Godfall Valorplates Guide – Archon Fury Effects, Passive Effects

Crusader Validator Guide – Anger Effects Archon, Passive Effects

Valorite Falling Guide

This guide to Godfall with upgraded armor shows you all armor sets or upgrades in the game and their effects. There are several heroes in the game that have their own passive effect, the Archon’s Fury effect and what happens during their Archon’s Fury state.

The valorites are sets of Godopad armor that come as a complete set. There are a total of 12 Valorits you can get into the game. In addition, the game has special resources that you can find in the game. Each Valorplate has its own production records, for which different types of material sources have to be produced.

Manual for Mothers

In what follows, we have described in detail the 12 levels of courage of the game.

Incentives for bravery Archaic rabies effect During the wrath of Archon Passive action
Egishorn Summon three clerics to help you in battle.
  • You and your closest allies will get 30% less damage.
  • Each time you are hit, shoot 3 bullets with 32 physical damage at nearby enemies.
You absorb 5% less damage
Weapons Control Unlock a shock wave that breaks nearby enemies, causing 2 physical damage.
  • +50% more damage due to burglary.
  • +100% damage to defeated enemies.
  • +100% burglary damage.
  • +50% damage each time you defeat a broken enemy or defeat a captured enemy.
+10% Damage due to burglary
rampart Summary 3 Physical monitoring
  • +90% chance of bleeding.
  • +100% damage to bleeding targets.
  • Their attacks cause physical damage.
+10% chance of bleeding
Greyhawk Trigger a shock wave that applies 48 soul splinters to nearby enemies.
  • +100% soul destruction.
  • Unlock the Shockwave, which causes 48 soul splinters to accumulate on nearby enemies every time you hit an enemy soul.
+10% battery storage
Winter club Summon three clerics to help you in battle.
  • +30% chance of a critical hit.
  • +15% critical damage per impact when defeating the enemy.
+5% chance of a critical hit
Illumina Launch a shock wave that causes 2 physical damages and identifies the vulnerabilities of the enemy.
  • Launch shock waves every 2 seconds, causing 2 physical damage and exposing the vulnerabilities of the enemy.
  • +40% of vulnerability damage.
  • +40% damage to the weak points when performing the finishing movement.
+15% damage due to vulnerability
Mesa Launch a shock wave that will cause 48 damage to the Earth.
  • +90% chance of using the poison.
  • +100% damage to poisoned enemies.
  • Their attacks are damaging to Earth.
+10% chance of poisoning.
Möbius Amount 3 Empty guards
  • +90% chance of cursing him.
  • +100% damage to damn enemies.
  • Their attacks damage the vacuum.
+10% chance of pronouncing a curse
Phoenix Create a shock wave that causes 48 inflamed lesions.
  • +Nine percent chance of setting them on fire.
  • +100% damage to enlightened enemies.
  • Their attacks damage the fire.
+10% chance of ignition
Silver moons Summon 3 clerics to help you in battle.
  • Gun machine loading speed, shield loading speed and attack polarity speed: +300%.
+10% of the speed of loading the weapon, the speed of loading the shield and the attack polarity.
Typhoon Quantity 3 Aquarius
  • +90% chance of catching a cold.
  • +100% damage to refrigerated enemies.
  • Your attacks are about water damage.
+10% Probability of cooling
Vertigo Activate a shock wave that will cause 48 airborne damage.
  • 90% chance of causing a shock
  • +100% damage to shocked enemies.
  • Their attacks cause air damage.
+10% chance of causing a shock

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