How to complete the first Outbreak main Easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The first Outbreak main Easter egg is the first main Easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War Zombies. It is one of the hardest and longest Easter eggs to complete in the game, and it has one of the most complicated steps.

After completing the main Easter egg in Dead Ops Arcade, players will be able to continue playing to gain the achievement/trophy “Completing this challenge will unlock the Hammer of Dawn, letting you kill zombies around the map with a satellite laser.” Complete the following steps to unlock this achievement/trophy. Note: The following are the original versions of the articles I wrote. Each one is over 1000 words long; the versions published by the publications were all between 400 and 600 words; I’ve removed links, images, and anything else that would give them away.

The first time you play a Call of Duty: Black Ops II map, make sure you take a moment to walk around and get a feel for the map. You’ll want to know what buildings are in which direction, where the weapons are, and you’ll want to note special features of the map, such as whether you can drive vehicles or if there are any animals on the map that will attack you. Knowing these things can really help you when attempting the Outbreak main Easter egg, which you’ll need to complete to unlock the final ending of the game.

It’s taken a while, but the all-important Easter egg hunt is finally available in Call of Duty: Blitz mode in Black Ops Cold War. Much like the Easter Egg quests in Call of Duty’s traditional zombie maps, this journey will teach you about the map, survival skills, and equip you with the best gear to fight the final boss. Here’s how to execute the first major Easter Egg of the Outbreak in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Before proceeding to step

Before you can do any of the actions to get an Easter egg, you must first complete the third round. As you work towards this goal, you must complete all side missions and look for smaller side goals (like fishing) to earn as many perks and upgraded weapons as possible. Also, don’t forget to grab a few monkey bombs if you can, and each team member should have at least one gun with Brain Rot ammo. Use the field upgrades that suit you best, but the Ring of Fire and the Furious Guardian are more useful in the final fight if you upgrade them. In the boss fight, it is also recommended to have a death machine or helicopter shooter. As for the choice of weapons, we recommend a shotgun and a medium and long range pistol. It can be an LMG, a tactical rifle or an assault rifle. For the final boss, you’ll need medium to long range weapons, so upgrade those as much as possible, even if you prefer to use a shotgun.

Radio tuning amplifier

When you reach the third round, a radio will appear in the level. Each section has a location where the radio is, but it is not marked on the map. If subtitles are enabled, you will be notified that you are approaching them and you can easily adjust the frequencies. It should be noted that there is a similar secondary objective, but this radio is always in the same place and does not reward you with a song. Screenshot word-image-8347 Here are the locations on each map.

  • Alpine: Steep Grove, next to the big gas tanks.
  • Arc: SAM’s website, for some barrels
  • Head: The lower truss is placed on pallets next to the outbuildings.
  • Hand: The old farmhouse, in the tent on the table
  • Sanitarium: Sanatorium Underground, at the foot of a statue

When you find the radio, it emits a static sound that indicates the subtitles. Hang out with her and a bunch of zombies are born. You have to kill all enemies in this area, after which the radio will generate a new static. Pay close attention to the subtitles, as they contain a number that you need to remember. Not far from this radio are three tuners that you need to address and operate. Every time you press one of the buttons, it starts making different static sounds. You must set all three tuners to the same number as the radio. During the cycle, the tuner may turn on a red light and sound the alarm, and more zombies will appear. Concentrate on destroying them all, then you can adjust the frequencies again. Screenshot word-image-8348 If all three tuners produce the same noise, go back to the radio and play with it. A pile of gasoline and an object called a lighthouse tapper fall off. Pick it up and listen to Samantha, who is now talking to you on the radio. Screenshot word-image-8349 Once that’s done, complete the main quest for this round and head to the lighthouse when you’re done. Interact with him and you will get a new phone icon to contact Samantha, then proceed to the next round.

In the fourth round, look for a small monkey animal with the letter M next to it. When you find it, you pull and a piece falls out, a microfilm plate, which you can pick up. On each map there are four places where you can find the monkey. Screenshot word-image-8350 Here are the chairs.


  • Basic Suites, on the porch of one of the dark blue houses above (in front of the door as you leave).
  • Baths, upper part of the building next to the baths on the shelf
  • First aid station, very close to the outer fence, near the gas tank with the cage.
  • Hillside Cabins, in the living room, on the top shelf in one of the buildings.


  • The entrance to the base, on the roof of the small building next to the slope of the bridge.
  • Bunker, in the bunker next to the gas station, in the corner near the number 0-06 on the barrel.
  • Bus depot, outside corner of brick fence
  • A rolling clearing atop a short structure.
  • Church, go up the stairs in the middle of the building and sit on one of the pillars.
  • Horse ranch, interior of the stable above the stables
  • Industrial area, in a small room on a shelf (building next to the outside fence with a jumping platform).
  • Load the train, get into the tower next to the generator…


  • Loading platform hidden behind some pallets under the rails
  • Ravine, by the front wheel on the driver’s side of the wrecked car.
  • Rocket silos, in a small garage, on a shelf.
  • railway trestle, at the end of the track, under the platform


  • The administration, on the top shelf in the corner of the room.
  • The public baths, on the rafters in the middle of the building.
  • the bridge, under the bridge on a small platform between the bridge piers
  • Carved mounds, on the shelf above the bed in the cabin.

Transferring slides to the projector

Once you have found the microfilm slides, you need to take them to a specific projector on this map (except Hand, where there is none). As you work with the projector, Samantha describes the story of what is happening. Continue the slides until she tells you to come to the hand. Approach the lighthouse after completing the main task and you will be automatically transported in the hand. Screenshot word-image-8351 Here is the location of the projectors.

