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The forces of darkness exist in many parts of Terraria, but the bosses prevail. However, the patterns don’t quite accumulate in the order in which you hit them. That’s why we’ve categorized all Terraria leaders by difficulty level, so you can see how your sniping skills stand.

The developers did a good job by making the first boss, the Slim King, the easiest and the last boss, the Moon Lord, the hardest to make, but each of the 17 main bosses has different times and skills that make it difficult to rank easily.

So we did our best to give all the reasons for our ranking, with different levels and tips to find the bosses and deal with them when you meet them.

17. King’s Mucus

He will appear at random and you may never see him, but the King of Mucus can be hunted in many ways. Either you kill 150 slugs in a plum shower, or you make a mucus crown. Fighting King Slime is not too difficult as it is relatively slow and most of his attacks can easily be avoided.

Even in the most difficult terrain it is not very dangerous, especially if you can keep it at a distance. It has no attacks of its own, and its movements are limited to the ground. King Slime also quickly makes use of fire damage, one of the most common types of damage you will find in the first place.

The biggest problem with King’s Glue comes from all the little slugs it produces. He can also teleport and surprise players when he jumps exceptionally high. Yet he resists even the greatest challenges by placing the ropes above him and jumping between them.

You can cross him at a certain height and ignore the damage completely. This places him in the relatively free category and makes him probably the easiest boss in the game.

16. The Golem

The last temple master in the jungle is alone in the temple. It can also be defeated only after defeating Plantera, although there are earlier achievements to be made. To fight it, you have to use the lizard energy cell on the lizard altar.

As long as you have an energy cell in your inventory you can use the Open Door on Altar command to access it. The victory of the golem brings the farmer to the entrance of the dungeon to spawn on all the improved platforms.

Although found relatively late in the game, the Golem boss is one of the easiest bosses you’ll ever encounter. His attacks are easy to avoid, and instead he is limited, like King Slim. He has a hard time hitting players who can get in and out at a reasonable pace.

In the end he can’t move through the blocks and he’s very slow. But you have to be careful, because his attacks get stronger as the battle progresses, and he has to be fought in a fairly closed space. His hardest attack comes when he loosens himself from his head. Then he moves through the walls and shoots the player quickly.

15. Crazy grower

As said, this pattern appears at the entrance of the dungeon after you beat the golem. Four growers will spawn in front of the door. You must destroy the entrance to the dungeon. This boss is not too difficult, because he has a difficult life and becomes vulnerable when he calls his decoys.

It’s also pretty easy to find out where the real Cultist is. Due to its small size, however, it can be difficult to aim and fill the battlefield with hundreds of difficult to avoid projectiles. You also want him to get more and more dangerous if you take the bait. If you’re fighting this boss, you have to be too strong to get him in trouble.

14. World feed machine

The World Eater is the second boss that doesn’t need to be fought. However, if you are looking for a fight, you can create it in two ways. He is called to Corruption for every three shadow buttons you hit with a hammer or explosive.

You can also make it appear by making worm food on the demon altar by combining 30 powdered carrots and 15 rotten pieces. If you’re fighting the World Eater, use piercing attacks and aim for the head. His head is in bad health, and he stops dead when a charge is destroyed.

It also has a relatively low damage value, which contributes to reaching this level. Some classes like the melee can face this. You have to be careful with his attack from a distance, and he is well protected from the damage caused by the explosion.

The most deadly move is the main attack, and perhaps the hardest part of the fight is that the different segments will attack you as soon as you start to break it. In case of larger problems, the use of a top-to-bottom evasion can be useful.

13. Cthulhu Brain

A purple version of the World Eater, Cthulhu Brain, is also a boss you can avoid if you don’t want to fight him. However, it contains many useful drops and can be reproduced in the Crimson World by breaking the Crimson Hearts. As before, it will appear on one of the three hearts.

You can also conjure up brains by combining 30 powders and 15 whirlpools to create a bloody thorn on the crimson altar. This guy and his followers will hunt you down in battle, but with circular movements and a little patience he is relatively easy to take down.

His caterpillars are vulnerable to penetrating attacks, and in the second stage his brain is weak when cutting. The snipers also drop many hearts, which is useful, although they can often overwhelm the player.
This Brainiac boss and his scum use a lot of debauchery, and phase two can sometimes be tricky. This boss is about to be pushed to the next level.

