New Horizons Library Ideas –

Attention all bookworms: this inspo gallery is for you.

Imagine a perfect evening on your island: with your favorite book in hand, reading in nice weather, watching the sunset.

If this sounds like you, you definitely need a library on your island.

But maybe you don’t know how to frame it. Where to start?

Well, I’ve compiled some of the most interesting library projects for you here.

15. reading room

Outdoor reading area with books - ACNH Image source : @shyorchidghost

This idea of an ACNH library is a fantastic asset to any island!

And it shouldn’t take up much space.

Start by adding your favorite tile pattern, although you can also create your own designs.

Then don’t forget to install lots of shelves all around and watch your library come to life!

Complete the look by placing a pair of wooden chairs in the center of the bookcase. The perfect place to relax and immerse yourself in a book.

14. reading at a desk

Home Office and Library - ACNH Idea Image source @victoriacnh_.

This indoor library is a mix of business and pleasure.

And by the way, it sounds so convenient.

Start by choosing a wallpaper in each style of the window, then you can also lay a wooden floor. Here, you need to run the wood through the carpet anyway.

Then start building your library by adding stacks of shelves. What is a bookcase without books?

You can also add a fireplace to incorporate the royalty theme. And if you really want to raise eyebrows, you might throw in a trophy case.

Complete the look with wooden tables and a seating area.

13. a small outdoor library

Small Library Idea for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Image source : @sunshinecafe_en

When I say small, I mean small. And I mean that in a good way!

This design is better suited for small spaces because instead of real shelves, you can adapt a few simple panels with a book motif.

You can even create your own projects here, so you can display all the books you want.

Lay a stone floor in the room and add stools to create a seating area.

Fill the square with your stacks of books and you’re done. Careful, now.

12. study area

Study Area Space in ACNH Image source : @ItsPointer

What better place than the library?

No. And now you can bring this soothing learning space into the heart of the ANHCA.

All you need to get started are lots of shelves. Organize them according to a schedule, maybe even mark your workspace.

Provide a wooden floor to give it the look of a real bookcase. Something like an indoor/outdoor bookcase.

Then you can start adding wooden tables and chairs. Anywhere you can sit, really.

And if you’re hanging out, you might as well get a bed.

11. Library corner

Library Nook for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Image source : @galactickat2640

Easily create a small reading corner on your island (and no, it’s not Tom Nook’s corner!).

Start by laying a wood floor for the library floor. Wood floors seem to be very popular here, don’t they?

Then mark the area by adding a scary fence outside.

I like the idea of the antique furniture here, to keep with the library theme.

Then add a few shelves at the end. Maybe hide it in a real corner of your island to nest in.

10. library in the room

Bedroom Library Idea for ACNH Image source : @elvenisle

Let’s say you want to make a nice ANH room.

Well, we have some ideas about that. But the combination room + bookcase?

That’s what I call creativity.

To give your room an even warmer atmosphere, add a wall pattern in the shape of a snowdrop. And don’t forget to add a wooden floor (carpet can also be used here).

Make sure you have enough shelves and place them to match the color scheme.

You can even add a bunk bed with a table and chair. A perfect place to sit and read a book, any time of the day or night.

Place lots of pillows in the room to create a reading nook. Probably my favorite bedroom design.

9. Reading at the café

Coffee Shop Reading Area - ACNH Idea Image source : @alexaidens

This little coffee-library hybrid is a must on your island.

Just choose a place where it is easy to walk and then install a piece of wooden decking.

You can then add one or two shelves along one side, and you can also put a coffee table and a few chairs next to it. It’s also a good idea to put some books and maybe some coffee cups on the table, just to create some atmosphere.

But it’s also a cafe! So maybe add a kiosk and fill it with a variety of coffee making equipment.

Finally, install a lamp on the side seats to create the most comfortable reading corner in the world.

8. riverside library

Library By The River in ACNH Image source @lazyuchimushie

Who doesn’t love the sound of water?

This reading nook is very relaxing. On a sunny day, grab a book by the river and get away from it all.

