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The Ultimate Collection – Super Nintendo is a compilation released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1995. It contains 21 games, including ports of arcade classics such as Donkey Kong Country and Street Fighter II. In addition to these games, it also contains the previously unreleased Star Fox 2, a sequel to the original Star Fox game. Star Fox 2 has become notorious in recent years due to the fact that it was cancelled before its official release and is generally considered to be among the best games of all time.

When winter arrives, some people resolve to spend the next few months at home to escape the elements.

For others, the fun is just beginning.

And in some places you can ski and snowboard all year round!

You have to really love winter sports to settle on a place specifically designed for this purpose. But fortunately, things are much simpler for our Sims. Now it’s easier than ever to send them on vacation to Mt. Corembi can come for as long as he wants.

And there are plenty of CC items related to these winter activities, for players with or without the expansion pack – and they’re great.

After this list, winter will definitely be your favorite season – at least in The Sims.

Men’s snow equipment

Check out this AC.

When you go snowboarding or skiing, you want to stay warm.

Same goes for sims.

It’s even more dangerous for them because they freeze to death much faster than we do.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion to survive. While there are many capes in the game, there is no full down outfit.

This is a classic ski outfit that will keep your sim warm in style. I like the slight sheen of the mesh, it makes it very realistic. This type of snow suit material always repels cold and moisture better than others.

Goggles and ski masks

Check out this AC.

Anyone who has experienced at least one winter will agree that there is nothing worse than snow blindness.

Well, maybe freezing is worse.

But burning your eyes from the snow is still not fun. So ski goggles are obviously a must if you are doing winter sports. However, this does not mean that they stay there all the time.

These glasses are an accessory that is placed on your Sim’s head as if he has just put them on. It’s a great look for overcast days, just after your Sim has hit the slopes or relaxed in the ski chalet.

Ski Blush is also a brilliant idea.

After a few hours in the cold and snow, your face is sure to turn red, and combined with the high speed of the snowboard and the wind, the result looks like this.

I have to give the designer extra credit for leaving the outline of the glasses in brown!

Ski mask

Check out this AC.

Honestly, I don’t know if people wear these masks for anything other than flying.

But this is The Sims. No banks, no guns, no worries.

If you can overcome the fear that everyone will think you’re bad, I’m sure they’ll be very cordial. They match any jacket or ski outfit and leave nothing to the cold except your Sim’s eyes.

Their details are also impressive. You can almost see the individual stitches!

Winter decoration set for outdoors

Check out this AC.

For many people, half the attraction of winter sports is staying in a chalet or house.

I’m sure there are many families where everyone wants to ski, except for one or two members who insist on sitting in front of the cozy fireplace, wooden walls, and beautiful furniture.

Not everyone is an avid skier (or wants to be).

Some Sims only travel once a year, especially during the holidays, and this CC set is perfect for creating that cozy environment for your Sims.

There are plenty of decorative skis to be found, as well as rustic wooden sleds and a number of winter-inspired items.

Bini with glasses – child version

Check out this AC.

If you have the Snowy Escape package, you can assume that you are ready for winter CAS.

And the children? How can you forget the children?

They get a lot of attention in The Sims 4, always overshadowed by toddlers or teenagers.

But even though they are the least interesting phase of life, they deserve warmth!

Now that you’ve taken the whole family to Mt. Corembi sends, children can also look appropriately.

This CC is converted from the adult version, so you can even make a parent-child version if you want – is there anything cuter than that?

Operation of the winter child

Check out this AC.

Too bad the latest version of Seasons doesn’t include weather features like the previous versions.

People’s feelings about the weather are quite strong and sometimes loud.

Some people hate the end of summer, others hate the heat and can’t wait for the sweet, sweet cold and ice cream.

I think snowboarders and skiers fall into the latter category.

So it would make sense that there would be some sort of character trait that anchors them to their weather preferences…. and it’s finally possible.

Thanks to SimliciousSarah, your Sim’s love of winter can now be an integral part of his personality. If you use this property mod, your Sim will get a lucky break when performing winter activities.

Career Snowboarder

Check out this AC.

Everyone dreams of making a career out of their passion, but few are so lucky.

But thanks to this mod, your Sims can be among the lucky ones!

Career mods are always one of my favorite CCs, as they provide much needed variations to the career paths we already have (and have played over and over again).

With this snowboarding career, your Sim can climb the ladder from employee to professional snowboarder while earning lots of Simoleons.

And the best part is that it is compatible with the base game!

Norvedem ski

Check out this AC.

We all know that there are only so many ways to express your Sim’s interests and personality through decoration.

And if your Sim is a skier, it makes sense for them to have something in their home to show how much they love skiing.

Seriously, everyone who plays sports has these things everywhere.

More orderly people might keep some stuff in the garage, but it’s not uncommon to find snowboards in the living room, bowling balls in the closet or baseball bats in the bedroom.

However, the latter cannot be applied to sport alone.

Either way, these simple wooden skis make a great decorative element in any room of your Sims’ home. Or if you’re ambitious enough to build your own ski chalet, they’ll definitely fit right in.

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