How to get the Secret Ending in Hollow Knight (Spoiler Free)

In this guide, we will show you how to get the secret ending in Hollow Knight. For those who haven’t finished the game yet, there are a few spoilers ahead that you may want to avoid if you haven’t completed it yet.

The how to get all hollow knight endings no spoilers is a guide that will help you get the secret ending in Hollow Knight.

If you’ve finished Empty Knight’s tale lately or in the past, you may be feeling a little hollow. It’s nothing new for our main characters in video games to have “bad endings,” and sometimes they’re for the best.

Despite Hallownest’s sad tale, some of us just waited for the credits to finish rolling and offer us a better conclusion to the war. If this describes you, have no fear: instead of a post-credit sequence, there is a hidden, more complicated conclusion that favors our protagonist. It requires some more effort, which we will discuss in today’s post while avoiding significant spoilers as much as possible.

The first thing you’ll need is anything from the Ancient Basic. Despite the fact that you may already know, I will wait till you have it to explain you precisely what it does. After conquering the Broken Vessel, you will get this item. Please view the video below if you don’t already have it. If you want to prevent spoilers on the ability, be sure to stop after the item is eaten.

anything gotten

The Kingdom’s Edge is the first place we’ll visit. We’ll be able to enter a new zone with the Monarch Wings. Because there will be a boss battle shortly, make sure you sit on the bench first. You may follow the instructions in the video below.

Hornet will challenge us to another battle if we pursue her down this tunnel. Her move set is almost same, with the exception of a new strike that makes battlefield mobility harder and a boost in speed in the others. We shall get the King’s Brand if we defeat her.

You must first acquire two things before we can proceed. One may be seen conversing with the White Lady after defeating the Traitor Lord in the Queen’s Garden. We’ll get half of a charm from her.

The other is more difficult to get. We need to travel to the Ancient Basin and acquire the Awoken Dream Nail (talking to the Seer while possessing 1800 essence). In the right bottom corner, we’ll discover a fallen knight (next to a Stag Station).

Hollow Knight - Knight EssenceKnight Essence – Hollow Knight

We may now enter the White Palace, a difficult parkour zone that will eventually give us the other half. They’ll have each given you half of a charm, and after you have both halves, you’ll have the Kingsoul charm. If the video is displaying too much, stop it and attempt to complete it on your own now that you have a rough concept of the objective, just like the previous time.

A Tour of the White Palace

We just have one more step to go.

We must now return to the old basin with the Kingsoul charm and the King’s Brand. We will discover a door opening in the darkest section. Hello, and welcome to the Abyss.

By moving right, we can upgrade the Vengeful Spirit to the Shade Soul, and by going left, we may upgrade the Howling Wraith to the Abyss Shriek. What we want to do now, though, is dig a little deeper. We’ll discover a breakable ground in the bottom half of the map, and by avoiding hostile shadows, we’ll be able to reach a huge black egg that reflects ourselves. We receive the… when we engage with it.

Watch Relyea’s video where he explains the obtention for a full tour to the Kingsoul and Voidheart locations:


We’ve come to the conclusion of our trip. Return to the Black Egg Temple and battle the Hollow Knight once again. Hornet, who is stationed at the temple’s entrance, has informed you that she will not assist you.

Despite her claims, she will appear at the conclusion of the fight and render the Hollow Knight immobile. Don’t hesitate to use the dream nail when you see the essence particles. You’ll enter a new realm, but instead of a dream version of the Hollow Knight, you’ll face a far more difficult foe: The Radiance.

We suggest beating her on your own since it’s a lot more rewarding, but if you’re having trouble (which is very normal), check out our tutorial on how to defeat her.


After defeating her, a new sequence will emerge, showing an alternate ending that corresponds to our wishes for the tiny knight we’ve been manipulating all along. Congratulations for defeating Hollow Knight, reader! (or, at least, the base game).

The author, Luis Gallardo:

Luis Gallardo is a Spanish writer and video game enthusiast who runs the Pluma de Caro YouTube channel, where he analyzes games and explains how they operate and how they are designed.

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In Hollow Knight, there is a secret ending that can be unlocked after beating the game. You will need to find all of the hidden bugs in the game and then beat the final boss. Reference: hollow knight best ending.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get all endings no spoilers?

You can find all the endings in the game by playing it on hard difficulty.

Does Hollow Knight have multiple endings no spoilers?

Yes, in fact, there are quite a few.

How do you get the bad ending in Hollow Knight?

The bad ending in Hollow Knight is achieved by not fulfilling the conditions of the main quest. If you dont get to see Gwyns face at the end, youll be treated with a bad ending.

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