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Who doesn’t love Pokémon? The franchise has sold a staggering 100 million units. But which Pokémon are the most adorable? You are about to find out. To keep the results as unbiased as possible, I’ve excluded such factors as rarity, power and type. In addition, I’ve strived to include Pokémon that not only look cute, but are also playable, and not just mere items. (I’ve excluded Mewtwo and Mew, as they are both humans.)

10. Exeggutor 9. Blastoise 8. Butterfree 7. Articuno 6. Regice 5. Mewtwo 4. Mew 3. Jirachi 2. Latias 1. Giratina

Since the release of Pokémon X & Y, there have been many legendary Pokémon that have been released, but are still considered amongst the cutest. So, we decided to narrow down the top 15 legendary Pokémon ever designed and put them on this list!. Read more about the cutest pokémon of every type and let us know what you think.While most trainers place less importance on the beauty than the strength of their Pokémon partner, it’s hard to deny that some of these little creatures are just too cute to ignore.

Even among the formidable Legendary Pokémon, there are also many overly cute Pokémon, which are more like stuffed animals than potentially dangerous deities and vengeful guardian spirits.

But which of these mythical creatures are the cutest?

We’ll find out.

15. Article Galaric

While anyone who hears about a cute legendary Pokémon probably doesn’t think of this Pokémon first, there’s no denying that Articuno from the Galar region is very cute.

Galarian Articuno has turned a simple design into an absolutely fantastic one, earning it a place in my rankings.

The beautiful overspray has discarded the icy blue and replaced it with amethyst, lavender, and white, giving Pokémon Freeze a subtle hue that shimmers and sparkles in the sunlight.

14. Cresselia

If you like swans, northern lights and glorious dreams, there’s no place more beautiful than Creselia.

Gracefully and gracefully, the moon pokémon let glittering particles of moon dust fall from its wings, surrounding it with a shimmering veil.

During the quarter moon, its tail extends to reveal an aurora that can rival the northern lights, glittering and shimmering under the dark sky.

If her beauty alone isn’t enough to replace Cresselia, I’d say her warm and helpful skills would certainly help.

Not only does she have magical feathers that help her have happy dreams, but her main mission in life is to fight her rival Darkrai, who wants to plunge the world into an endless abyss of nightmares.

13. Victini

While I’m not sure if Victini is half rabbit, half flying squirrel, or something else, I’m 100% sure this little guy is one of the cutest Pokémon in the entire Pokédex.

Victini is kind of the smart kids version of the Pokémon world:

He has boundless energy, his big blue eyes sparkle with mischief and he tends to be a bit hyperactive when he wants to play.

Despite its hyperactive nature, trainers are eager to get their hands on Victini, as they say it wins every fight, regardless of the type of opponent.

12. Virisión

Like the Galaran Articuno, the Viricion is unlikely to reach the top of the rankings.

But there’s an undeniable appeal to these meadow-dwelling Pokemon.

I like to think of Virizion as a fighting deer.

He is covered in foliage, his feet look like tricolored boots that come up to his knees, he has a soothing color palette of mint green and pastel pink, and he can destroy his enemies with his razor-sharp horns.

Viricion has everything a trainer could want in a legendary companion!

11. Cosmog

Isn’t Cosmog the cutest little cuddler you’ve ever seen?

This little misty wimp can open entire wormholes when he’s feeling anxious, but it’s worth having a Pokémon with such a cute and curious personality on your team.

Cosmog likes to be loved.

So she’s a bit naive and gets suspicious at the first sign that someone might become a friend.

Cosmog is so innocent and sweet. It’s hard not to instinctively want to protect this legendary cinnamon roll from those who would do it harm.

10. Meloetta

Melody the Pokémon is an absolute treasure.

Throughout Unova, artists must draw, write music, and create dances inspired by Meloetta’s songs.

Her famous melodies have the unique ability to make the people around her feel special emotions when she sings a tune.

At the same time, her pirouette shape gives her the agility of a graceful dancer and a double normal/fighting type.

I really like well designed themes. And much of Meloetta’s appeal lies in the details that make this music so distinctive.

Both forms of Meloetta have a design that perfectly matches her skills – like her hair shaped like a staff, limbs shaped like a note, and a headpiece shaped like a violin key that doubles as a microphone!

9. Diancy

Like a shimmering jewel come to life, Diancie is perhaps one of the cutest Pokémon in the entire franchise.

Deansy’s design makes her look like a beautiful fairy princess.

She wears a sparkling crystal crown on her head, which perfectly matches the rest of her ensemble, including an enviable gold necklace and an expensive fringed dress.

But don’t think Deansy’s pretty outfit means she’s not as cute as she could be.

Deansy’s undeniable charm is her big eyes and warm smile. Who wouldn’t love this?

8. Manafi

Manafee is just precious on the inside!

Since his body is 80% water, he looks soft and spongy, which makes him even cuter.

