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A shiny Pokémon is a rare variant of the original Pokémon that has a different coloration. This coloration is typically more vivid and unique, and often makes it easier to distinguish from other Pokémon. Shiny Pokémon can be found in any generation of the games, but they are most commonly found in Generation I, where there are many more than normal.

The shiny charizard is a dragon-type Pokémon that has an appearance of being made out of shiny metal. It is one of the 15 best shiny dragon-type Pokémon worth catching.

Dragon-type Pokémon have really stood out as legendary powerhouses in the Pokémon world since running across Lance’s Dragonite towards the conclusion of Red and Blue.

It’s only natural that their gleaming bodies should be legendary as well!

All of these baubles vary in complexity from lovely to ludicrous.

They all have one thing in common, though: you definitely must recruit them to your squad!


Vibrava (15.)

Shiny Vibrava / Pokémon Sword and Shield

While Flygon is one of my all-time favorite Pokémon, I believe its pre-evolutions are overlooked.

Trapinch and Vibrava are both fantastic Pokémon, with Vibrava’s design being particularly impressive and Trapinch’s attack being particularly impressive for a first-form Pokémon.

But it’s the way they operate together that I find most appealing about their shinies.

Vibrava, a green Pokémon, develops from Trapinch, a brownish/orange Pokémon.

It’s only natural that they switch hues!

It’s particularly effective for Vibrava, who would usually dwell in a desert.

Only Vibrava gets it into this list since Trapinch isn’t a Dragon-type.


Mega Amphoros (#14)

Shiny Mega Amphoros / Pokémon GO

The majority of Mega Pokémon have a unique design that sets them apart from their basic form.

Amphoros has an abundance of hair. And it’s just far enough out there to work.

This also looks great because of its shine!

Amphoros’ golden fur becomes pink, and the red jewels that decorate it turn blue.

This looks excellent on normal Amphoros, but it looks much better on Mega Amphoros.

Mega Amphoros seems to be considerably more mysterious and mythical as a result of this.

Of course, because the giant stone “awakened its lon-sleeping dragon’s blood,” this makes sense.


Flapple, number 13

Shiny Flapple from Pokémon SWSH

“Dragons are popular among people. Apples are popular with people. So there’s a demand for an apple dragon!”

This is how I think the discussion began when Appletun and Flapple were created.

Although it is a ludicrous idea, it really turns out to be very endearing.

Particularly with Flapple’s gleaming.

The formerly red apple is now green, resembling a Granny Smith, in both Pokémon’s flashy forms.

While this causes Appletun’s apple cap to vanish into its green torso, it makes more sense for Flapple.

Applin transforms into Flapple when holding a Tart Apple, after all.

This not only makes sense intellectually, but it also helps Flapple seem more like a real dragon. In my book, that’s a victory!


Noibat is number twelve.

Shiny Noibat from Pokémon SWSH

Noibat, like a bat, should be able to change colors to assist it blend in with the trees outside its cave while it searches for food.

The regular Noibat’s coloration is mainly a brighter purple, so it doesn’t really show that off.

The sound wave Pokémon’s shiny form, on the other hand, makes a lot more sense.

Shiny Noibat is mainly dark green, with black details instead of the purple described before.

Noibat can now integrate with the caverns and trees where it makes its home, which makes sense.

It also makes Noibat seem a lot creepier for any upcoming Halloween parties.


Fraxure is number eleven.

Shiny Fraxure Pokémon camp SWSH

Many people, like me, adore Haxorus.

However, I don’t believe many people are aware of the Axew line’s middle form, Fraxure.

That’s most likely due to the fact that it resembles the adolescent version of Fraxure. It’s even got red zits on its stomach!

This is when the gleaming shape comes into play.

The green top has been darkened and the gray legs have been replaced with black.

However, all of the red elements have been replaced with a sky blue, making the eyes, claws, and tusks stand out even more. Axew is no longer so easily forgotten!

Wait. I’m referring to Fraxure.



Altaria is number ten.

Shiny Altaria in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Altaria has always had an ethereal aura about it, because to its cloud-like wings.

It’s a very well-designed Pokémon, and I’m glad that its shiny form complements it.

Altaria’s skin is normally blue as she emerges from the cloud.

This is a cloud passing across a brilliant blue sky.

Altaria’s skin becomes gold as it shines, making it seem as though the sun is just rising from behind that cloud.

Altaria seems to be heavenly thanks to her gleaming appearance.


9. Drampa

Shiny Drampa from Pokémon SWSH

Drampa will always hold a special place in my heart.

It’s as if the designers said to themselves, “What if we put Goofy’s face on a Chinese dragon’s body?”

It seems to be both funny and lovely! Its gleam is even more ridiculous.

Drampa’s blue skin becomes yellow and orange in the glossy form, giving her a similar appearance as Altaria.

That is not, however, what I am here to discuss.

I’ve come to discuss those brows.

What was once a brilliant yellow has become dark, as if Eugene Levy himself was channeled through a Pokémon.

And that, in my opinion, is sufficient to place it in the top ten for this rating.


Kingdra (number 8)

Shiny Kingdra in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Kingdra is just the second fully developed dragon in Pokémon, although it seems that it should have been there from the start.

