Despite past challenges, Hitman 3 caps off a masterful trilogy

With the release of Hitman 3 next week, IO Interactive is closing in on one of the best video game trilogies of the past decade. But that wasn’t always the case.

Since its reboot in 2016, Hitman games have fixed a number of problems and overcome them all with quality gameplay and inventive maps and content. It may never be one of the best-selling games of the year, but the development team deserves to be celebrated for its success in the face of adversity. Here’s how IO Interactive learned from past mistakes and made Hitman a better version of itself.

Overcoming the Episodic Contradiction of the First Resurrection Image via IO Interactive

The Hitman series generated a lot of controversy, but nothing had a bigger impact on sales than the revelation that the reboot content would air episodically, prompting many people to buy. For starters, if you didn’t buy every episode right after release, you’d be forced to pay extra for the same basic content of the game. It was a terrible business decision that tore apart the loyal Hitmen community and derailed the game financially.

It sold so poorly that Square Enix was eventually sold out of IO Interactive and Hitman was almost certainly retired. However, IO Interactive bought out the series, allowing the developers to keep the Hitman IP address. It was clear that Square Enix had lost faith in the franchise, as had the promoters.

Despite the press and negative news, Hitman (2016) has received positive reviews. Players enjoyed the huge sandbox levels and the various assassination attempts. The only areas he focused on were episodic releases and being a game that was always in the background. What was available in the game was appreciated. Either way, IO would need a new editor if Hitman continues.

Hitman 2 Multiplayer Training Image via IO Interactive

Amazingly, just two years after the release of the first World of Assassination game, IO Interactive found a new publisher in Warner Bros. and released Hitman 2. This time, all levels were available at launch, but there was also a shallow, unoccupied multiplayer mode that lost all players almost immediately.

The biggest disappointment is that he had an interesting idea: Two players of the same level try to destroy targets without being seen. But the problem is that everything that players love in Hitman 2 has been taken away from them. You had to rush to keep up with your opponent, which meant you couldn’t plan your next move – a key moment in a series of slow, methodical games. Hitman 2’s multiplayer mode returns to the many unnecessary multiplayer modes you had to play alone in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generations.

However, Hitman 2’s main story mode featured a nicer design and more fun stealth and action gameplay. IO Interactive has spent time refining and streamlining the experience, making much needed updates in some areas. It even included all the levels from the previous game if you had those too. Although there was no multiplayer, Hitman 2 was the most complete Hitman experience to date.

Next steps for Hitman and IO Interactive Image via IO Interactive

When Hitman 3 is released, it will conclude the Assassination World story and likely end Hitman. The game attempts to combine all the lessons learned from previous entries to provide the most seamless experience possible. New levels are available in different locations, all previous levels are also available to those who own the rest of the series. A new form of virtual reality is also on the way, bringing a new sense of immersion to the franchise. As for IO Interactive, it’s looking for new shores.

Warner Bros. never announced sales information for Hitman 2, but has signed a new publishing deal with IO Interactive for an upcoming game that has nothing to do with Hitman or IO. IO recently revealed its next game, the James Bond title currently known as Project 007, which IO will self-publish. At the very least, this would indicate the commercial success of Hitman 2.

As for Project 007, it’s nice to see IO Interactive getting recognition for their work, and it will be interesting to see what they can do with James Bond. In any case, IO Interactive owes its future success to the brilliant Murder World trilogy. An impressive turnaround.


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