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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shounen anime out there, and with good reason. The series has a ton of great characters, amazing action scenes, and a lot to love. However, it also has a few useless quirks that can be frustrating to watch. This list will rank the top five most useless quirks in MHA!

The kenji tsuragamae quirk is a quirk that allows the user to create and control water. It was first seen in the anime My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia has a diverse cast of characters, each with their own quirk that defines their whole persona.

However, not everyone can be a Deku, Bakugou, or Todoroki, thus the scales are skewed.

So, as we count down the most worthless Quirks in My Hero Academia, we’ll take a look at the weaker side of the hero world.

I’ll try to limit myself to identified characters with named quirks, so don’t hold your breath for the guy who ripped his eyeballs out in the first episode.


Hanta Sero – Tape No. 15

Hanta Sero – Tape from MHA anime

This Quirk appealed to me at first.

It seemed to be extremely flexible, allowing you to essentially be Spiderman.

However, as you’ll see, many of the quirks on this list can be easily reproduced using technology.

And it’s the same with Tape, since Eraser Head’s scarf seems to work in the same manner as tape – without giving you the strangest elbows you’ve ever seen.

After some practice, even Shisuo was able to master them, thus Sero’s Quirk essentially eliminates all training. When you think about it, that’s fairly mediocre.


14. Mushroom Kinoko Komori

Kinoko Komori – Mushroom in My Hero Academia anime

This Quirk is a little strange.

When it was first employed, it seemed to be more of a nuisance than a genuine danger.

Any dry regions are severely nerfed, and the user must be concealed to have any chance of accomplishing anything worthwhile.

But then we find out that the mushrooms may just kill you, which would have been fantastic if Kinoko had been a villain. But, given her status as a hero, it seems pointless.

Perhaps Kinoko has more impressive achievements in the manga.

But for the time being, she seems to be little more than a minor annoyance.


Weld by Yosetsu Awase

Yosetsu Awase – Weld in BNHA anime

Weld is a useful Quirk, but it’s also a rather weak one.

When Yosetsu attached the tracking device on the Nomu, he proved to be a valuable asset. But it was only because of Momo that this was possible.

To utilize his Quirk successfully, he requires a lot of preparation, since he need both a prepared item and the ability to touch his opponent while holding that item in a separate hand.

This is fairly poor in comparison to what other characters do when they touch you.

Sure, he could make something cool outside of combat using his Quirk. However, it’s more of a time saver than a genuine Quirk.


Shin Nemoto – Confession (#12)

Shin Nemoto – Confession MHA anime screenshot

So, if it hadn’t been for a sneaky little notion known as “semantics,” this Quirk would have been very strong.

His only goal is to get knowledge and avoid treachery. Despite this, the one time we saw him question someone, he failed miserably and was betrayed.

And his failure was due to the fact that he did not phrase his inquiry correctly.

On paper, the Quirk seems to be infinitely adaptable and powerful.

However, there are too many flaws in the implementation.

In fact, anytime the user makes a mistake during a confession, he is really assisting the adversary. Because they “passed the exam,” they’ll face little to no scrutiny.


Ryo Inui – Dog (No. 11)

Ryo Inui – Dog from My Hero Academia anime

Another animal that should be powerful but isn’t is the dog.

It offers you the enhanced senses of a dog, transforming you into the greatest scout.

However, when it was put to the test for the first time, it fell short.

Even a normal person would have been able to hear people shouting at each other as they danced about and launched blows that might have felled trees.

The truth is that if Deku hadn’t been where he was, criminals would have been able to infiltrate U.A. with relative ease.

Furthermore, the Quirk seems to impair your communication abilities and causes you to lash out like an enraged animal, making it much less effective than most other sensory Quirks.


10. Stiffening Shikkui Makabe

Shikkui Makabe – Stiffening in BNHA anime

Stiffening is a very boring Quirk.

It allows the user to make anything they touch hard – but only non-living objects are affected.

Try to think of a scenario when this Quirk might be useful, particularly if you’re in a one-on-one setting.

Sure, throwing bits of paper at someone like shuriken would be funny. But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t ensure that you’ll strike anybody with them, or that you’ll have the power to make the hit matter.

You may always bring your own hard projectiles as well.

This Quirk is only helpful in very particular team-comps and circumstances, regardless of how I look at it.


9. Larceny – Toya Setsuno

Toya Setsuno – Larceny from MHA anime

Larceny has the same problem as Stiffening in that it is much too specialized.

It simply enables you to remove any small-to-medium item from someone’s hand in an instant.

However, the user must first view the object. And, as we saw in the anime, this aspect may be readily abused.

You could honestly simply cover with your coat and shoot that way, thus rendering the user Quirkless.

The only reason larceny isn’t higher on the list is that it’s an excellent way to steal, but that’s about it.


8. Saiko Intelli – Intelligence Quotient

Saiko Intelli – IQ in My Hero Academia anime

To avoid sounding like a broken record, this Quirk seems to be very strong on paper – but has yet to produce any tangible effects.

After drinking some tea and closing your eyes, it allows you to calculate your IQ.

