Ghostcrawler shares the docs Riot filed in court

The point is that the two alleged victims of the searches get as much credit as Sharon O’Donnell and the CEO, since the reporters’ description of the harassment seems rather brief, while Shary’s allegations were presented in much more detail.


I see a lot of my friends and respected people tweeting about @riotgames and @niiicolo today, but there’s a lot of context missing. These documents were publicly presented in court and posted internally by the Rioters. I’m sharing it so you have all the information.


Here is the other part of the application

Here is a direct link to 2 documents: Doc. 1
Doc. 2

Even if you don’t have time to look at all of them (although they’re not long, the page count is high because there’s a lot of line spacing and text size), I suggest you at least look at excerpts A and B from the first document (they’re only a few pages long each): these are statements from people who worked for Riot’s CEO for several years (and with the prosecution). I will quote them directly if you don’t have time to read them in their entirety:

Exhibit A

Shari contacted me in the summer of 2020 and told me about her plans to file a complaint against Mr. Laurent I told her that Mr. Laurent had never done anything to me I told Shari that I had never seen anything inappropriate between Mr. Laurent and Shari.

After Shari’s lawsuit was filed, I received many calls, messages and announcements from reporters; I lost my job at another employer because of all the harassment I received from reporters; I know it must have been Shari who gave my number to the reporters. February 20, 2021 Shari called me. She said she had given my number to reporters or her lawyer.

I’m afraid Shari will misuse my personal information. I know Shari gave my number to the press.

Annex B

I understand that Shari recently filed a lawsuit against Mr. Laurent for sexual harassment. I didn’t experience anything like that when I worked for Mr. Laurent, and I never saw or heard anything inappropriate between him and Shari. I think she made up the allegations in her lawsuit.

I got strange and threatening phone calls on my cell in late February 2021 The first phone call, a woman said she was Shari’s legal assistant She said we needed to talk about Shari’s lawsuit I don’t think this woman was Shari A few days later, I got another phone call The woman then said I could get money from the Laurents family The woman called then my b**ch said f**k Laurents.

I got another call from a guy who said: What’s this? In an aggressive and threatening tone, the man then told me to go to Shari to put an end to this whole lawsuit. The man then told me that I know where you live. I’m not sure who the man and woman were, but I believe Shari gave them my phone number and told them to call me to intimidate me. I’m afraid Shari will escalate those threats. When I got the call, I told Mr. Laurent and his wife because I was worried about them and their three young children. I wasn’t sure what Shari could do now.

EDIT: Corrected name of the applicant

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Post Ghostcrawler shares Riot’s entry for the League of Legends game.

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