All Rot Spirit locations in the Forgotten Forest in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

The Forgotten Forest is a new area in the game that was added with the release of Kena. It has been called one of the most beautiful areas in all of Kena, but it is also home to some of the most dangerous creatures and spirits.

The Zelda Forest Spirits are a group of spirits that appear in the Zelda franchise. They have been turned into enemies by the Great King of Evil, Ganon. Read more in detail here: zelda forest spirits.

Rot Spirits are a kind of collectable that may be discovered throughout Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Collecting them will enhance your battle experience by enabling your Rot to take on additional tasks. In the Forgotten Forest, there are a total of 14 Rot Spirits to discover. Here’s where you can find them.

On a log

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Head to the right after entering the Forgotten Forest. Defend yourself against the corruption on the opposite side of the river by following the route. Two logs will stick out over the water after the corruption has been removed. One of them is marked with a purple emblem. While standing on the sign, use Spirit Pulse to send four targets into the air. Before they reach the ground, shoot them all with your bow to create the Rot Spirit. 

Shrine of Water

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The first stage towards unleashing this Rot Spirit is for your Spirits to place the two stones adjacent to the big tree where they belong. Don’t worry, they are self-evident. After that, use Spirit Pulse on the adjacent stone platform to open the Forest Tear. Head to the left of the stone archway once the Forest Tear is accessible.

The Rot Spirits have the ability to raise a big square stone. Move the stone to the stone wall adjacent to the quick travel spot on the opposite side of the archway. The Rot Spirits will shift the wooden wall if you jump up. After that, use the Forest Tear to transform them into their actual form and have them crash into a pile of leaves on the platform. The Spirit will be released as a result of this.

Pot hung from the ceiling

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Follow the left route past the corrupted gate at the start of the section. Continue down the route until you reach the corrupted shrine on the opposite side of the river. Take the right branch and gaze up when the route splits. A pot is suspended from the trees. To make the Rot Spirit fall out, shoot it with your bow.

Shrine of the God Tree

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After you’ve cleared out the God Tree Shrine, you’ll see a flower connected to the tree above and to the right of it. To climb up to the platform, shoot the blossom. Continue along the platform until you get to a puddle. To get the Rot Spirit, use your Spirit Pulse.

In a cave

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Take a right at the beginning of the area. To locate a cave, follow the river that flows under the Hat Cart. There are several tablets within the cave. To summon the Rot Spirit, use Spirit Pulse.

Near the Meditation Area

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Find the bridge that crosses a small river on the opposite side of the Forgotten Forest. To get to the opposite side, follow the river and fire the crystal. To the right of the Meditation Spot, the Rot Spirit is hidden under a stone.

Sprout Captain must be defeated.

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You will visit the Guardian Tree when you have progressed far enough in the level to have cleansed all of the shrines and defeated the Sprout Captain. Taro’s meal giving memories and three Rot Spirits will be given to you here.

Somewhere under the rocks

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You’ll be able to pass through the locked archway after defeating both the Sprout Captain and the Mage boss battles. Continue straight through the gate and keep to the right along the wall of trees and bushes. Three rocks may be found. To locate the spirit, have the Rot Spirits raise the rock on the right.

Getting Rid of Corruption

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Head up the cliffs after passing through the archway and through the Mage boss battle. To utilize a Forest Tear, go to the location where you can use it. Begin removing the corruption. After it’s all gone, you’ll find one Forest Tear beside a cliff, surrounded by a mound of leaves. To scatter the leaves, use a Rot Cloud. There’s a log underneath it. To locate the next Rot Spirit, lift up the log.

The Shrine Guardian must be defeated.

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You’ll face the Shrine Guardian monster after you’ve reached the conclusion of the level. After that, you’ll be able to acquire another one of Taro’s relics by automatically unlocking the final three Rot Spirits.

The forest of spirits shrine is a location in the Forgotten Forest in Kena. It is where all Rot Spirit locations are located.

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