5 things we’ve discovered by playing with the PS5 Dualsense controller

After playing with the PS5 for a couple of days, we talked about 5 new aspects of the Dualsense controller that are different from the Dualshock 4. This is how the PlayStation 5 controller tries to change the way you play.

We have already spent several days on PS5 to prepare the analysis of the console. A few days ago we proposed to unpack the PS5 and our first impressions of Astro’s Playroom, a game pre-installed on the hard disk of a new generation of machines. Now it’s time to tell you about our experiences with the Dualsense controller.

The Controller is one of the most important new features of the PlayStation 5 and the features on paper have already been introduced above. That is why in this report we wanted to focus on five aspects that we found during the work on the report. We have made it clear that we want to play with it and that we are not going to open it up for exploration.

If you are curious about what this car, built in Europe in the 19th century, has to offer, you can find out more. Coming November for a price of 499,99 euro (with disk drive) and 399 euro (digital edition) we have highlighted 5 aspects that were not clear before. The control unit is also sold separately for € 69.99 and the charging station costs € 29.99.

These are 5 aspects of Dualsense that surprised us while playing with PS5.

3 Headlights

The Dualsense control unit is equipped with three different front lights. On the one hand there is the ambient light, which he inherited from Dualshock 4 and which, in this case, stands in a thin line around the touch screen. This light can change colour depending on the game and can be used to track the camera in PSVR games (we need an adapter, which can be ordered for free).

The second light under the touch screen tells us which player is holding the controller. If it is a single player, as shown in the picture, it is a bright spot in the middle that changes depending on the number of players synchronized with the console. A third display appears when the microphone mute button is pressed. This is a transparent button that is turned off by default, but lights up orange when active.

Tactile Vibration also works with PS4backwards compatible games.

We had the ability to play backward compatible games for PS4. These games can be played in the traditional way with our Dualshock, but if we play with a Dualsense controller, we will also benefit from some specific hardware improvements. We were surprised at how tactile vibrations work in a game like The Last of Us Part II. We don’t just feel it as we drive, from the beginning of the game, but we can even feel the vibration of some guitar chords that sound like a soundtrack.

This is because the two-way controller uses the audio tracks as a vibration source. But don’t panic, this doesn’t mean that our controller will vibrate every time you play music, but it does mean that it will be activated at the right times in the game when music plays an important role. As said, these are guitar chords (in the soundtrack composed by Gustavo Santaolalla).

How adaptive control units work

We have spoken several times about the adaptive triggering functions of the Dual Sense Controller. Here is a video that shows how the variable resistor works. Imagine that in this case we pull onions or press the string of the guitar. The first part of the tour met with increasing resistance. The point of maximum resistance is then reached, and after exceeding it (when the bow or guitar string is released) the resistance disappears. This effect can be adapted to the needs of the developer in any game.

Built-in speaker has a very clear sound

While in Dualshock 4 there were games that already used the controller’s speaker (e.g. horror games that simulated mysterious sounds or phone calls), at that time we were only enjoying the sound effects on the Dualsense controller. However, these effects can be heard with crystalline purity, much more precisely than with the previous check. If it were a more important conversation or effect, there would be no danger of missing the point.

Battery life

With all the features of Dualsense (a wireless controller powered by a rechargeable battery) it was logical to think that battery life would be reduced compared to the Dualshock 4 – and that was one of the Dualshock’s weaknesses. We cannot enter the exact measurements you will see in our analysis of the console, but we can give you some estimated impressions.

It depends on the game we try, but the 50% increase in battery life (currently at 1560mAh) is noticeable and allows us to play comfortably longer than on PS4. It is one of the most requested improvements that we have asked for in the PS5 controller, and fortunately – at least in the early games – it seems to have met our expectations.

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