Final weekend Nuclear Winter guide for perk coins

The final weekend of Nuclear Winter is coming up, and we’re here to help you get the most out of your last few hours.

nuclear winter is a game mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. It’s the final weekend before the nuclear winter starts, so it’s time to get your perk coins!

fallout 8 - Final weekend Nuclear Winter guide for perk coins

After nuclear winter sunsets next week, there has been a lot of misunderstanding about perk coins, so I thought I’d attempt to clarify things up.

According to my understanding, you get 6 coins for each unique perk card you own, plus one more coin for each overseer ticket you possess. Nuclear Winter has 73 perk cards, with no distinction between animated and non-animated cards. You may obtain several cards of the same benefit if you played NW before the introduction of overseer tickets. Duplicate cards will still get you 6 coins, up to a total of 600 coins. You’ll only be able to earn 438 coins plus up to 200 extra for overseer tickets if you began after they were introduced.

Your actual level isn’t as significant as you would think, so you don’t have to go bush wandering for hours in order to level up a lot. Although, if you have a character that has spent little to no time in NW, it would be worthwhile to get to about level 5, which shouldn’t take long since you receive a card pack at every level.

Perk card packets should not be left unsealed. You’re looking for the real cards or overseer tickets. Since each benefit card is worth 6 tickets, it appears best not to buy any cards that cost more than that.

There are several simple tasks that may be completed to gain packs for people who have just dabbled with NW. Some challenges are character-based, while others are account-based. Choose the character that will earn you the most money after completing tasks in Nuclear Winter.

  1. If you haven’t completed the snap a picture challenge yet, you may win approximately 3 perk packs while waiting for the game to begin.
  2. Putting up camps. It costs nothing to set up your camp, and it can be done anywhere. For a quick pack, just place your camp as soon as you load into the map.
  3. Construct a defense. For this task, construct anything under the defensive tab in your camp. It was free to construct, and there are many levels, making it a simple 3-4 pack.
  4. Survive. There are many of them. One is just a few minutes of nuclear winter. So it’s simply a matter of staying alive in a match. You may accomplish this by hiding in a bush or by using the Aquaman/Woman perk and submerging yourself in water. There are additional challenges like living for a certain period of time in the firestorm and nuclear zones.
  5. Picking locks and gaining access to computer systems. If you can locate one, you can complete them in one sitting.
  6. Taking the lives of animals. This is a little more enjoyable since you are hunting animals rather than humans. Under charisma, there are a handful of perk cards that assist with damage and resistance. If you find a briefcase and can launch a nuke for that challenge, it’s also an excellent method to acquire nuclear codes.

There are many more tasks, but these are the ones that I find the simplest to complete in a reasonable amount of time. While in a match, check under challenges to determine which ones you believe you can complete.

I hope this is of use to someone, and if you have any suggestions or believe I made a mistake, please let me know in the comments. Good luck and have a good time.

Goodbye, Nuclear Winter. You were a lot of fun, and I’m disappointed that the datamined maps were never published.

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