How to Get Diamonds in Royale High

Aurora shows you how to get diamonds from gems in Royal High Aurora shows you how to get diamonds from gems in Royal High

Diamonds are the currency of Royal High. In the real world, they’re like money. You can buy almost anything with diamonds in it, but the most expensive items you buy are Dolly Princess Healing and Starry Frost Princess roller skates, both of which have 50,000 diamonds.

Because you can buy such things, diamonds are very popular with the typical Royale High players and everyone wants to know where to get the diamonds, how to grow them and basically how to get as many diamonds as possible in the cheapest way.

Where are the diamonds at the Royal School?

Small diamonds multiply everywhere, except in places like your home, which is private. You can collect multiple diamonds for one gem – small gems float in different places and when you touch them, you get diamonds. The largest number of diamonds that can be extracted from these gems is 20 diamonds.

How to getin Royal Gemstones at school.

Gemstones are small objects that float in every part of the High Royal. The only place you won’t find gems to bathe in is at home, because it is your own private place and gems can’t be strayed into.

So you can’t really get the gems as such, they’re already everywhere, you just have to go to one of the high kingdoms and you can see them floating around.

The best way to grow diamonds at Royal High

Diamond Farming or AFK is known as a place where you visit places like a competition or one of the floating diamond sites and a special window program used to repeat your actions.

This works best on a Windows computer, but can also work to some extent on iOS devices such as the iPad for the competition option.

In the competition option make your name if AFK or AFK tries to get hold of the diamonds, put on a nice outfit and go away for a while. When you come back, at least you’ll have some diamonds.

The gemstone option is mainly intended for computers and is slightly more complicated. You install a Windows approved program that forces you to repeat the action. You will see a screen on your computer, tap the entry, and then jump to the jewel. When you’ve done this, press Stop and then Play. This forces your character to repeat the same action over and over again.

As soon as you set this setting, jump up and down a couple of times and as soon as the diamond comes back, take it away immediately. If you leave this race for a few hours, you must have a lot of diamonds.

How to get more diamonds at Royal High?

Besides the above, there are several other ways to increase the number of diamonds. The most important of these are listed below.

Purchase of diamond amplifiers

Diamond Cartoons is a game card that you can buy for the game. It multiplies the number of diamonds you receive for participating in the game or the diamonds you collect from the gems on the field.

Diamond multipliers have to be bought in a shop and their price is different. With Double Diamonds, for example, you can produce twice as many diamonds as normal. At the time of writing this article this is a caricature of the double diamond 749 Robux.

A pack of four diamonds does the same, except that it gives you four times as many diamonds as you normally get. At the time of writing it cost 4-pack diamonds 1649 roubles.

If you think these options are good in themselves, that’s even better. If you buy these two packages together, you get six times more diamonds than usual. So it’s a great way to get more diamonds into Roblox Royal High School. The only condition is that you have enough Robux to buy these packages.

Daily record

When you log in and click on Play, you are usually spawning in your apartment. Your apartment is equipped with a computer, and if you sit in this chair and log in, you will receive a certain amount of diamonds. The number of diamonds is increasing every day. When you’ve done this 10 days in a row, it starts all over again. So you get 12,000 diamonds every 10 days if you add them all up.

Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune of the rotation is in the earthly realm. If you tap the wheel of fortune (which can be used every nineteen hours), you can spin it. Sometimes we have nothing, sometimes we die (!), but sometimes we have diamonds or a piece of clothing. If you land on an item of clothing you already own, you get 300 diamonds instead.

Most diamonds you can get out of a turntable is 1000.

Dream Fountain

The Dream Fountain is a fountain with water in it. When you tap the water, you get a story and different ways to deal with that story. Sometimes you lose diamonds, sometimes you get diamonds or XP, and if you’re lucky you get Halo.

Halo is an extremely rare thing that costs a lot of diamonds. Depending on the specific halo you receive, it can be worth up to 500,000 diamonds. An example of such an expensive halo is that of Halloween, which was actually worth that amount (Yes, you read it well – half a million diamonds).

Sleeping and levelling

When you sleep, you have XP. The XP will help you reach the next level, and each time you reach a new level, you will receive 300 diamonds.

Don’t forget this either: If you have one or two passages, you get more diamonds – a double passage gives you 600 diamonds, a quadruple passage gives you 1200 diamonds, and both passages give you 3600 diamonds.

It is therefore important to always consider using different techniques in combination to maximize the amount of diamonds you can obtain.

Art studioOpening the window

It’s a bit hard to explain, it means you go to the Royal High School and the glass breaks in art class, here’s a video to explain it a bit better:

Now you know the best ways to get diamonds!

A loan for a painting: Charlotte Fuj. Description of the image : One of the little gems floating on the track; be careful, the train can run over you!

Co-author: Charlotte Fudge.

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