Star Citizen Prepares For Alpha 3.13

Star Citizen with a recap of the news and information the IC week brought us, with changes from patch 3.13, a new cart feature, physical inventory, and more!

Let’s start with an excerpt from the newsletter ….. From unrecorded systems to untold stories: New additions to Galactopedia

Verse is a vast and dynamic place, full of different creatures and cultures. You never know what you might run into. To prepare you for all the possibilities, Galactopedia lists hundreds of the most important people, places, and events in the worms, and the latest round of additions is here! Finally, Galactopedia will be available both in-game and on the RSI website, and there’s a lot of history, so check back from time to time for updates…..

Me too… well sense my editor is starting a new series on Galactopedia and some more useful contributions from the legends… You should see them on the channel next week!

This week’s preview is the Voyager Bar or Sky Bar at Orison.

The Red Party and Free Flight events and associated sale are over … but the problem isn’t that there will be another sale when 3.13 goes live at the end of March and the big Fleet and Free Flight week sale is at the end of May.

The roadmap update had only one minor disappointment, as it showed that the missile upgrades and the elusive surrender feature had been moved to 3.14, BUT the mining subcomponents from 3.13 had been added for your lasers, shield upgrades with all the new tech, and the player reputation app on mobiGlas so you can keep track of who you like and who you don’t, as well as your privileges with each mission giver/faction.

Within Star Citizen, there was an assortment of features.

Mounted weapons are illustrated in verse 3:13 and are used to protect structures.

It has been shown that these punches are not enough to knock you down, but they do cause you to move and lose some control.

The push-pull system uses carts to load and push….. is technically a land vehicle. I’m trying to figure out how to get them. Do we buy them and put them in boats? To give birth to it? Or are they just lying around?

It showed the work that new studio Turbulent was doing on the gameplay as a warm-up, to make Javelin Wreck on Daymar something impressive.

Planetary upgrades with coral and marine parts, more work on colonial outposts, we saw work on hospitals in MicroTech and Orison. There was still a lot of work to do to get the ship to the docking station AND there was a new assembler.

The call to all devices focused on physical inventory, which will gain more features in 2021. Start with local provisioning in ships and landing areas containing items and equipment, and external provisioning with storage containers/chests, outdoor bags for ships, and then expand to physically implement these containers and other storage types with lockers, etc…..

Finally, for RSI subscribers, the latest Jump Point magazine comes out, there’s Nomad, race car, M50, look at the CC conversion like the weird helmet in the game AND we should see a new style in March for subscribers, green/orange leather for e-snipers and gun….. Some people love this color scheme, others hate it!

And that’s it for this week! Next week,3.13 can go to evocati…. not that I’m for the 1. The UTP wave can be about so many things.

frequently asked questions

Star Citizen in alpha or beta?

This was a closed alpha test, with no indication of a beta or full launch date. At the same time, Star Citizen is the best taste of the gameplay and technological advances we’re making; you can download new updates every three months with new features and content, as well as technological advances, Roberts wrote.

Is Star Citizen a scam?

I would say that Star Citizen is not a rip-off. At least, there is no evidence yet that this is the case. Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has always made it clear (as far as I know) that if you pledge a certain amount of real money, you are contributing to the development of the game.

What is the most expensive ship in Star Citizen?

The Javelin is the most expensive and impressive ship in Star Citizen to date. The Javelin costs $2,500 per ship and all 200 ships of the original series have been sold.


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