Best Mog Dances In The Game (All 8, Ranked) –

Mog can (and should) be considered the mascot of the entire Final Fantasy series.

Personally, I think it’s a game he can play. And while it’s easy to turn him into a Dragoon, we can’t forget his iconic abilities: Dance!

And in case you’re not familiar with this skill: If you do a dance with Mog, you lose control of him in combat, and one of four abilities is activated each turn.

If you use dance, the background can be customized. However, if you choose the dance and the background is not the dance background, there is a 50% chance you will stumble, meaning the movement is essentially missed.

So I’ve listed all the dances with their probabilities and arranged them; I’ve also added all the places you can get each dance, so you have everything you need to get your Moogle company dancing.

8. Love Serenade

A serenade of love begins.

While this is probably the dance with the most compatible background (in terms of volume), overall it’s pretty sloppy.

The highest probability for a will-o’-the-wisp is high. And the snare drum is always good too.

But the other skills are probably not what you are looking for.

Will o’ the Wisp – 7/16 : Inflicts significant fire elemental damage to any enemy and unlocks a
– 6/16 phenomenon: Thrown at a random enemy, fails if immune, projectile is 2/16 : Instantly causes the death of an opponent, does not resist immunity to death, but works on undead
Tapir – 1/16 : Removes blindness, zombie, poison, goblin, petrification, rock, silence, berserk, confusion, sap, sleep, slowness, and stopping all allies.

I’ve got it: Figaro South, Zozo, Ghost Train, Opera House, Vector, Imperial Observatory, Magitech Research Center, Burned House, Castle of Figaro, Old Castle, Imperial Palace, Oizer Manor, Peasant Tower, Dreamscape, Narshe, Kefki Tower, Temple of the Soul

7. Rondo Snowman

The ice elemental and the trap are very nice to have.

But there’s only one place you can use it without tripping, and that’s in the rocks of Narshe, where you can actually get this dance.

Snowman Rondo is not really a terrible dance. But you will probably find that this is one of the least used options during the game.

Snowball – 7/16: Reduces by ½ the random S.L. of an opponent who cannot perform Death Avalanche 6/16 : Freezes all enemies damage element, unblockable and ignores split damage
Blow – 2/16 : Causes the instant death of an enemy, does not resist immunity to death, but works on undeadArctic Hare – 1/16 : Restores the HP of the group

I’ve got it: Narshe Rock (WoR)

6. Ground blue

This one is now a fan favorite!

I expected him to be a top 4 player, but the lack of versatile movement really diminishes his value.

Still, it’s a solid choice for a strong opponent! And many great skills in the world with this dance.

Slipping on the rocks – 7/16 : Non-elemental magic attack on an opponent, high damage, unlocks and ignores defensesSonic Boom – 6/16 : Reduces an enemy’s HP by 5/8 and causes sap, loses immunity to Death’s Sunbath – 2/16 : Returns some HP to the AlliesCabana Brigade – 1/16 : Non-elemental magic attack on an enemy that unlocks and ignores defenses – but does no damage to enemies who are flying or have Fleet status.

I got it: the Ring mountain, Esper Caves, Zozo Mountain, the Floating Continent, Kefki Tower…

5. Night forest

Next up is Les Nocturnes, and it’s definitely a strange dance.

It was hard, but I think it really fits the place.

The healing component does not restore health, but merely treats the condition.

Wombat’s ability, while powerful, can’t hit many enemies, but the blade whirlwind is still useful!

Blade swirl – 7/16 : Elemental damage to all enemies, unblockable and no split damage
Forest Heal – 6/16 : Removes blindness, poison, petrification, silence, confusion, sap, sleep, inertia, and stagnation from the group
Removes wisdom – 2/16 : Causes massive fire elemental damage to any enemy and unlocks
Wombat – 1/16 : High elemental damage to random enemies, cannot be blocked, ignores defenses, does not hit flying enemies or enemies with hover status.

I’ve got it: Forest, Haunted Forest, Ghost Train, Bomb Forest, Dinosaur Forest

4. Twilight Requiem

I would say Twilight Requiem is a very good dance.

But the main attraction is the high probability of instant death by snaring….. Other skills are not to be neglected either!

Cave in – 7/16: Reduces the Hp of a single enemy by ¾ and causes Sap
Snare – 6/16: An instant death spell, appears in several other dances, but none have as high a success rate as
Will’ o Wisp 2/16: high fire elemental damage on a single enemy
Poison Frog 1/16: high power on a single target, poisoned elemental.

I’ve got it: Narshe Mines, South Figaro Cave, Ring Mountain, Sealed Door Cave, Espera Caves, Zozo Mountain, Veldt Cave, Phoenix Cave, Yeti Cave, Old Castle, Darilla’s Tomb, House Castle, Kefka Tower, Magitek Research Center, Statue of the Gods.

3. Rhapsody of the Winds

Wind Rhapsody went through a lot of changes when I was compiling this list, but it ended up here.

Top 3, not bad!

He consistently does a lot of damage and has a good chance of keeping the group healthy. So, all in all, it’s pretty useful for everyone.

Wind Slash – 7/16: Element of Wind deals damage to all enemies, unlocks and ignores split damage
Sunbath – 6/16 : Restores some HP to all allies
Plasma – 2/16 : Single element lightning target, high damage and unlock
Cacatrix – 1/16 : Non-elemental magic damages any enemy and causes petrification! Unlucky if the target is immune to death.

I’ve got it: World of Balance, World of Death, Veldt, Air Force, Ghost Train, Dragon’s Neck Coliseum, Tamasa, Blackjack, Falcon, Kefka

2. Desert Lullaby

Desert Lullaby comes in second!

His main skill is Sandstorm, a wind attack that attacks multiple enemies and ignores split damage. It’s not super powerful, but it does its job perfectly.

Anlion is also very common and works as an instant death spell. Both skills are fairly common, making Desert Lullaby a fairly viable dance.

One of the highlights, however, is Meerkat’s rare ability, which sets the entire game on fire.

Sandstorm – 7/16: Wind Element deals damage to all enemies and ignores split damage
Anlion – 6/16 : Causes the opponent to die instantly when hit by
Gale – 2/16 : Like Sandstorm, it deals damage to the wind elemental, but it is slightly stronger and unlocks
Meerkat – 1/16 : Throwing the tire in the pasture

I’ve got it: Desert, imperial camp

1. Water Harmony

Water harmony is far from the best dance for Mog.

It’s a dance you can count on (barring missteps) and is useful in almost any situation.

It does a lot of multi-purpose damage and even more single-purpose damage.

It also has a 1 in 16 chance of restoring the entire HP stack and removing the negative conditions.

The only weak point here is the look. But this is a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits of this dance.

I have no problem putting Water Harmony at the top of the list, because I think it really outshines its closest competitors.

Try it and see what you think!

El Nino – 7/16: A versatile water elemental that unlocks and ignores
Plasma split damage – 6/16 : Single-target lightning element, high, non-blocking damage
– 2/16: Causes confusion for one enemy
Raccoon – 1/16: Recovers and removes Hp: Blindness, Zombie, Poison, Petrifaction, Distress, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Juice, Sleep, Slow Down, Halt and Freeze.

I’ve got it: Lethe River, Baren Falls, Snakehole…

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