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Airports are generally not a place where you want to spend time. They cause a lot of stress, so it’s nice to see Nintendo trying to solve some of the problems of everyday life by providing entertainment. Four airports have chosen Nintendo Switch On The Go pop-up lounges where you can spend time having fun. You will find all the details below!


Busy travellers travelling this year will be in for some nice surprises at the airport. From the 13th. In February, Nintendo Switch™ On The Go will set up pop-up lounges at selected major US airports to showcase Nintendo products and offer practical experiences with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems.

We hope travellers will learn that the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are great travel companions, says Nick Chavez, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo of America. With Nintendo games in our On The Go living rooms, people can start or end their journey with a smile.

In addition to the latest Nintendo games, travellers can also order Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems when visiting the Nintendo Switch On The Go lounge and receive a free carrying bag with their order. In addition, travellers can order Nintendo Switch games and Nintendo Items*. Entrants will also receive a free Nintendo Switch Luggage Pack and a $10 redeemable Target Gift Card for Nintendo purchases of $75 or more (applicable to the last purchase, Terms and Conditions apply).

Pop-up lounges and Nintendo Gateways are currently planned at the following airports outside the passenger area:




Dulles International Airport

Washington, D.C.

Concert B at the western entrance/exit, next to gate B62.

17 February –

29 March

From Seattle to Tacoma International Airport

Seattle, Washington.

Course C, next to gate C10.

17 February –

29 March

O’Hare International Airport

Chicago, Illinois.

Terminal 1, route B, between gates B12 and B14.

17 February –

29 March

Dallas Airport Love Field

Dallas, Texas

West terminal, at gates 14 and 16.

February 13th –

26. Mars.

Passengers who have booked flights at these airports are encouraged to stop there after passing TSA security to spend some time playing Nintendo Switch games while waiting for their flight. They are also encouraged to wave when they see Lakita above the clouds!

Please remember that Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems have parental controls that allow adults to control some of the content that their children can access. For more information about these and other features, visit

*Customers receive the delivery within two working days after purchase. There is one suitcase available while stocks last.

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