It not only keeps the Horsea line alive, but it also gives us one of the finest generation 2 shinies!

Why not give Kingdra some regal hues, as he’s meant to be a “king of the sea”?

Purple, as we all know, is the most regal hue of all time.

By just altering the blue to purple, Kingdra becomes much more noticeable, particularly with her orange tummy!

Kingdra looks fantastic, and its gleaming appearance is much better.


7. Gabite

Shiny Gabite from Pokémon SWSH

Gabite, like Fraxure, is often overlooked for its development.

And I fully get where you’re coming from.

Garchomp is one of the most powerful Pokémon ever! Gabite, on the other hand, will always trump Garchomp in one area: it’s shiny.

There’s a good possibility you’d miss a shiny Garchomp if you saw one.

Basically, the color saturation was reduced by a factor of two.

Gabite’s gleam is stunning. The grays and blacks were replaced with navy and sky blue.

Everything else about Gabite suddenly comes alive!

Those golden eyes and orange stomach look much better against those deep blues, and its white claws appear even more menacing.

Garchomp, I’m sorry. It seems that you aren’t flawless after all.


Dragalge is number six.

Shiny Dragalge in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Dragalge, the second seahorse on the list, has arrived.

Dragalge, on the other hand, is a Poison/Dragon Pokémon that is designed to blend in with kelp and seaweed.

And it’s because of this that the design blends in with the rest of the Pokémon.

That’s when the gleaming comes into play.

Shiny Dragalge opts for a dark purple against an almost periwinkle blue instead of kelp camouflage.

But wait, there’s more! On top of its head, Dragalge has a green and yellow crest.

While none of this shouts “hidden predator,” it does effectively convey the idea of “poisonous dragon.”


Dragonair is number five.

Shiny Dragonair from Pokémon SWSH

Despite the fact that Dragonite isn’t on this list, I think it’s essential for the first Dragon Pokémon to feature someplace.

Dragonair, fortunately, has a lovely shine that is certainly one of my favorites.

Dragonair’s deep blue skin is replaced with a bright pink, and its blue jewels are replaced with orange in its shining form.

While orange and pink aren’t typically a good match, they work well together here.

I believe it’s because there’s so little orange in the picture that it doesn’t look like such a bold statement.

Instead, we get a strange color scheme that is just as beautiful as the original.

It’s simple, elegant, and retains the Dragonair spirit.


4. Commodore-o

Shiny Kommo-o in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Now let’s move on to something a little less basic and beautiful.

Kommo-o has a gleam to it that has grown on me the more I’ve seen it, owing to its ridiculousness.

With its club-like tail and all of those scales all over its body, Kommo-o is a Pokémon with a lot going on in terms of design.

So why not add some bright yellow and scorching pink to the mix?

Kommo-o is intended to resemble a battle-ready warrior wearing armor.

With all of these hues, it now resembles a full-fledged barbarian eager to annihilate everyone or everything that stands in its path. And I’m unable to look away!


Hydreigon is number three on the list.

Shiny Hydreigon from Pokémon SWSH

Simply stated, Hydreigon is one of the most sinister-looking Pokémon ever created.

It has a scary head and two additional heads in its hands!

When you add in the blue, magenta, and black colors, you get a really frightening picture.

So, what can we do to make it scarier?

Changing the blue and magenta to purple and green is simple.

Suddenly, you’re staring at a monster that seems to be really terrifying.

It almost seems like you combined Fluffy and the Basilisk from Harry Potter into a single monster. Seriously, I mean it.

Lord Voldemort’s mascot seems to be the gleaming Hydreigon.


2. Flygon

Shiny Flygon from Pokémon SWSH camp

Everything about Flygon appeals to me.

Its Dragon/Ground type appeals to me. The fact that it’s based on dragonflies is fantastic. The tiny bubbles that go over its eyes are adorable.

In addition to all of this, I like its gleam.

With two colors of green and red on the detailing, Flygon’s initial design is quite secure.

Its gleaming shape, on the other hand, takes a lot of chances.

All of the red is converted to orange, while the deeper green portions are altered to sky blue.

Flygon now seems to be much quicker and cooler than it was before!

When I see this shiny, I know it’s a Pokémon I’d want to ride through the desert on a motorbike.

Flygon is without a doubt my all-time favorite Dragon-type Pokémon. Its gleam highlights everything I already liked about it.

It’s still not my fave Dragon-type shiny, however…


Haxorus is the first.

Shiny Haxorus Pokémon camp SWSH

Haxorus has always had a chilling and frightening appearance.

However, the fact that it was mostly yellow made it seem safer.

That’s why I like its gleaming appearance.

Black and crimson has to be one of the coolest/scariest color combos ever. This is illustrated by shiny Haxorus.

All of the yellow has been transformed black, the same black that previously existed on Haxorus.

This implies you’re staring at a Pokémon with all black fur, blood red eyes, claws, and axe-like tusks.

It’s straightforward. It’s terrifying. It’s efficient.

As a result of all of this, I believe Haxorus deserves to be ranked first.

The all dragon type pokemon is a list of the 15 best shiny dragon-type Pokémon worth catching.

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