Desperate Struggle Review – More Heroes 2: Desperate Fight on the Nintendo Switch, which offers more volume and better gameplay than the original game, making it more comfortable and fun. Tired! The next No More Heroes is all that should be a sequel. It improves everything in the original game that is not exactly suitable for inhaling tobacco and generally provides a more entertaining experience.

The story begins a few years after the end of the first match, when No More Hero himself, Travis Touchdown, discovers that he is no longer a high-ranking assassin and has fallen into 51st place. Now he has to fight more murderous killers to regain his first place.

Unlike the first game, this time there is no quest in Santa Destroy. Instead, players choose a location or missions they want to complete and quickly go to the event or location in question. These changes didn’t upset me too much, because I spent a lot of time on the original game, going back and forth between the mission office and the missions, which were rather sophisticated.

For the money that can be used to buy new weapons or new clothes for Travis, there are other ancillary activities to do. These side quests take the form of 8-bit mini-games that are super fun and offer much nicer ways to make money in the game. What’s more, these side issues are absolutely useless and are not necessary to advance the story, which was a hindrance to the original game.–.jpg

You don’t have to pay for the fight anymore! Unlike its predecessor, in No More Heroes 2, the player does not have to pay strange entrance fees to take part in the lot fights. Of course, you still want to do some subplots if you want to buy all the weapons in the game, but you don’t have to develop the story, and that was a very welcome change for me.

Speaking of weapons, Travis has a lot of fighter jets to use this time. The best thing is that he can switch to one of his current weapons at any time. Each weapon plays differently and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Players will want to experiment with each of them until they find one that suits their style of play.–.jpg

This time the battle enhances the original game, making it smoother, faster and more fun to play. There are also a number of enemies that have changed the way I react to individual enemies and not just rub buttons.

The game also includes a number of new characters that the original players will love to find here. Unfortunately, Shinobu Jacobs and Travis’ brother, Henry Caldown, are more tricks than game characters. Boss fights are also bigger and better, with some exaggerated nonsense that only No More Heroes can do.

More Heroes 2 : A HD remastered game for Wii, but it is basically still a Wii game, and few games from that time have proven themselves in terms of graphics. At the same time, it is more beautiful than the original game and sounds even better because it has more titles and sounds than the first game.–.jpg

Whether I play the game in portable mode or dock mode, there have been no dropouts, and the game has always looked good. As in the original name of the connector for the switch, there are many options for how you can play the game from which you can choose. The joy controllers are perfect for mimicking motion controls with the Wii Remote, but I preferred to play the game using the Switch Pro controller or a handheld device during my lunch break.

Travis’ second ascent as best killer was much more fun this time because of the excellent quality of life and the changes in gameplay. Although Santa Destroy has nothing to do with the original game, what remains is more than enough for the fans of the show. The chores are more exciting and exciting, the boss fights like crazy and Travis is cool and confident as always. It is the perfect snack to keep players on the pitch until the change of No More Heroes 3 next year.

More Heroes 2: Revision of the desperate battle

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • The tone is 8/10.
  • The gameplay is 8/10.
  • Late appeal – 8/10


Final remarks : GROSS

Bigger and braver than its predecessor, No More Heroes 2: Desperate struggle: A fantastic sequel to the famous Wii classic. Now the game is more beautiful than ever, and thanks to the switch there are many ways to play and stay true to the original motion controls.–.jpg

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