Madden 21 Update 1.22 Released, Patch Notes, Best Downloading Guide

The latest 1.22 update for Madden 21 was released today, and all players of the game are excited about this patch. You want to know what changes will be made to the game by the latest update, which will be released on January 8, 2021.

Get full information about the latest Madden 21 1.22 update, patch notes, download manual, update file size and other details about this update. Let’s see the details of this update right away.

madden 21 update 1.22

Update of Crazy 21 1.22 Released

Madden 21 is one of the most popular games. The developer of this game makes regular updates to improve the gameplay. The last 1.22 update for Madden 21 was released today, and all players of the game are happy with it.

You can now download the latest patch for this game on your gaming platform. The file size of this latest update is about 2.5 GB for PS4. The size of this file depends on your gaming platform.

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Crazy 21 Update 1.22 Patchnotes

Here are the full patch notes for this latest update. Read it in its entirety to learn more about the changes in the game that Update 1.22 brings.


  • The new location of Spongebob
  • Second series of updates after the launch of the franchise

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Gameplay updates

Improving the coverage of areas

  • Adapt defenders to deep areas, so they focus more on the deep threats in their area and less on the shorter routes as they approach.
  • Adaptation of the deep zone logic in Coverage 1 for a faster response to deep zones, stations and other deep traverse routes.
  • The line of sight of the deep-zone players has been adjusted to face the ball and not just the scrimmage line, which helps deep-zone defenders to turn in the right direction when making deep runs.
  • Device for falsifying logic on internal routes (S-Posts). This release has resulted in significant separation and cutting near the intersection line. This change prevents the defenders from pretending from the start.
  • Locomotion in the Gen 5 has been improved with a directional change animation that improves defenders’ ability to go from attack to run faster and easier, allowing defenders to get into position faster and play with the ball.
  • Adaptation to improve cornering and to better anticipate vertical speed threats.
  • A setting that provides a higher attack speed for defenders in the deep zone.
  • Increase the distance the deep third can see when making deep passages from the other side of the field.
  • Fixed problem where defenders in the lower third took too long to use receiver no. 1 (outside), even if the receiver no longer posed a serious threat.

General corrections to the set

  • Kick-off Clock Operation – Finding a problem that allowed the kick-off team to remain on the call screen indefinitely without calling the team to play. This was used as an achievement to force the home team out of the game. The playing clock now expires as expected and forces a shock at the moment it expires.
  • Fair Catch Exploit – corrects a problem that caused the ball carrier to be in a state where it could not be caught after a shovel or ground clearance kick after a fair catch. With this correction, any player on the team who receives a kick or clearance kick after a good reception is eligible for this assignment.

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For detailed information about the patches for Madden 21 Update 1.22, please visit the game’s official website.

Conclusion: Crazy 21 Update 1.22

Finally, we hope you have all the information about the last 1.22 update of Madden 21, the patches and other details. Update your game now to take advantage of the latest changes. If you have any doubts or questions about this update, please contact us in the Comments section. We are here to help you answer all your doubts and questions.

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