Everspace 2 Gets New Kickstarter Update Detailing New Locations, More

Everspace 2 New update

Rockfish Games has announced its latest production update for 2020 Everspace 2 just before the holidays with detailed descriptions of the new locations and upcoming features. The developer also thanks many of his supporters for understanding that the release of a first version of Steam has been postponed until January 2021. According to the developer, this extra time will allow them to prepare additional content for quick access when they start next year.

In his new update of Rockfish Games, he described in detail the goals that will bring the old flaws in the Kickstarter campaign to the whole game. This particular area of the final will not be available for early entry, but will contain additional gripping challenges and quality raids for the players. In Early Access, however, players can discover the remains of ancient ruins of a mysterious alien race known to its predecessor in the Union’s star system. The developer also revealed additional details about the Prescott starbase.

Everspace 2 New update The concept of redrawing the ruins of the Ancients of Days on Hephae II, the moon of the Cefa gas giant in the Union system. Until you meet the Ancients of Days, we’ve been working overtime to remove some of their mysterious ruins as teasers for the first release of Early Access.

The Prescott base is located in the Union’s star system and is a noisy shopping mall in the game. Here you will find high-tech equipment, medical products and mining resources from various companies that are independently managed and administered. It is located above the planet Culver, and criminals also sell goods of dubious origin with high profits to those who pay more on the black market on the Prescott starbase. The mall will be accessible to all players from day one and as the game develops, the mall will be expanded in the coming year with additional features and new content.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Everspace-2-Gets-New-Kickstarter-Update-Detailing-New-Locations-More.png Around Prescott Plaza (Concept Art Drawing) the traveller can immerse himself in every conceivable guilty pleasure, human and strange; as an opposite of the dark reality of hard life in a demilitarized zone, far, far away from the country, morality and ethics have no place there, especially in the suburbs.

Also released in a new update is the new internal tool Enemy Caster, which allows level and gameplay designers to quickly create and test enemy collisions. With this new tool, the team can quickly create and test a wide range of scenarios. This will ensure that more interesting battles will take place in Everspace 2. The first two launchers will have more than two dozen enemy types, and this number will only increase in the next 12 months.

Easy for space model enthusiasts, the first version of Everspace 2 offers fully customizable HOTAS support and presets for the popular Logitech and Thrustmaster controllers. For more information on supported hardware, see the official Kickstarter update. Don’t forget to check out our Everspace 2 prototype overview for quick access. If you need more information about the game, don’t forget to check out our previous reports here, here, here and here.

Are you expecting the release of Everspace 2 early next year? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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