Nonetheless, the user was outsmarted by a normal clever individual.

Keep in mind that Saiko was in the ideal situation to utilize her Quirk at the time.

No one is going to wait for you in a real fight while you drink tea and attempt to focus. Furthermore, if you don’t have a crew to carry out your ideas, the Quirk is useless.

So, yes, it’s just a r/iamverysmart submission.


7. Water Pump – Backdraft

Backdraft – Water Pump MHA anime screenshot

This Quirk just functions as a high-end hose.

It enables you to spray water and regulate it to a certain extent.

For a fireman, the Quirk is an excellent tool. However, when it comes to becoming a hero, it falls short.

It must have taken the user years to get any real control over the water, and he sprays it out at a poor pace, so there’s no way to utilize it offensively.

Water Pump seems like a waste in comparison to villains who can control whole seas and drown a city.


Invisibility (Toru Hagakure)

Toru Hagakure – Invisibility from MHA anime

Despite the fact that being invisible is a popular ability among comic book and anime enthusiasts (particularly those who are pervy), the Quirk is completely worthless.

Its only function is to collect data.

Despite this, it is outperformed by virtually every other sensory quirk.

To get up close and personal, the user must be totally nude and defenseless. A puff of smoke or a creaky floorboard, for example, may totally derail your objective.

Why go to all that effort when someone can just listen in on the talks from afar and get the same impact with none of the risk?


5. Love – La Brava

La Brava – Love in My Hero Academia anime

I like La Brava, but her Quirk is much too specialized for me.

In fact, I believe it is the Quirk with the greatest requirements and limitations in the whole My Hero Academia world.

For a limited time, it enables you to power up someone you really care about.

It may also only be used once each day.

The fact that you must be in love already severely restricts this Quirk.

But there’s also the issue that the powerup isn’t too powerful, and it’s only useful if your partner understands how to fight in hand-to-hand combat.

Todoroki in buff form is just as strong as the basic form, but he now needs to be in a relationship.


Gecko by Shuichi Iguchi

Shuichi Iguchi – Gecko in BNHA anime

This Quirk has a direct negative impact on your life.

Imagine having to dress yourself like a gigantic lizard simply to fulfill your dream of scaling the side of a building.

It just isn’t worth it.

Almost every other Quirk of that kind outclasses it when it comes to mobility.

Mineta, for example, refers to scale barriers in the same way. He doesn’t have to appear like a lizard, and he’s not limited to using his Quirk in that situation.

And if diaper boy has an advantage over you, it’s likely that you got the short end of the stick.


3. Kaoruko Awata – Kaoruko Awata – Kaoruko Awata –

Kaoruko Awata – Bubble from MHA anime

As a result, you may use this ability to produce bubbles that are filled with a fragrance you’ve already encountered.

I’m not sure how helpful this is in any scenario. Aside from pranking folks or soothing a kid.

When it comes to this Quirk, there isn’t much of a use case.

If it’s a really unpleasant odor, your opponent may just squeeze their nose.

You’ve simply added steps to a perfume if it smells very nice.

Every element of this Quirk can be readily reproduced using items seen in daily life, therefore I don’t understand why it exists.


2. Zoom by Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume – Zoom in My Hero Academia anime

When I was studying this Quirk for this list, I nearly assumed it was a sleeper OP.

Because, according to the wiki, the user may zoom up to 5 kilometers into the distance.

But then it occurred to me that there were a few things I needed to remember.

To begin with, it only works if there is absolutely nothing between you and the person you’re spying on, which is a stretch.

Second, you can replicate this same look with a decent set of binoculars.

Binoculars are perhaps even better since you can lend them to your colleagues and ensure that everyone is on the same page.


1. Telescopic Tatami Nakagame

Tatami Nakagame – Telescopic from MHA anime

I’ve already slammed this character in a prior list, and I’m going to do it again now.

Telescoping is little more than a gimmick.

Tatami can only use it once to avoid an assault before she becomes stuck, and she can’t even repeat that poor maneuver until she is unstuck.

Telescopic simply enables you to “fold” a portion of your body into itself, like a frightened turtle, in case you haven’t seen the show and this seems like rambling.

How did Tatami manage to pass the admission exam?

How did she avoid being stabbed to death by a random guy with a knife?

I despise this guy because everything about him is perplexing.

My Hero Academia is a manga and anime series that has been running for more than 10 years. The series follows Izuku Midoriya as he strives to become a hero despite being born without any superpowers. In the first season of the show, there are many quirks that make Izuku’s journey to becoming a hero difficult. These quirks include Deku’s quirkless state, his fear of heights, and his extreme shyness. Reference: my hero academia best quirks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most useless character in my hero academia?

I am not sure if you mean useless in the sense of being a bad character, or useless in the sense of having no abilities. If you are asking about who is the most useless character in your opinion, then it would be Fumikage Tokoyami.

What is the weakest quirk in MHA?

The weakest quirk in My Hero Academia is the fact that some of the characters are still human.

What is the weirdest quirk in my hero academia?

Umm… Im not sure what you mean.

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