hole looks powerful, but it’s not as effective as it should be. First of all, the attraction in terms of action is not great. But it blurs everyone’s vision. This skill takes 10 seconds, which isn’t much, but enough to take out an unsuspecting unit and destroy a few enemies. And if you are interested in a period of hypothermia, the boundary capacity is charged every 120 seconds, which is relatively fast.

In summary, the best capacity of Horizon is the gravity lift, which, in combination with walking in space, makes the company a very exciting and mobile player. If the other players are not hindered by the kick, a gravity lift can also help them to make their own show.

That concludes our guide to the horizons from the climax of legends. Place your comments below.

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