He looks almost like a stuffed animal, with a soothing light blue color palette and a chubby body that’s perfect for cuddling.

But Manafi’s beauty is not limited to her skin.

It’s also a lot of fun because it can connect with any Pokémon and help trainers and their Pokémon understand each other’s point of view when using a heart exchange.

7. Latios and Latias

Latios and Latias are cheerful, empathetic Pokémon covered in soft, fluffy fluff.

This material can even break slightly to protect them from dangerous people.

And yes, I know… Latios and Latias are technically two different Pokémon.

But their place on this list is due in part to the importance this sibling pair places on each other and the coaches who show them kindness.

If they find people they can trust, they can communicate telepathically and feel emotions.

This means that any trainer lucky enough to deal with Latios/Latias will always have a loving friend to look up to.

6. Marshy meadow

Who knew something so scary could be so cute?

Marshadow looks like reanimated smoke, and sparkling eyes glow like embers on his shadowed face.

What I really like about Marshadow is that the visors on his head have turned into a cute little helmet with ram’s horns on each side.

But don’t be fooled by its fragile appearance.

Marshadow doesn’t look scary at all, but the Thunder Pokémon can pack quite a punch.

If he’s angry enough, Marshadow’s inner flame flares up more and more, forcing him to don Zenith’s uniform, complete with a spectacular yellow and brick overspray.

5. Jirachi

Jirachi’s mythical abilities are known throughout the Pokémon universe. It is said that he awakens once every 1000 years to fulfill the wishes on his wish list.

With this information, Jirachi’s design becomes even cuter, as the Wish Pokémon is based on the concept of a wisher.

In fact, any description in the game of a creature called a Desire Pokémon guarantees intrigue.

Jirachi’s yellow headdress resembles a fallen star, and the markings on his head reference Tanabata, the festival of stars celebrated in Japan. It is a festival where people write their wishes on strips of paper.

Jirachi even has a nice theme.

4. Keldeo

Keldeo is adorable from snout to tail!

His huge fluffy mane gives the impression of huge bushy eyebrows, complementing the single horn Keldeo wears proudly on his forehead.

In its Resolute form, that same horn turns into an unstoppable sword that can cut through anything!

There is a theory that this legendary pony is based on the Scottish Kelpie and the Chinese version of the unicorn, called Kirin.

This myth states that the Kirin can walk on water, as evidenced by the fact that Keldeo draws water from his powerful hooves. Cool backstory, right?

3. Tau

Was there anything about Mew that wasn’t too cute to believe?

First, it looks like a precious pink kitten.

The design is just perfect – with large almond-shaped eyes that always give this powerful legend a cheerful look.

And then there’s the melodious chirp of her call, which is infinitely more endearing than any sound I’ve ever heard from a real cat.

Mew is the perfect little locomotive, representing that big things can happen in small, irresistible packages.

2. Celebi

I think Selebi is one of the most fascinating legendary creatures we’ve encountered in the Pokémon world.

Mainly because of his elfish appearance and mischievous personality.

This green flying creature is friendly and cheerful and spends his days hiding until he calms down.

He is known as the voice of the forest because of his love for the forest he calls home.

Celebi’s appeal lies partly in her resemblance to a tulip bulb and her large blue eyes with dark black edges.

This design choice will only make your already big eyes bigger and brighter.

This legendary time traveler is so small and cute that he looks like something you’d find sleeping on the face of sunflower.

And just the thought of that is enough to propel Celebi to the top of these rankings.

1. Shaymin

Somehow, Shaimin manages to have not one, but two adorable shapes, making it an absolute cutie as far as Legendary Pokémon go.

In her earthly form, Shaymin looks like a fluffy hedgehog, which is even better than a real hedgehog. Because the soft, velvety grass has pretty much replaced the thorns you’d expect on your real creature.

From the tip of Shaimin’s pointy nose to the base of his little legs, this little guy takes the lead.

I already know what you’re thinking:

Of course, a fluffy hedgehog Pokemon couldn’t be cuter.

But it is possible!

Shaymin’s head is adorned with two large pink flowers that can transform the hedgehog into his heavenly form.

So Sky Forme Shaymin doesn’t look like a hedgehog, but like the cutest puppy in the whole world, with huge feathered ears, jade green eyes and a cute mohawk on her head.The Pokémon franchise has grown from a little-known pocket monster into a global hit, and continues to be a money-making machine. But does that mean that the Pokémon designs we see onscreen are representative of what the franchise’s designers actually think is cute and adorable? In this post, we’ll take a trip down memory lane to look into the Pokémon franchise’s history, and take a look at the 15 Pokémon that Pokémon fans think are the cutest.. Read more about cutest pokémon of each type and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cutest Pokémon ever?

The cutest Pokémon ever is a Pikachu.

What is the most cutest legendary Pokemon?

The most cutest legendary Pokemon is Mew.

Who is the cutest mythical Pokemon?

The cutest mythical Pokemon is Eevee.

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