EA Releases Early Gameplay Footage of Dead Space, Showcasing Completely Overhauled Graphics

Electronic Arts has released a new gameplay trailer for Dead Space. This is the first time that the series has been shown in its entirety since 2008, and it looks like a completely different game from what we have seen before.

The dead space remake trailer is a video that showcases the game’s completely overhauled graphics.

EA-Releases-Early-Gameplay-Footage-of-Dead-Space-Showcasing-CompletelyMotive (EA Motive)

EA Motive revealed the first gameplay video for their forthcoming remake of EA Redwood Shores’ 2008 survival horror classic, Dead Space, during a developer livestream conducted yesterday. It seems to be excellent.

EA Motive seems to have done a fantastic job of maintaining the atmosphere of the original while cranking up the creepiness with significantly enhanced textures and shadow quality, as shown by one of the developer’s comparison images. That’s despite the fact that the game is still in its early stages of development, as the disclaimers on all of the gameplay footage make clear.

EA Motive accompanied the video with an explanation of some of the modifications made to Dead Space’s infamous limb dismemberment mechanism. Players will not only be able to chop off the limbs of Necromorphs, but will also be able to see their flesh peel away when they are hit with high-damage, low-precision weaponry, unlike in the original.

Because there are now bones to deal with, Dead Space gamers will need to be more accurate with their plasma cutters. Unless limbs are properly cut or blown off, they may continue hanging.

Gunner Wright will reprise his role as Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of Dead Space. Clarke has been voiced by Wright in every prior Dead Space game. (He was not acknowledged in the original, according to IMDb.)

EA-Releases-Early-Gameplay-Footage-of-Dead-Space-Showcasing-CompletelyMotive (EA Motive)


Dead Space is being created specifically for next-generation consoles and PC, bringing the franchise’s degree of terror and immersion to new heights thanks to the Frostbite game engine’s outstanding graphics, audio, and controls. As they struggle to survive a living nightmare onboard the barren mining spaceship, the USG Ishimura, fans will be treated to an enhanced narrative, characters, gameplay mechanics, and more, all while discovering the terrible mystery of what happened to the murdered crew and ship.

EA Motive is the source of this information.

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Dead Space has been one of the most popular horror games ever, and it is getting a remake. EA released early gameplay footage of the game that showcases completely overhauled graphics. Reference: dead space remake developer.

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