12. Eye of Cthulhu

You can often find this boss for King Drooling, but you’re sure you’ll see him because he’ll come to you. Once you’ve reached 200 health points, there’s a one in three chance he’ll hunt you every night.

It can also be invoked by hand with a suspicious glance or with five lenses on the altar of demons. As for the eye of Cthulhu, it is easy to avoid in the first phase, and many of his followers are very weak. But these servants can be very annoying and he can fly.

It flies at a decent speed, especially on the most difficult difficulties, has powerful jumps, and may even become a little forgetful in its third stage when the fever sets in. The tactic to defeat this boss is relatively simple, because you want to escape as quickly as possible.

As long as you have free space to run away in a straight line and can inflict a series of damage on the boss as you move, Eye or Cthulhu can be knocked down pretty quickly. Even if it starts moving diagonally as you move forward at a decent pace, dodging is not a problem.

11. Mucus queen

One of the two new bosses added to the game. This boss is caused by the gelatin crystal in Swallow and is a fully optional encounter in Hard mode. The crystal is in the underground swallow.

The first form of this pattern closely resembles the fight against the Slim King, but in the second phase it becomes much more difficult. The drooling queen is equipped with a pair of wings that make her task much more difficult than her cage mate.

10. Queen bee

You can find this pattern by destroying the maggots you find in the hives in the underground jungle. The queen bee must be summoned to the jungle biome. It can also be invoked with the Absorption item, which consists of 5 honey blocks made with 1 stinger, 5 beehive blocks and 1 bottle of honey (extra rules apply here for 3DS players).

By fighting this boss, you can stop their deadly bezoar attacks. His mini-bee allies are also quite weak, and he becomes static during the spawning of the bees. However, bees are pretty annoying, and the queen bee herself uses quick attacks when she attacks and pulls her stinger.

It can also be dangerous because accidentally breaking a larva can lead to its spawning, resulting in unexpected moments of tension. This boss is not too difficult to knock down, a few floors to fight, but his speed and strength when he is found helps him to understand this difficulty. If you don’t prepare yourself well enough, it can go a step further.

9. skeleton

You can only call and fight this boss at night, and he’s the one you’re almost guaranteed to fight during your promotion. To get into the dungeon, you have to beat him. You can do that by cursing the old man at the dungeon entrance.

It can also be called up with a caged voodoo doll. This is a rare drop that will be found after you defeat it and with which you can kill the NPC nail and fight again. When it comes to fighting the mighty Skeleton, he’s not too smart, but saving the Queen of Bees is far more important than most of the leaders you’ve faced so far.

His self-steering skulls are relatively easy to avoid, and he slows down a lot once he starts spinning. He’s also sensitive to the bee guns you probably found.

But beware of his catapult attack, because it can be very deadly if you get caught. It slows down and bounces and is very dangerous when it is in the air with both hands. You’ll also want to fight him at night when he becomes the Keeper of the Keep at sunrise.

8. Skeleton Prime

You can create this pattern with a Mechanical Skull Call object. It’s a rare drop found in the opponent’s possession. To create a mechanical skull, you want to collect 30 bones, 5 rods of iron or light, and 3 souls of the night and 3 souls of light. You can put it on your anvil with mithril or talcum powder.

This boss is similar to the first time you confronted him, but now he has four arms instead of two. Although he was one of the first bosses, you can use the Daedalus Stormbow plus Holy Arrow combination to make your job easier, and his attacks are fairly easy to avoid.

If you disable Prime Laser first, it’s pretty easy, and if you’re away from the blocks on platforms, you can disable Prime Cannon. This boss has a busy life and has to be fought at night when he becomes Keeper of the Keep at sunrise. He also has the same deadly spinning head attacks to watch out for, but dealing with five different pieces one by one eventually makes him manageable.

7. Destroyer

The object that evokes this pattern is called Mechanical Worm and is like a rare drop of the enemy. You can also make a mechanical worm from 6 rotten pieces or 6 vertebrae plus 5 iron or lead bundles plus souls of the night, using a mithril or talc anvil.

A more complex version of the World Eater boss, the Destroyer, suffers from the Storm Bow-Holy Arrows combo. The spawning takes place in a limited area, which makes it fairly easy to shoot at it and cause a lot of damage.

You have to aim for the head, because it offers less protection than the body. Beware of his dangerous head attack and the many nasty probes he generates. This pattern is usually harder than the other versions, because the probes do a lot of damage.