For DIY, you just need to make a depression at the edge of a cliff to accommodate a few shelves.

Decorate this space with a personal quilt, a small table and a few pillows that are also lying around.

And be sure to put a book on the table. I’m also a big fan of this little diffuser to create a calming atmosphere.

Add a few colors at the end to add a splash of color.

7. Old-fashioned library

Cozy Old-Fashioned Library Space - ACNH Idea Image source : @anneswitch

Add a touch of class to your island with this stylish reading nook.

All you need is a custom design to create the effect of a wooden floor. Once you have them installed, you can arrange the planks along the side wall.

You can then customize your shelves in different colors. But here, I want it to be simple!

I love leather couches, so put two or three, plus a table to create a reading nook.

Complete the look with a fireplace and a small reading cushion on the floor. Leather sofas can get boring after a while.

6. miniature library

Miniature Library Outdoors - ACNH Design Image source : @ObliqueOphelia

This is perhaps the smallest drawing on that list.

And it’s just adorable.

If you don’t want to outfit your island with huge libraries, but still want to create a space where your residents can get their weekly reading, you’ve come to the right place.

I would say this bookcase would look good under a shady tree or near an orchard.

Add a small library kiosk and a stack of books of your choice.

You can also install wooden stools and a picnic set if you feel like it.

Anything to make this open bookcase look like a piece of tranquility.

5. Bookstore idea

Bookshop Idea for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Image Source: kottagecloe

Why build only a library? Let’s build a whole library!

Whether it’s a romance novel or a detective story, you can design a store that sells everything.

First lay a wooden floor, then place the planks on the edges. In this case, the planks look like the walls of a bookcase (but we still live outside that tropical island life!).

You can also add custom standards, as you can customize them with any template. Something neutral but elegant should work.

So don’t forget to fill your stalls with books to complete the look.

4th book Labyrinth

Library Book Maze and Reading Area - ACNH Idea Image source : @argeniecrossing

It’s one of the coolest designs here.

To create this library maze + custom reading space, align the shelves so that the aisles can move between them. Any zigzag pattern should work.

At the end of the maze, you could then lead the villagers to the reading room at the top of the cliff. Maybe add a small wooden ramp to get out of the library room (that way it would look like a sunken library maze!).

In the sitting area, you can keep the parquet floor a little more stylish and also place many different seats.

To that end, even your fireplace provides an added sense of comfort.

Complete the look with some hedges around the property. For privacy in the library.

3. mega library

Mega Library Idea for New Horizons Image source: PestoTomatoTime

If you are never without a book, you need this huge library on your island!

This two-story library contains all the books you could ever want. And it’s designed to be a great reading space.

And here’s the best part: it’s not that hard to make.

To begin, build the rock and add wood floors on both levels.

Fill this space with as many libraries as possible on both levels of the library. Try to place them like walls where they make sense.

You can even add stacks of books scattered randomly. Make the aesthetic of the library work.

Finish the drawing with lots of plants and let it stretch as far as the eye can see!

2. library-museum

Library Museum Outdoor Area - ACNH Idea Hagakinoki image source

This has to be one of my favorite library projects: Open Air Museum + Library!

To do this, start by building a cliff next to your museum. Add a waterfall running along the edge in the background if you can.

Then you can put a shelf next to the water. Also add lots of log cabin style furniture and piles of books lying around as well.

You can then design custom wood-style walkways with lots of wooden tables and chairs.

Complete the section by adding a few fossils, or whatever interests you.

1. beach library

Beach Library Idea for ACNH Image Source: MedicalFox8

I love this soothing library. Can life be better than reading by the sea?

This botanical area is the perfect place to follow the sand everywhere (and don’t worry about it being a beach!).

Start by adding your own deck of cards to manage your library. You can then add a few simple panels with custom glass designs that act as French doors.

Be sure to add as many plants on the side as possible, as you can even add a small piece of farmland! I love the way this reader created a little reading/garden area on the side at home.

Then, of course, you have to add many shelves and stacks of books. Throw them away if you want.

Finally, you can install seats for reading and even a hammock next to the sand.

That’s what I call life.

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