PlayStation Weekly Issue #4 – PS5

Welcome to another edition of PlayStation Weekly! The best place to stay up to date with PlayStation news!

Behind the goal, I tell you that the week has been somewhat slow with news from the game world. I mean, there’s a lot of little things here and there, but no really decent information you can read here. Since yesterday, however, an important news item has received a lot of attention. This message is a delay from Destruction Allstars! One of the few exclusive launches of the PS5.

Don’t worry about it. This is actually pretty good news for future PS5 owners. The release of Destruction Allstars is postponed until February 2021, but not because the game needs more work. It seems that the Allstars Destruction has been delayed due to the low number of pre-orders. But that’s not all. Destruction Allstars will also be released in February as a free PS Plus title! It will be available to Plus subscribers free of charge for 2 months and will then be returned to stores for a Sony price tag.

Although this news doesn’t seem too deep, it is. Due to the late announcement of the Destruction Allstars game, many players who had ordered the PS5 with the game in the package were worried about what would happen to their pre-orders. Well, it looks like the solution has to be simple. Subtract the price of the game from the total price or exchange it for another game, but GameStop has sent some disturbing emails that could be better explained, and we hope they will be updated and sent with clearer deadlines.

Although I haven’t heard how other companies handle their packages, I can tell you that GameStop has sent emails to its customers to inform them that their orders have been delayed. Thin, thin, duuunnnnnnnn !!!!

The problem is that the email does not say exactly what happened and how it continues. Many people have contacted GameStop customer service to enquire about this email, which is not 100% specific because GameStop hasn’t launched an application yet, but many players say that GameStop told them that they would simply cancel the game and that the rest of the console kit would be sent on time.

I have not heard of cable pre-orders in this regard, but I have the feeling that people will make a mistake if they cancel their pre-order online, because they can expect the batch of consoles to be delivered sometime in February 2021. Don’t cancel people’s pre-orders! GameStop is a bit slow in cleaning up, and the email was probably an automatic message to warn you that more information is on its way.

If GameStop ever makes a public comment about this, I’ll be sure to let you know, but at the same time, I advise you to stick to the idea that your pre-order for PS5 is still active. Don’t panic before you hear from GS. However, I’ve just spoken to GameStop’s representative, and I was told that the game would be cancelled and everything else would be shipped on time. Here’s a copy of the transcript at the end of my conversation.

The good news is, Destruction Allstars will be delayed. Not only will it be free and save us $70 (USD), but it will also allow us to reach a much wider audience with PS Plus. The game has been designed to be fun online, and we’ve seen how games can really take off when added at launch as a PS Plus game. Not to mention that we may see a change in the way Sony does things with exclusive names.

I don’t remember having a real Troika A game when we released it on PS Plus. Normally we see these races after a few months on the positive side. While I don’t wait for things to change, this can happen over time if the Destruction Allstars manage to conquer the PS5 fan base the way the Fallguys of Rocket League did. These two games are now making a lot of money, and they are independent games. That’s something to think about, Sony!

Another way to look at the game, even if you didn’t order it in advance or you weren’t enthusiastic at all, is the money factor again. This game should cost $70. That’s more than the cost of an annual subscription to PS Plus. If you get a PS Plus, if you get a PS5, you pay for yourself and then for what! Of course, if you don’t want to try this game at all, you really have no advantage, except that the game is always free, whether you try it or not.

That covers the great backlog of the stars of destruction! I hope I’ve reassured everyone who might be worried about pre-ordering their kit, at least at GameStop. Don’t forget to look here next Tuesday! Shortly before the next release more news will be announced!

Have you pre-ordered a PS5 kit with Allstars Destruction? Did you talk to your salesperson to find out how the order would go? Let us know in the comments and tell us how it went!

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