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The population of Solo PvP in Fortnite is dead. This has been the case for some time now, with only a few people playing this mode. It is unclear what caused the population to drop so quickly, but it may be related to how players are getting bored of the same game modes over and over again.

Are single player games dying reddit is a question that has been floating around for a while. There are no concrete answers, but there is speculation that solo games are becoming less popular due to the popularity of multiplayer gaming. Read more in detail here: are single player games dying reddit.

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I’m Shotts, and I’m here to help you out. Dedicated pvper from a variety of MMOs. At the second launch, I went alone. Just wanted to let everyone know about the present state of pvp in this game before they go out and purchase it. Since the game’s debut, the population has plummeted to the point that match wait durations range from 1 minute to 45 minutes. Arenas usually have the shortest wait times. Battlegrounds and battle royale are nearly often associated with longer wait times. However, wait times in the arena have been as little as ten minutes.

What’s really destroyed the pvp population is this:

Arenas: Everyone fell in love with 3v3 when it was released, however the ranking system is a little faulty. For 3 dps teams, wins are worth 7-8 points, whereas for 1 heal 2 dps teams, wins are worth 14-16 points. The system divides you into 400-point categories. So, if you’re a 2000, you’ll be paired with someone between 1600 and 2400. The algorithm, however, will ALWAYS interpret you as 2600 if your rating is 2600. Because you fall inside the 400-point matchmaking range, even if your rating is 2200, you may be paired with ANYONE over 2600. So, if you have a 5000 rating, you will almost certainly be paired with a low vs high rated person at some time. The majority of the high-rated teams are squads, as they should be, however our new players should not be paired with them.

The battlegrounds 10s and 15s in the Battle of the Continents. With bad optimization on the 15s map, this is an absolute blast of a play list. Depending on the day, a complete squad of 10 or 15 premades may queue. This will undoubtedly result in a ready-made farm. There is nothing else for pvp guilds to do. Fix: Ranked continents have been added to the queue.

Emerald Clouds Battle Royale: 6 teams of 5 players. It’s a great playlist, however the wait times have been terrible since inception. They attempted to solve issue by introducing a solo queue function, but it didn’t help at all, which was surprising. As a result, preset teams are the only way to make this work.

Faction War: I’m finding it difficult to write about this playlist since it has the greatest potential of any in the game. They have a gorgeous huge faction zone built up, comparable to AV from World of Warcraft. There is a good side and a negative side. I think the maximum population is 150v150, however it was reduced to 100v100 for performance reasons. During scheduling battles, this is just unplayable. PvP between factions This game’s optimization or translation is the poorest in the whole game. Not to mention the fact that you’re fighting in the center of the map, beside a river. No one dares to go beyond since there’s no need to render 95% of the zone useless. This is my favorite part of solo pvp, which is a pity since it’s terrible.

Except for infrequent pk, open world isn’t worth writing about since it’s not even a significant component of the pvp scene.

It’s a shame to watch it deteriorate.

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