The amount of RNG for weapons is ridiculously higher than any time before

When the sun sets, it hurts the game, no matter what you think of the sunset. There are so many unforeseen events these days that the limited timeframe is simply not worth the investment. I will compare the D1 rng with the D2 rng with different handheld weapons to show what I mean.

In Taken King the vanguard hand gun was broken

Double and dubious. He can get a lot of bonuses, but he can only throw a few options into each slot machine, so he never has more than a sixth chance to lose each bonus. The options Attractions, Attribute 1, Statistics and Attribute 2 are 2, 6, 5 and 6 respectively. You have a 1/360 chance of getting the part you want. It’s for the weapons on the playlist.

Let’s look at the
Zaouli’s Bane hand grenade for comparison. They had three chances to get it in a week, but it was in a bigger puddle than most of today’s raids. There’s a random bonus for this weapon, with four options. With the normal and harrowed version you have a quarter chance of getting what you want.

The same goes for the Probe Hand Gun,

The water star. Random bonus. Quarter chance.

TTC Iron Banner hand gun. The risk of Finnal is 2x13x5x10 or 1/1300 chance. The same applies to applicant III and Image Loop
. It was the slightest chance I could find for Y2K handguns.

Now let’s take a look at the D2… the numbers are about to get uncomfortable.

Beyond Light raid hand cannon, 3281285075 perks=1322370662 1392496348 2420895100 3096702027 4049631843 4248210736 2323986101 518224747 0.2285418970 – The amount of RNR for weapons is incredible.

The offspring. Has 9 barrels, 7 magazines, 7 functions1, 6 functions2 and 4 main options. It selects the first two slots, although they are not divided into groups as before. So the chance that you get what you want is about 4.5×3.5x7x6x4, a ridiculous chance of 1/2646.

Not only are these raider weapons much better than the weapons of D1, but the dwarves are even on the weapons playlist when the king is killed. You can get 3 a week, plus the drops of decline. Who would hunt a certain role in his or her mind, even without the sunset?

At the moment we don’t have a hand gun for the playlist, so let’s take a look at the pulse rifle of Stars in the Shadows’ Crucible. It’ll be easier for you to give up, but the rng is crazy. It has 9 barrels, 7 magazines, 12 functions in both slots and 4 master classes. So there are 4.5×3.5x12x4 or 1/9072 chances to get the right throw.

Other examples : Adept Summoner – 1/1800. Stable arm (4th year) – 1/1728.
Friction fire 1/2592.

Hail confusion is the same.

By comparison: The Beast Nation robbery weapon is 1/1260 and the Best Demon Crucible weapon is 1/2688, which is also ridiculous, but not too bad.

In Shadowkeep the raid weapon Ancient Gospel was only 1/864 and the moon weapon Loud Lullaby only 1/2592. It’s not that these measures are good, it’s that they have gotten worse in Beyond Light. The new robbery hand gun more than doubled the RNG of the previous two.

And don’t even get me started on the armor.

It’s not just a long job, it’s a Sisyphosian task. Honestly, if this is a trick to make people shred more, it doesn’t work. Many people completely ignore the first two slots, and others don’t bother to squeak because it’s not worth it, especially at sunset. It takes a lot of energy.

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be included in the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason to publish it in that year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no important release date will not be considered.

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