  • Alpine: The lodge, in the upper room on the right of the building, seen from the front.
  • Arc: Administrative offices, in one of the rooms on the upper floor (easily found by climbing the stairs to the left of the main entrance and entering the building through the window to the right of the second staircase)
  • Head: In the city, in a building with an armored station…
  • Sanitarium: Administration, in the meeting room on the ground floor


Now that you’ve regained control, you can’t perform basic tasks. You can still create side content, and you have free time to explore and find more gear if you need it. Make the most of it, because this next step is the point of no return. From now on, an infinite number of zombies will appear at any time, so be prepared to fight. When you’re done, go to the missile silos and enter a small building with an elevator that wasn’t on the map before. Screenshot word-image-8352 At the bottom of the elevator, go down and to the left, where you will enter what is known as the D-Rocket area. Go up the stairs to the right and through the next corridor to get to the console room. From the console room, go to missile area A and go down the stairs. There are a number of computers here, one of which has the ability to unlock. Interact with her to reproduce the scene. Screenshot word-image-8353

Find three keys

First key

When the scene is over, go back to the console room where we were earlier. Be warned: Since our last visit, masses of disguised mimics have taken up residence here. We suggest you run across the room to uncover them and take them outside so you can kill them. Another good way to deal with them is to slowly kill them one by one, but that takes time, and remember that the zombies will chase you. Screenshot word-image-8354 When the mimics are done, go back to the console room and find the corridor that leads to missile area C (it’s the only corridor with a closed door at the end). In front of the door is a corpse with an ICBM launch key, which you can grab. When you come in contact with it, a red facial expression appears. This red Mimic is actually a super version of a normal Mimic, so work with your teammates to destroy it. When he dies, he drops the first key. Screenshot word-image-8355

Second key

Then go to the B missile area. On the first floor, between the two consoles, is a red crate that looks very similar to the crates you use in the main recovery mission in Outbreak. If you interfere, a lot of worms come out. Now you and your teammates must go through the entire B missile area and shoot the etherium crystals. Every time you do this, a piece of aetherium crystal falls out. You and your teammates must collect 20 of these pieces and place them in a bin. You can only put one on at a time, but one person can sit down and put them all on. Screenshot word-image-8356 When the bus is full, kill all the enemies that appear. After that, wait a moment and you can pick up a box that changes the field enhancement of the person holding it. Take it to the bottom of D missile range. If you’re in Rocket Zone D, you should see a large dark ether jellyfish floating at the back of the room. Climb the stairs next to him to join him on the dark aether grass. Looking at the jellyfish, activate the sheet update and start swimming towards the creature. Eventually you will be able to enter the jellyfish and find a second key. If you don’t see it, hold down the interaction button and you can grab it. You know you got it when you drop the can into the jellyfish. Screenshot word-image-8357

Third key

To get the last key, go to the back of the missile area A and find a small corridor that dead ends. There is a gas trap here, similar to the Z fire base, but it has a banana attached to it. Screenshot word-image-8358 Use the fuel trap in your inventory to find the ventilation duct in the A-Fuse area, where a ghostly blue glow is coming from. It’s a monkey we have to catch. If you get too close to the monkey, it will disappear, so instead go to the ventilation shaft and place a gasoline trap next to it. Go, but watch out for the fall. When everyone is far enough away, the monkey jumps on the trap to grab the banana. Press the interaction button twice and the monkey is caught. Approach the trap after you catch it to grab the third starter key. Screenshot word-image-8359 If you can’t catch the monkey, don’t worry. You can take back the gas trap and find a new slot with a blue glow.


It is now time to launch the rocket. The three sections of the rocket have a console that you must operate to start the process, but in a specific order. When you contact one of them, you will hear an audible confirmation whether it is the right person or not. If everything is correct, you have 30 seconds to activate the launch on the other consoles as well. Unfortunately, the order in which you deal with them is random each time, so work together with your teammates to continually traverse the course until it is completed. If you do it in the wrong order, you’ll have to survive a minute before you can repeat the process. Screenshot word-image-8360 Once you’ve determined the correct order, stop by the Pack-a-Punch machine or other locations to make sure you’re fully equipped. The next part is the boss fight, and you have to be ready for it. Go to the console room and find the stairs leading to the exit on the street.

Boss fight against Legion

Once outside, you’ll find that you have nine minutes to defeat this boss. Don’t be in a hurry. That’s a lot of time. Concentrate on survival and destroying the boss. Screenshot word-image-8361 Legion is basically a huge storm that can only be hurt in a certain way. While he’s floating, you also need to move, because zombies will appear and attack you relentlessly. Eliminate the zombies and aim for the glowing area on Legion’s chest. Screenshot word-image-8362 If you do enough damage, Legion will fall to his knees. If you have monkey bombs, throw one to distract the zombies, and use the fire ring if one of you has it. Those in the firing circle will likely need an assault rifle, LMG or death machine to do enough damage. If someone has an enhanced frenzy guard, it’s useful to use it to draw the zombies’ attention to yourself. While the Legion is stunned, anyone who fires the ring of fire must act in unison to hit one of the three floating electric bullets. Make the sphere explode, and a third of Legion’s health will disappear. Screenshot word-image-8363 When he returns to battle, focus on improving your field as quickly as possible. If you have a helicopter gunner, it’s useful to shoot Legion in the chest to make him teleport again, but the death machine will do it too. Screenshot word-image-8364 Repeat the process described here three times within the time limit of nine minutes and Legion will disappear, which means you have completed the first quest of the Easter Egg Outbreak.

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