6. Twins

These types can be generated with the Mechanical Eye Group object, which also becomes a rare drop once you reach Hard Mode. If you are trying to make a mechanical eye, you will need your mithril or talc anvil, as well as 3 lenses, 5 iron or lead bars and 6 light souls.

There’s a lot of talk about how hard it is to fight this boss. As long as you allow it and try to beat the Twins 1 on 1, the fight will be much more fun. However, we gave him a higher level of difficulty because fighting this boss can be when fighting two bosses at the same time, especially if you mess it up and get them from both sides.

The first phase of this pattern is relatively simple, but the second can be quite lethal. They have a high damage capacity and the combination of melee and range they offer can sometimes be overwhelming, especially at high levels of difficulty.

5. Meat wall

The last boss you’ll meet before Hard Mode is in the underworld biomechanism. You have to throw a voodoo guide doll into the lava so it can reproduce. You can get them by killing flying demons that carry voodoo dolls in their legs.

Your NPC guide must still be alive to activate the voodoo doll. It can reproduce itself indefinitely, and if you beat it, your world will go into Tough mode. Be careful if you kill demons, because you might accidentally create one.

Fighting this boss can be a challenge. It is quite slow in the beginning, and aiming at the eyes has a greater impact than hitting the mouth. Using your bee’s weapon also helps here. As the battle progresses, his damage and speed increases, and he has many different attacks that he releases on you, so you need to keep as much distance as possible.

It does not allow you to be reached from afar and constantly generates followers to distract you. Be especially careful if you get caught and pulled.

4. Planter

You will not have access to the fight against Plantera until you have defeated each of the three previous mechanical leaders. So you can find Plantera by going to the Underground Jungle Biome and look for one of the pink bulbs in the Underground Jungle.

They will develop gradually after the defeat of the mechanical chiefs. Eventually there will be a lot of them, and defeating Plantera gives you access to many new things like equipment, NPCs and more formidable enemies. Corruption and holiness also spread more slowly. The planter does not provoke any objects.

This boss deserves his level because he is one of the toughest bosses you will encounter in the game. The best way to deal with this boss is to go in circles. It is also relatively slow, especially in the first phase, while the second phase is somewhat vulnerable to the aforementioned Storm Bow Holy Arrows combo.

You have to be careful with its high speed and the great variability of its attacks, because it uses different methods to attack you. Avoiding nail eggs when looking at Plantera’s tentacles makes this fight very difficult. You also have to be careful not to stray too far from the jungle, because this boss will get angry and attack faster.

3. Duke Fishron

This pattern can be fought at any time once you’ve entered Tough mode. It’s only there because you usually want to fight it. Duke Fishron can be persuaded to spawn at any time by throwing a fishing rod into the sea with a truffle worm as bait.

They’re found in the underground fungus biome, and you need an insect net to catch them. They can be difficult to see and also difficult to detect. As long as you have a worm in your inventory the casting of your rod will bring forth the extra boss.

When he fights this boss, he fights with vertical movements and stops moving when he changes shape or launches special skills. However, it is difficult because the attacks increase during the fight and cause very heavy damage.

In the third phase it becomes almost unforgettable and fills the battlefield with lots of Sharknado and Sharknado. You also have to keep an eye on the anger he feels when you go too far from the sea.

2. Light emitter

Another new feature is one of the toughest bosses ever seen in the game. This post-planting boss can be made at will by killing a prismatic strip in the Hallow biome. They spawn at night between 7:30 and midnight. For this battle you must act as quickly as possible, because the Empress has a large number of attacks that put your concentration to the test.

Besides the many projectiles that can be spotted, most of their attacks cause a lot of damage. Finally, the Empress is one of the noisiest enemies that you will fight in the game, making her particularly monstrous on the higher difficulty level.

1. Lord of the moon

It appears automatically after defeating the four pillars of the moon, also called towers of the sky. You can also create this pattern by creating a celestial star. To make this item, you need a good amount of each of the four fragments that you can find by defeating the pillars of the moon. This may take some time, so be ready to fight the first time if you can.

The last boss is also the hardest, but not impossible. His ghostly death can easily be avoided, and killing his eyes at the same time can make the fight much easier. He also has trouble with fast flying frames.

However, you have to be careful, because he has too much damage to improve his health. It also has many attacks that can quickly overwhelm the player, as well as skills that hinder the lifestyle.

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