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For the Sims 4, I have the perfect combination of mods and CC. I have written a detailed list of my favorite mods and CC for the Sims 4 last year. This post is for those who are looking for the best mods and CC for the Sims 4. I will cover all of the popular and trending mods, which are the ones that have received the most attention this year, for the Sims 4. I will also include the level of popularity for each mod (1-5) so you can easily decide which ones are the best.

Sims 4 is a fantastic game and has played on many platforms. I’ve been playing since the release of The Sims 3 and I have to say it’s the best game that EA has released over the last several years. It’s a lot of fun to play and I’ve been able to keep the game going over the last few years. But ever since I had Sims 4 I’ve noticed that Sims are looking thinner and thinner. EA is taking away the roots of the game by making the Sims thinner, I’m a fan of the Sims and I don’t want to see them become skinny. To me the Sims are just caricatures of us humans and I don’t want them to lose their human qualities.

The Amish tend to lead a rather isolated lifestyle. They have rules and routines that would make most of us mildly anxious if we had to follow them (I mean, without the internet?). Yet it is a distinct culture with truly unique ideas. Today we’re looking at some cool Amish-themed CWs that you can use to create your own families in TS4. Let’s gallop!

8. Régence morning dress

word-image-10640 Check out this AC. Let’s start with a morning dress reminiscent of classic outfits from the Victorian era. The coat flows beautifully over the ground in a taupe green shade in 2 variations. In addition to the original look, there are 9 other options in solid colors. It’s certainly elegant, but if you want even more Victorian-inspired ideas, check out our list of CCs from that era.

7. Broad-brimmed hat

word-image-10641 Check out this AC. Many Amish men wear a hat with their clothing. These are usually hats like the one shown here by CC’s creator, happylifesims. This wide-brimmed hat has a navy blue brim with white stripes. And it looks great. A fantastic headdress for the Amish men of your Sims 4 world.

6. Fashion hat

word-image-10642 Check out this AC. Just as in Amish culture men wear headgear, women usually wear hats. And this custom-made hat is just adorable and charming. There is also a version suitable for children and teenagers. There are also 20 models, some of which have different colors for both the shade and the ribbon attached to it.

5. Regent’s dress

word-image-10643 Check out this AC. This is a more moralistic and darker version of early Regency dress. This dress has a darker overlay, and the original was made in a semi-dark burgundy. With 20 designs to choose from, this dress is perfect for any Amish Sim who may be living the secret life of a vampire. And who am I to judge?

4. 1895 baby dress

word-image-10644 Check out this AC. Then we have a long dress for toddlers that covers Sim from head to toe. And judging by the title, I think the plot is set around 1895. This dress comes with a cute hat, long scarf and thick fabric, making it a perfect dress for Amish babies. And the beautiful textures give the dress a realistic look and highlight the material. Here are 16 designs, including one with the popular baby blue color.

3. Chin beard style

word-image-10645 Check out this AC. One of the characteristic features of Amish men is the beard on the chin, without a moustache. Classic, right? CC’s maker, Serpentrogue, has done a great job with this face paint and style. You’ll see a lot of frizzy hair with some spots, right down to the basic details that really make this hairstyle fit the classic Amish man look. Overall, it’s better than the tacky sight gags in the game.

2. Medieval clothing

word-image-10646 Check out this AC. Although this dress is more medieval in style, it offers a distinct style for women that can also fit into Amish communities. The unique design works wonders on this dress, with a subtle butterfly pattern or faded hearts, the design is very blended so you can wear it with ease. 10 different options make this the best dress set for Amish women. Clear, but simple.

1. Nino Farmer Ensemble

word-image-10647 Check out this AC. Jomsims is at the top of our list with these farmer overalls. And let’s face it: Overalls are popular in the Amish community because farming is an important part of their way of life. The best thing about these suits (aside from the mastery of detail) is that they can be paired with most gaming outfits. You can choose the long sleeves or sweaters you want your Amish Sim to wear under these suits. Who knew an Amish building could offer so many customization options?

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